Robben Island Tourism

If you are expecting to visit South Africa in coming days, never forget to visit Robben Island which is popularly known as Seal Island. Former South African president Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as a political prisoner in this island acknowledged for its uniqueness and scenic beauty. It is located 9 kilometers west coast of Cape Town.

This oval shaped island is spread on an area of 5.07 square kilometers. It is few meters above the sea level. Famous for its highly secure political prison, Robben Island has declared as World Heritage Site in 1999. Owing to its secure prison, this island was equipped with 6 inch and BL 9.2-inch guns in the meantime of Second World War. Before 1996, criminal prisoners were also being prison in this island but it has been stopped from this year. It is a special occasion for political prisoners. It also has been recognized as maximum security zone of South African sub-continent. A small journey will take you in this widely known prison. Local guides will provide you the information’s about its political and historical front.


Nelson Mandela Gateway is one of the historical museums of South Africa. Apart from the historical facts, it also offer African cultural heritage to the viewers. Weekly passes are available. V & A Waterfront is acclaimed for its exclusive paintings, carvings and other collections.

Flora and Fauna

Robben Island is rich in producing world class flora and fauna which are served at nominal price. The varieties of flora and fauna producing here are helping the ecosystems healthy and well balanced.


Owing to its eco-friendly environment, different species of penguins have been migrated here. In short it is a homely island of more than one lakh penguins. The Dutch has fined out this island in 1652. It was a land of seals and penguins whereas the birds in less number. As the authority has given much attention in the limited civilization, the number of penguins is in an increasing rate recent days. Known as the home of eminent political prisoners including Former president Nelson Mandela, this well-known island is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations of South Africa. There is a limitation in the number of visitors as the arrangements are limited in Robben Island. 1800 person can visit this city on daily basis. 14 days are allowed for each group of visitors. From Cape Town it will take 30 minutes to reach this island. The travelers are supposed to book their tickets via the Robben Island Museum website. Never return back without visiting this island. The experience you are going to get might be among most exciting experiences of your trip. Hospitality industry is also availing their facilities within affordable budget range. You will feel alive after visiting this finest island. Plan a trip to South Africa with a guarantee of money value return. To get more informations about this journey please log on our website.