Dubai can be classified or divided into two halves, one as Deira towards its north, and Bur Dubai along with Jumeirah on the south. Abras, a traditional wooden boat, also referred to as water taxis are used to transport people from one side to the other side of the Creek. Each side of Dubai has its own share of fine architecture, grand mosques, bustling souks, public buildings, world-class shopping malls, apartments, hospitals, office towers, exquisite hotels, public buildings, villas, and much more. Apart from these, both sides are blessed with beautiful golden and silverish beaches. Dubai is not only home to some of the best contemporary sightings, but it also houses some classical historical sites and attractions ranging from the Dubai Museum to the Desert Safari.

You can definitely count on Dubai as one of the most luxurious destinations oozing class, elegance, and opulence at the same time. With magnificent skyline, dazzling shorelines, top fashion and designer boutiques, architectural marvels, an array of fine dining restaurants and bars, and a thriving modern art scenario, Dubai offers nothing short to a first-time visitor or a seasoned visitor. The offerings and variety available are just endless, you can find your own slice of luxury as per your needs and requirements. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one such exhibition of the pure opulence of the lifestyle and culture here. There are endless DSF packages offered by many tour operators to accommodate the intensity of the tourist population flowing into Dubai during this period. Some of the reasons why Dubai is considered one of the most luxurious destinations are as follows:

Retail paradise

Due to its duty-free structure, Dubai is heaven for shopaholics with a lavish collection and variety available at its disposal. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one such grand shopping extravaganza held annually each year. With top designer brands like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Valentino, Manolo Blahnik, and much more available at unbelievable prices during the DSF. You can indulge in some fine dining post quenching your shopping cravings and thirst at the superb fine dining restaurants offering international cuisine and a stunning variety of traditional Arabic dishes. Some of the items regular on every menu are Prunier caviar, fine champagne, saffron flavours, and fresh and fragrant truffles, etc.

Classical and dazzling exteriors

Dubai’s transformation from an oil-driven economy to a tourist hub is remarkable and worth taking note of. Behind the thick and shiny outer layers, lies the core of the cultural centre of the elegant Emirate city ever since it has stepped into this modern metropolis. Dubai is truly a world-class destination but boasts not only of shiny exteriors but a depth in its rich culture, heritage, and traditions as well.

Luxurious Lifestyle

With soaring skyscrapers, opulent & stylish hotels, designer shopping malls & boutiques, it is often referred to the adventurous playground of the rich. No matter which celebrity you pick, they either visit Dubai once a year or have invested heavily in property here. For the people who can dive deep into their pockets. It is like heaven for them.

A dream holiday destination

A visit to one of the classy hotels in the city will surely leave you in awe seeing the exteriors and the interiors are as dazzling and appealing as the exteriors. The interiors have been designed either with neutral chic tones or traditional Bedouin styles, with each one of them oozing opulence to the core. Some of the classic examples include the Armani Hotel Dubai, and the Al Maha Resort. If you are looking for beach living, then the luxurious Palm Jumeirah will be beyond your expectations. With lush green tropical gardens, a dazzling white shoreline, and crystal clear water, the Palm Jumeirah is definitely one of the most elegant and classy offerings of the city. You just can’t get enough of anyone, as you get a platter of fine and fashionable hotels in the city.

Pampering its Guests

Dubai offers diverse and world-class spa treatments incomparable with other destinations across the world. It is totally your choice if you wish to be treated like royalty in indulging in a traditional retreat like the one offered at Assawan Spa or you wish to indulge in a uniquely special treatment like the one at Ice Igloo and Rainforest Rainroom of the Amara Spa. There is a cocktail of spa heavens sprinkled across different parts of the city.

A Cultural Paradise

You can also explore the rich culture of Dubai apart from checking out the lavish adventurous spots and entertainment indulgence. Step into the old town of the Deira and you will find more insight into the transformation of Dubai from the fishing and pearl diving era. Some of the fine attractions include the Dubai Museum, the enchanting Jumeirah Mosque, and the ancient Bastakiya District. The Old Dubai town is a perfect environment for people who believe in old is gold. The majority of the buildings bear a striking resemblance to the classic Islamic architectures. The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque is one of the few mosques which is open to even non-Muslims.

Leisure and fun-filled entertainment

Dubai offers much more than just business. It is one of the safest and fastest growing tourist’s destinations across the world. You have a host of entertainment and adventurous activities to indulge in like the Desert Safari, Dune bashing, Falconry, Camel Riding, seaplane or helicopter Dubai city tour, afternoon tea at the opulent Burj Al Arab, or even indulging in a hot-air balloon ride. If you still looking for extreme adventure, then indulge in some sky-diving over Palm Jumeirah or dive with the sharks at the Dubai Aquarium.

Conveniently located

If you have a look at the world map, you will probably realize that Dubai is strategically located that can be the ideal destination for global delegates from any part of the world. A melting point of the east and west for the emerging markets across the Middle-East, Asia, and Africa. No matter which corner of the world you are in, you can reach Dubai in flat 8 hours.

For the ones seeking glamour, luxury, class, and elegance, Dubai offers a great value destination for both leisure and business visitors alike. The possibilities offered in Dubai are endless.


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