Soweto Tourism Africa

Located in Johannesburg metropolitan area, Soweto is known as one of the most prominent mining belt of South Africa. It is a famous tourist destination of South Africa. It is easy to reach there as Johannesburg airport is situated in a nearby location. Flexible bus connectivity will reach you there through N1, N2 or N70 national highway. N17 road may connect you with N4. Golden Highway is another opportunity to the travelers. By metro rail you can reach to the destinations like Merafi, Dube, Phomolong, Mlamlankunzi, Ikwezi, Orlando and Kliptown. Although it was established in 1930, the township is recent. The population is about 1.25 million. Now it has become the largest black city in South African sub-continent. An industrial area has been settled down to fulfill the need of its civilization. Soweto is a mix migration of almost all major culture of South Africa. Apart from Africa-Americans, there are some other major flaws mixed in the populations. A great portion of travelers is willing to live here for a long period. It is highlighted for

  • Mandela House
  • Freedom Towers
  • Tutu House
  • Chris Hani Baragwanath
  • Regina Mundi Catholic Church
  • Orlando Towers

Soweto is instrumental in music. It offers a combination of African music, American hip-hop music and house music. The love towards music represents the cultural beauty of this city. But recent days the scenario has changed as many other cultures have been mixed with music. South Africans love to mix their music in politics also.

Games and Sports

South Africa is rich for its traditional game called soccer. Moroka Swallows, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs are major football clubs gained a strong foothold in world football. Beside tennis and marathon are two more popular games. All the games are equally highlighted by the Government and played all over the year. Most popular stadiums are:

  • Jabavu Stadium
  • Meadowlands Stadium
  • Eldoroda Park Stadium
  • Noordgesig Stadium
  • FNB stadium


Wine festival

Inaugurated in 2004, Wine Festival is a much acknowledged events held in this destination. Organized by University of Johannesburg, this festival is being hosted during three long nights. It attracts wine lovers from home and abroad. Celebrated in great dignity, more than 1000 leading wine producers join every year. It gives an opportunity to the business brands for their globalization. Soweto is also acknowledged for its utmost quality Gold. Owing to its rich amount of Gold, it is known as the city of Gold. So this is an exclusive opportunity the Gold lovers as the jewelry are offered at your budget leading prices. Hospitality industry has grown up in huge volume. It gives more options to the travelers as food and accommodation includes the demand by the people from all financial range. Moreover, Soweto is a world famous shopping destination which offers a massive number of shopping malls with international brands. Take a tour to this exclusive tourist destination.