The Most Fascinating Wildlife Destinations in the World

One of the most prized memories from our early childhood would certainly be those occasional trips to the zoo, where we had the opportunity to observe different animals from around the globe. And while we didn’t quite grasp the concept, it was sure that enclosed doors and cages created a wistful image of animals in captivity, longing for their faraway homes. But how amazing would it be, to see these creatures roaming free in their natural habitats, without any restrictions? These are some of the most awe-inspiring wildlife destinations around the world, where you can observe, monitor, track and even interact with various species:


This country in South Asia has been praised for having one of the most unique sets of rare and endangered animal species in the whole world. It has an immense number of animal sanctuaries, reserves and national parks with the sole goal of preserving the environment and protecting the wildlife. The royal Bengal tiger is the national animal of India, and as such has been known to attract a lot of attention. And while tigers are the most popular attraction in India, other animals such as elephants, langurus, river dolphins and peacocks are quite valuable and worth seeing as well.


The ice-covered landmass of Antarctica, although holds the title of the coldest continent in the world, is still known to offer amazing wildlife holidays, as it is home to various extremophile species such as penguins, whales, seals, various seabirds and all kinds of invertebrates. For those who aren’t afraid of extreme conditions, there is a wide range of Antarctica cruises led by biologists, geologists and other scientists who can make this holiday a true learning experience.

Galapagos Islands

The volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean holds large numbers of endemic species, from which the Galapagos tortoise is the most famous one, whose average lifespan is more than 150 years. Other than the well-known tortoise, this island offers breathtaking views of other animals such as marine iguanas, dolphins, sea lions, mice and a variety of bird species such as hawks, albatrosses and pelicans. It is said that the Galapagos Islands have inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution.

The Azores

Somewhere off the coast of Portugal exists an archipelago in mid-Atlantic, which is sometimes said to be the Hawaii of Europe. Because it lies in the Palearctic zone, the Azores have a unique biome of many endemic plant and animal species. Of course, this group of islands is widely recognised as one of the top destinations in the world for whale and dolphin watching. For those willing to experience true marine harmony, swimming with wild dolphins is also permitted, but only by following certain guidelines.


Africa is widely known as one of the preferred destinations for wildlife holidays, as its diverse spectrum of wild beasts roaming around the savannas and forests still manages to capture the true essence of nature and its creatures. One of the most popular excursions are definitely BIG 5 safaris, while gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Uganda is still noted as one of the most life-changing experiences. Gorilla tracking is quite a popular sport and by placing video recorders and time lapse cameras, people have been known to spend whole days observing and monitoring mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Sadly, these two neighbouring countries are the only places in the world where we can still see mountain gorillas, considering the fact that there are only 700 of them left in the world. Whether you’re seeking a daring adventure in the deep forests of Uganda or perhaps a breathtaking excursion trough the freezing Antarctica, these wildlife destinations are sure to leave you craving for more. These holidays are the best options for all those who wish to experience the thrilling glory of Mother Nature and all of her children.