One of the best things about today’s diving locations is that they’re surrounded by a wide array of villas to rent, and some of these villas offer impressive diving packages that are tailored to suit each diver’s needs, while the services offered in-house leave little to be desired.

Think warm relaxing baths and lavish showers, soft towels and gourmet breakfasts and dinners. A luxurious villa offers you the chance to come home to sheer comfort and relaxation after each diving session, which only serves to enhance your overall holiday. For those who still need further convincing, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider booking yourself into a luxury villa to stay at during your next diving vacation.

  1. Exquisite Surroundings

Luxury villas are usually located right on the beach and are surrounded by lush greenery, with rooms and suites that enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and its glorious sunrises and sunsets. This gives you instant access to the shore as well and might even include your own private access pathway or stairs that lead to the sea, making your vacation that much more special.

  1. Lavish Amenities

Most luxury resorts boast out-of this-world amenities that include invigorating infinity pools, stylish restaurants and soothing spas that offer world-class treatments. Not only will this provide you with much needed relaxation and nourishment, but will also serve to entertain any of your holiday party that are not joining your diving sessions.

  1. Extended Stays

Almost all villas accommodate patrons for extended or long term stays, which is great for when you want to take a proper diving course or just enjoy an extended diving holiday. You’ll also have plenty of time to travel around all the available diving spots for a truly transformative diving vacation.

  1. Several Attempts at Diving the Same Spots

Sometimes you’ll experience poor weather conditions during a dive, where you’re not able to explore all the sites that you’d like to in a day. Staying at a luxury villa that’s in close proximity to those sites will enable you to experience them more than once, and each time will be different, with new creatures and underwater conditions that are even more favorable than before.

  1. Other Activities

Staying at a close-by villa also has the advantage of exposing you to other non-diving related activities to broaden your horizons while taking a brief break from the diving itself. Most luxury villas offer great recreational packages that include activities like sunset cruises, kayaking tours and much more.

  1. A Customized Schedule

Having your own accommodation comes with another added convenience of choosing your own diving itinerary, or to have no itinerary at all! This means that you can dive at any time that you wish and at any location that you prefer on a given day.

In addition to having the freedom to choose your own diving times, you’ll also have the option to select the locations you visit, enabling you to avoid crowded spots or popular tourist days. You can even time your dives so that you can enjoy the boat and instructors all to yourself for a truly personalized and exclusive dive.

  1. Comfort

Needless to say, luxury villas are some of the most comfortable digs that money can buy, and most have a home-like atmosphere but with all the amenities and services that you’d expect from a five-star hospitality establishment.

  1. Less Limitation

Renting your own villa means that you won’t be obliged to stick to a particular schedule based on other divers’ itineraries, so you can dives as much or as little as you like on each day.


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