1. Rann Of Kachh

While many look for mountains alone to have an adventure, you’ll be amazed at how you can challenge yourself in the great white desert and set camps like nomads under the start studded sky. You’ll be able to have fun camel rides, go up on a hot-air balloon and see the India Pakistan border. Those who can beat the heat and the chill nights must make sure to see the beauty of Kachh. Biking in the white sand is a challenge bike lovers can willingly overcome. The bike rentals in Ahmedabad take care of this will by providing fancy bikes for riders.

  1. Dholavira, Gujarat

If you wish to go back in time to be able to witness the beginning of civilization, Dholavira is the place you can go to. Dholavira is a site that was found in excavations of the Indus valley. The well-planned infrastructure and the exemplary drainage system that was the first example of town planning can be visited. The 4500-old year site lies close to the Rann of Kachh so you can pick a bike on rent in Ahmedabad and pay a visit to Dholavira while visiting Kachh.

  1. Gopnath Beach-

Lying near the Gulf of Khambat, away from the chaos of the city, Gopnath is a must visit destination for those who are looking for peace and solitude. The beach lies just 275 km from Ahmedabad making it easy for riders to get bikes on rent in Ahmedabad and visit the lovely beach, either alone or with a friend.

  1. Dwaraka –

One of the four pilgrim sites for Hindus, those who have a spiritual side can always go and offer prayers in the ancient temple located on the banks of the River Gomti, and the Arabian Sea. The view from the temple is spectacular. One can even catch glimpses of sea-turtles and starfish that get washed on the shore with tides. It is one of the most sacred sites for prayers for Hindus.

  1. Thol lake bird sanctuary-

Situated in Ahmedabad, the Thol bird sanctuary is one of the most amazing places of Ahmedabad. You can approach a bike rental and get a bike on rent in Ahmedabad to pay a visit Thol. The marshes are a dwelling place for various species of birds and insects and are a treat for bird-watchers. Vansda National Park and Purna Wildlife Sanctuary which lie nearby can be visited en-route Thol.

  1. Satpura-

One can easily visit bike rentals in Ahmedabad, get a suitable bike and ride to Satpura. The only hill station of Gujarat is a must see place. With the Gira falls, the site is exquisite and a much loved destination for the shutterbugs. The beautiful destination with a pleasant climate is a place everyone visiting Gujarat must make a point to visit. You can also go for boating at Satpura.


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