For a very long time, Sydney was considered the nightlife capital of Australia, but, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. In the recent few years other Australian cities really upped their antics to satisfy all the people who like cocktails, nightlife and good parties. But, there is good and there is great, and these seven great bars are the reasons why this flattering title should, after all, go to the capital of Victoria, Melbourne.

Boilermaker House

If you have an itch for anything that can be qualified as industrial style, steam-punk, or Victorian era, you have to pay a visit to Boilermaker House, where you’ll get an opportunity to live out all of your fantasies and drink your beer 19th century steel worker-style. A bar of unprecedented charisma, leather-bound books and deep-sea diver’s helmets will certainly win you over the moment you step inside.

Eau De Vie

Hidden behind the doors you would accidentally mistake for a service entrance, is Eau De Vie, one of the Melbourne’s hidden gems. Enter EDV and you will be immediately greeted with the flamboyant jazz tunes, waistcoated staff and the joie de vivre you would struggle to find anywhere else. If you carefully check for the “fake bookcase” you can even find your way into Whiskey Room which is a story of its own.

Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar

Behind this interesting name hides a bar that is a perfect marriage of traditional Japanese influences and a modern bar experience. Here, you will have an opportunity to enjoy famous DJs, R&B classics, masquerades, Japanese tapas, sake shots, and themed parties. As the name suggests, this bar also offers a long list of vicious unique cocktails. A blueprint for how one contemporary cocktail bar in Melbourne should look, feel and sound like.

Borsch, Vodka and Tears

A bar with an obvious Eastern European flavour, Borsch, Vodka and Tears is a nice bohemian enclave where you can escape from the modern world and try to find an answer to its problems at the bottom of the high-quality traditional Polish vodka bottle. Besides that, you can try out some of the Eastern European beers, wormwood absinth or some of the contemporary Polish dishes.

Harley House

Having nothing to do with the recent Suicide Squad craze, this Peruvian-inspired bar located at Collins Street instead embodies something far better than what we consider traditional South American experience. Paying homage to the immigrants from Africa, Italy, China, Japan, Africa and Spain who all came to Peru during the last 500 years, Harley House offers far more cosmopolitan experience perfect for a date with your significant other.


This creatively named establishment actually has very little to do with cookies, but if you are into Thai food, beer, cocktails and disco, you should definitely visit this bar/restaurant located in the Swanson Street. Besides its great location in the middle of the city and tons of positive energy, the thing that separates this bar from the competition the most is a truly mammoth choice of beers you can work your way through. Of course, this noteworthy collection also includes craft beers.


This is the bar that came straight from the neon induced ‘80s neo noir movies. You know that place of the questionable provenience where you can find all sorts of questionable characters that came to the same place to work their way out of the life problems through drink and love tunes of the last 50 years. Ok, this description may be exaggerated but Heartbreaker so strongly emits that “down and dirty” vibe that is very hard not to let your imagination loose.

These seven bars are only a cherry at the top of the awesome cake we like to call “the Melbourne nightlife”. Be sure to check them all out – you’ll never want to leave this beautiful city once you’re over.


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