Murree Tourism

Located at an ideal height of 7500 ft from the ground level there lives a Queen of Mountains popularly known as Murree. Murree has been entertaining tourists since 1850 when British Govt set it up as there summer headquarters after they captured India since then it’s been one of the most visited tourism places, its beauty never fainted and still attracts millions of people to itself every year.

For tourists fun begins right from the very point they start traveling to Murree, oak trees and lush green never ending series of mountains soothes the minds and refreshes their eyes and takes them into a fantasy world.

Hold on! That’s just a start, real show time starts once you have reached there. Lots and lots of hotels are available at all rates so that everyone can enjoy their stay at their own manageable rates, if one  can manage a hotel room with a window opening toward the Mountains that will be like a dream come true moment. As day fades and the darkness of night pops out on those green peaks one can feel the Sky coming down with all its stars to entertain you with your best moments of life. Cars moving on mountain roads at night seem to be like shooting starts traveling at slow speeds.

Then there are lots of restaurants where one can eat in all varieties from Pakistani to Continental .Like hotels there are restaurants available at all rates so that no one sleeps without eating. This is what makes this place so wonderful, it fulfills all the needs of all the people, and no one goes disappointed or un-entertained.

Availability of all dry fruits is another blessing one can easily take advantage of and take those fruits back to their friends and family as a special gift of Murree. Moving on one can find Pakistani culture at its best. Hand-made wall pieces and cultural jewelry boxes attract people with their low rates and amazing art work with a lot of variety to choose from.

Newly married couples mostly choose Murree as their honeymoon spot as they know that it’s the best place for best moments to be made memorable. On the other hand families are equally entertained as kids find lots of fun things like 3d and 4d rides and some play lands are also set up for kids while their parents can go out for some private time or some shopping.

Another specialty of this place which makes it stand out from all other tourism places is an open air chair lift and if one gets lucky and there’s a cloudy weather you can feel those clouds kissing, hugging and cuddling you as if they are welcoming you to their place.

Murree is also a gateway to all other tourism sites in Northern areas of Pakistan because from there one can visit some other beautiful places like Kashmir point, Gallyat, Naran, Kaghan, Shogran and going even farther you can visit JheelSaif-ul-Malook which itself is a wonder of the world.

Top 10 hotels near Murree

  1. Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree Hills
  2. Jawa Hotel Murree
  3. Grand Heights
  4. Hotel Mehran
  5. Mussiaree Hotel
  6. Taj Mahal
  7. Diamond Hotel
  8. Pines Hill Guest House
  9. New Shabistan Hotel
  10. Metropole Guest House


Geographical Statistics

  • Name: Murree
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Capital: Islamabad
  • Province: Punjab
  • District: Rawalpindi