Perth Tourism

10 Places Which Make Perth The Best Holiday Destination In Australia

Whenever you think about a city, you never want to stick in it’s fast-paced and monotonous life, which is mainly characterized by cut-throat competition and long as well as busy working hours. There is absolutely no dispute on the fact that it’s hard to find time for yourself and for your family if you are working with a so called good company that pays you enough money.

But the question is that what would you do with all that money and sophisticated life when you have to think twice to spend some quality moments with your family. However, I am also a person who love my job like anything, but that does not stop me from having fun with my family as I think about life a little differently.

I believe in living each moment as if it is the last moment of my life, and that is why I give hundred percent attention to both my work and my personal life. Traveling to different places with your family is one of the best ways of spending quality time with it, and that’s why I keep on organizing holiday trips quite frequently. Hailing from South Australia, so far I have managed to travel some of the most interesting places in the country and the time spent by I and my family in Perth was the best till date.

Perth, the state capital of Western Australia is a great tourist spot which encompasses plenty of beautiful tourist attractions, and it made our holidays even more vibrant and memorable. However, you must have a self-drive vehicle to visit all these places and we had done the same by hiring a campervan from Aussie Campervans. It made our traveling expenses quite manageable.

Here’re 10 Must Visit Places In Perth

  1. Kings Park

I always love spending time in a park, and that’s why when we were in Perth, I took my family to Kings Park, which is one of the most interesting and largest parks in the world when you talk about inner city parks. Located in the central business district’s western part in Perth, it is an incredible place to explore with your family, and we did the same. We found it absolutely amazing to explore every nook and cranny of this park which includes striking bushland, astonishing botanical gardens, beautiful parklands. We enjoyed million-dollar views of Darling range as well as Swan River from it.

Kings Park is home to incredible flora and fauna which includes 80 species of bird, 215 fungi species (indigenous), and around 324 varieties of plants- all native. We visited this place because we wanted to explore incredible flora and fauna.

  1. The Swan Valley

The Swan Valley, which is visited by a large number of tourists every year, was explored by Captain James Stirling back in the year 1827. And when he explored it he was stunned with the beauty of this region, its soil, its trees and the river banks which were of red color. Captain Stirling was appointed as the governor of the Swan River Colony later on. We were told by the people about all this and hence we decided to explore this place.

This region is located between Guildford and Bells Rapids in the upper parts of the Swan River. Some of the main suburbs in the Swan Valley region include Baskerville, Upper Swan, Herne Hill, Caversham, Aveley, and Ellenbrook etc., all of which are extremely beautiful.

The Swan Valley is one of the most important wine growing regions in Australia and you must explore its incredible vineyards. Some of the famous wines which are produced in this region include Chenin Blanc, Verdelho, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Shiraz etc.

  1. Aquarium of Western Australia

The another interesting attraction that we explored in Perth was Aquarium of Western Australia and believe me it is a superb place if you want to discover the underwater tunnel. Located in Hillarys, a beautiful northern suburb of Perth, Aquarium of Western Australia was opened way back in 1988 as something called Underwater World. However, in the year 1991, it was purchased by Coral World International along with Morris Kahn and that’s when it was renamed as Aquarium of Western Australia. Since we love marine life, we enjoyed visiting it to a great extent.

  1. Perth Zoo

Apart from discovering marine life, we also explored unique wildlife in the Perth Zoo, which is located in South Perth. The Zoo, which encompasses nearly 164 animal species is divided into three main parts which include Asian Rainforest, African Savannah, and Australian Walkabout.

The Zoo includes a total of 1258 animals and some of the most common among them are the blue-billed duck, yellow-billed spoonbill, freshwater crocodile, motorbike frog, and black-necked stork etc. In addition to that, we also found red pandas, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, African lions, and hamadryas baboons etc.

  1. Adventure World

For theme park lovers like us, exploring Adventure World was also a great experience. Located at a distance of 20kilometers from the central business district, Adventure world includes a wide range of rides which can be enjoyed with both family members and friends. In addition to that, this amusement park also includes a number of other attractions.

  1. Army Museum of Western Australia

Located in Perth’s Fremantle area, the Army Museum of Western Australia was established back in the year 1977. Before getting relocated to this place, the museum was earlier housed in Dilhorn House, a building that was located on Bulwer Street, Perth. We saw Museum grounds, Pre-1914 Gallery, World War I Gallery and Trench scene and World War II Gallery etc.

  1. The Round House

The Round House, which is nothing but a prison is also a great place to explore in Perth. It is located in Swan River Colony and was constructed in the year 1830. Considering the fact that it was the first structure that was constructed in the Swan River Colony, it talks a lot about the history of Australia. After visiting this place we learnt a lot of things about prison rules and the way prisoners were treated here.

  1. John Forrest National Park

Located nearly 24 kilometers away from Perth, John Forrest National Park is a great weekend escape for locals. It enjoys the status of being the first national park in the state of Western Australia. It’s an absolutely incredible place to be with your family. We found a number of beautiful animals here such as kangaroos, foxes, and cats etc.

  1. Carnac Island

Discovering Carnac island was another interesting part of vacations in Perth. It is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Fremantle in Western Australia. It’s actually an island nature reserve and you will find its atmosphere absolutely peaceful. It’s the best place to escape from busy city life and enjoy some quality moments.

  1. Heirisson Island

 It is also a wonderful place if you are looking forward to spending some time in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The island is located in the Swan River, between East Perth and Victoria Park. It was one of the most interesting places that we explored in Perth. You can explore a plenty of interesting attractions in Heirisson Island. Our Perth trip was really interesting and we are planning to explore the city once again to explore all the remaining tourist attractions.