If you want to magnify your moments of togetherness and love, there’s no doubt you and your beloved one should make that real on Bora Bora. With the romantic springing up from every single part of this fascinating French Polynesian Island and ambient so divine that you need time to realize whether you’re dreaming, Bora Bora presents miraculous nest for all lovebirds. Tucked within one of the Earth’s most amazing sceneries, Bora Bora is just like created for unforgettable honeymoon moments, and this is an opportunity to travel through all magical scenarios it offers:

Heavenly time on paradisiacal beaches

Among greatest reasons why Bora Bora stands out as one of the top romantic destinations, are certainly plenty of secluded, gorgeously shaped beach spots which surround jaw-dropping lagoons. Pristine coasts filled up with the finest white sand you’ll ever seen, set just beside translucently emerald lagoon waters, are true piece of heaven prepared for magical enjoyment of loving couples. If you dream about resting with your beloved one beneath glamorous palm tree shade, while crystal waves splash your feet and dreamy serenity permeates your senses, you just can’t miss unrealistically romantic environment of Bora Bora’s coastal beauties.

Love tucked within overwater bungalows

Dozens of authentic bungalows, set above purple lagoon vastness, just a step away from its crystal clear depths are creating the most idyllic ambient you can imagine. There’s nothing more romantic from kisses above dreamy lagoon, dinner in two beneath starry sky and comfy nights where irresistible sea scent and evening tranquility make you feel that you and your darling are the only one here. Overwater bungalows are not offering just romantic overnight stays, but a daily retreating, since couples can enjoy lovely sunbaths on surrounding decks and have exotic above the lagoon meals brought to them by authentic canoes.

Spa pleasures for two

Choosing to enjoy your honeymoon within Bora Bora is a way to open the doors of magical world full of pleasures for all senses, since you can find wonderful honeymoon packages in Bora Bora where some of them include even relishing spa treatments for couples. Variety of divine spa experiences, which include exotic oils, aromatic ingredients and relaxing water massages are performed within secluded and comfy outdoor venues. Romantic baths for two enriched with fragrant flowers, vanilla body washes, warm stones massage or rain showers are just a slice of body and mind pleasures you and your soul mate can try here.

Snorkelling adventures

Once you two have fulfilled your souls with radiant beach ambient, romantic bungalow nights and delightful spas, it’s time to dive into the mind blowing Bora Bora underwater world. You can enrich your honeymoon with snorkelling adventures within wonderful resort lagoon, or jump into the canoe to reach secluded beaches and coral spots which are real snorkelling paradise and oasis full of rainbow coloured sea life.

Island walkabout in pair

Take your spouse for hand and go on fascinating excursions which offer wandering through tropical forests, luxurious cruising through gorgeous lagoons along with fancy cocktails and diners included and routes which follow the most fascinating island attractions. You can also opt for excellent sailing or bike riding tours which will take you to intact beaches where you can even arrange a picnic or exotic beach lunch.

Even postcard photos are enough to realize that Bora Bora is just tailored for loving newlyweds, but the moment when you step on this astonishing island is when you’re lifted into the seventh heaven.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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