Planning to explore Asia? Dreaming of driving around Europe? Travelling may be one of the most rewarding things anyone can do with one’s time and money. Being able to share it with the entire family makes the experience twice as fun.

Nowadays, pets have become part of the family too. Going away on a vacation without our beloved fur babies can sometimes feel like the family is incomplete. Good thing that it is now possible to have them tagged along to almost anywhere in the world!

Tickets? Check. Accommodation? Check. You have to understand though that there is more than just booking transport and accommodation to travel with any animal.

Before anything else, make sure you are all set to travel with them. For air travel, read policies when travelling on a plane and make sure that your pets are as comfortable as possible.

Here is a comprehensive checklist of items you need to prepare before taking off.

Vaccination Records and Permits

It is important to have proper documentation showing your pet’s vaccination and health history at hand when travelling. This is especially true if you plan to travel by air.

You will be required by the recipient country or state to present these together with other permits. Also, this could come in handy just in case your pet gets sick. You do not want your pets to go through the pain of getting detained and quarantined just because of missed vaccinations (or worse) you forgot to keep and bring their records.

Permits can take a long time to acquire so be sure to start processing as soon as possible!

Tags/Tracking Chip

Having your pets embedded with a tracking chip is required by some countries. In case of local travel where a tracking chip is not required, do not forget to have them wear their tags. You do not want them to get lost, do you?

It could also be extra helpful to have your updated contact details in their tags.

Sturdy Leash

You will be in need of a leash for your pet almost all the time when on vacation. This is a must when taking the animals out for pee breaks or even for a stroll. They too can get excited by the change in scenery that they might run around more than they usually do.

Food and Water

Imagine yourself travelling for extensive hours without any access to food or water. Not fun, right? Pets can get hungry and thirsty while in transit.

It is imperative as a pet owner that you think of their basic needs. Giving them the nourishment they require ensures that you would be able to enjoy your trip with your beloved pet.

First Aid Kit

Travelling with a pet is almost similar to having a child with you. Booboos are inevitable. As a paw parent, you will want to be prepared for minor injuries.

Your first aid kit must include the essentials: gauze bandages, adhesive tape, scissors, saline solution for flushing wounds, styptic powder, tweezers, antiseptic moist wipes, and any medication or vitamins your pet might be taking.

Covers and Clean-up Kit

Vacations are supposed to be fun but it won’t be if you spend most of your time cleaning after your pet. You can use old blankets to cover your car seats and hotel furniture. Don’t forget your clean-up kit too!

It should include wipes, towels, and plastic bags – lots of it!. It could save you from having to pay for damages or penalties.

Bed and Crate

Pets can sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the new environment. After a long flight or road trip, they can become really exhausted.

Having to sleep in a strange room or cot can be a bit stressful that they don’t get their much-needed rest. Make sure to bring their favourite bed or blanket just to give them a small piece of home with them.


Pets can get fussy especially during a long drive. To keep them entertained, do not forget to bring their favourite toys. These toys can also lower their anxiety level caused by an unfamiliar place.

Double Check Destination Requirement

This might be the first thing you did during the planning stage but counter checking your destination’s requirements for pet import is necessary to ensure that you have not missed out on anything.

Requirements vary depending on your place of destination so it is a must to be 100% sure you have everything covered.

Double Check Accommodation

Prior to leaving, make sure to check with your preferred accommodation that it is expecting your pet to be travelling with you. There are several hotels that are pet-friendly but it won’t hurt to double check that their policies have not changed since the last time you inquired.

Do Your Research

You might already have an itinerary prepared moments after booking your flight but is your furry friend allowed to go with you to these places? Check if you can bring your pet with you to certain places as some would not allow animals inside their establishments.

There are several companies that offer boarding and daycare services in case pets can’t be tagged along. Also, check on local veterinarians and clinics in the area just to be on the safe side.


Being prepared is the key to having an enjoyable time – both for you and your pet. Is everything in order? Perfect! Now, all you have to do is to relax and have fun!