Since it was released to the wider public in 2009, Airbnb has gone from strength to strength and has created a huge shift in the hospitality industry. It has given the public a whole other option in terms of accommodation and swathes of people have adapted to using it for leisure and business travel. It gives them an easy to use solution for when they wish to stay in a location and even more so should they wish to gain a real authentic and immersive experience in locations all over the globe. On the other side of things, it has provided an additional income option for home-owners and for people who wish to sub-lease (subject to their lease agreement) whereby they have a platform to promote spare space they have to offer. Airbnb as the intermediary has created this platform which creates a community and focuses on high quality customer service. The guys at EZ Living have put together this useful infographic which details how to make the most of an Airbnb listing from the supply side of things. It highlights what you need to consider before choosing to list your spare room(s) or property on Airbnb and it covers other issues like personal security also. Check out this infographic below for more information.

It was a great experience visiting Delhi. I have gone there for three days and I almost covered most of the important destinations. Truly speaking I had a very good time in Delhi, the environment was little bit hot just because it is summers now, but rainfall saves me to some extent.

I reached Delhi on Friday morning from Railway station (NDLS) I have taken the Metro for Old Delhi and reached Red Fort. I have taken the ticket and entered the Great Red Fort. This monument is really amazing to visit. It was the main headquarters of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years, until 1857. It was built from 12 May 1639 to 6 April 1648. It almost took 8 years 10 months & 25 days for this monument to built. The architecture was amazing and the red stonework was so beautiful. I had spent almost 4-5 hours and covered most part of the Red Fort.

huyumun tomb - Get Tourism Info

After that, I went to the old Delhi famous market for food. The taste is really good at a very affordable cost. After taking the lunch I moved to the next destination i.e. Humayun’s Tomb. This is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in my life. This Mughal architecture is very beautiful and symmetrical in design. No matter you are seeing it from any side it will be same in design. It is the Tomb of the Mughal Emporer Humayun. It was built by Hamida Banu Begum. The architecture name was Mirak Mirza Ghiyath. I had a great time there. The entrance gate was soo beautiful. After entering from the gate you have to take some steps toward the great Tomb. Overall it was a great time there. I really enjoyed there and also recommend others to visit this monument.

huyumun tomb - Get Tourism Info
Front view of Humayun Tomb

After spending 2 hours there, I moved to my another destination and it was Zoo. It was very difficult to cover the Zoo trip within 2 hours because I reached there around 4:15 PM and you can only take tickets for Zoo up to 4:30 PM and Zoo closed at 6:30 PM in summers. Even after having very less time, I manage to cover every part. I have seen multiple types of animals there. The best part was viewing the Lion. You can also take the internal buses for visiting the Zoo. They will help you to see the Zoo within a limited time-frame. The Zoo is full of Deer, Peacock etc. It was a good experience there. There I get to know that it was opened on 1959 and the total area is 71 ha.

So on my first day, I have covered these three locations – Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Zoo.

On the second day, I start from Qutub Minar. After entering from the gate the first view of the Qutub Minar was amazing. The architecture and work was fantastic. The height of this giant monument is 73 metres. It is located in Mehrauli. So overall it was worth going there. I have spent more than 4 hours there. Apart from Qutub Minar there are 4 Iron Pillars also. There is also one more stone structure which is very similar to Qutub Minar which is left half built. May be the Mughal emperor was trying to build one more Qutub Minar. The Minar style is basically Iranian, though likely patterned on Afghanistan’s Minaret of Jam.

Qutub MInar - Get Tourism Info
View of the Qutub Minar from the back side.

I get to know many historical facts there. The Qutub Minar is divided into 5 superposed, tapering storeys. The starting 3 comprises fluted cylindrical shafts or columns of pale red sandstone, separated by flanges and by storeyed balconies, carried on Muqarnas corbels. The 4th column is of marble and is relatively plain. The 5th is of marble and sandstone. Before 1974 it was allowed to enter the internal stairs of the Qutub Minar and you can go on the top of it to have a view of Delhi. But after an incident that was happened On 4 December 1981 the stairs was closed for the visitors. The staircase lighting failed and around 400 visitors stampeded towards the exit, and 45 were killed in that incident and some were injured.

The garden of the Qutub Minar is also very good and green. I relaxed there for a couple of hours. At Qutub Minar, visitors from all over the world came and enjoy the beauty and architecture of this great tower. One of the best thing that I had experienced at all these Moghul monuments is all the remains cool, even in the month of June and July they remain cool. After having such an experience at Qutub Minar I moved back to my hotel.

Then in the evening I again start my travel journey and I visit India Gate. It was worth visiting. I really enjoyed there. The height of the India Gate is 42 m. There I get to know that it was opened on 12 February 1931. India Gate was architecture by Edwin Lutyens. It was a lifetime experience there. People came there with their families and enjoy this spot as a picnic point.

On my last day of the journey, the third day. I visit the markets like Connaught place, Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar. So it was a great trip to Delhi and I recommend everyone to visit Delhi and enjoy all these historical monuments. Surely you will love it.

Best of luck for your trip.

Chennai is one of the most amazing cities in India. Coronating the crown of South India, Chennai holds a prominent place in India Tourism. People from all over the world visit Chennai and enjoy the beautiful aura of the city. Be it rich culture or plush business environ, be it an ethnicity of the city or the contemporary lifestyle, Chennai has made its unique place in terms of everything.

Known for its amazing history and charm, Chennai is also about many other things which make this city a perfect tourist delight. Here we are going to discuss about the nightlife of Chennai that will bring lots of unforgettable moments to you.

  1. Cinema Theaters and Multiplexes in Chennai
  2. Clubs and Pubs in Chennai
  3. Discotheques
  4. Shopping in Chennai
  5. Enjoy Midnight Food in Chennai

1. Cinema Theaters and Multiplexes in Chennai

Cinema holds a prominent place in society. Generation of today is quite fascinated by the cinemas and its new treatments and maybe it is the reason why Theaters plays a vital role in creating the nightlife in Chennai. After a hectic day, these cinema halls and multiplexes comes as a soothing treat for all. These multiplexes, cinema halls and coffee shops are now have become an integral part of the city.

2. Clubs and Pubs in Chennai

Still called as an old school when it’s come to traditions and culture, Chennai with its modern lifestyle will surprise you with the presence of pubs and clubs in the city. These Clubs and Pubs make Chennai filled with a sizzling nightlife. Clubs and Pubs these days fascinate youth a lot. These places are running beyond midnight, thus has become a significant option in forming the extravagant nightlife in Chennai.  Flowing booze, maddening crowds, loud music and an array of appetizers offered in these places will take you into another world.

3. Discotheques

A place like Chennai which is known for its traditional and mesmerizing classical music also offers the options of discs, surprising, right? Well, it must not be, as you know that the place is featuring as the prominent metropolitan city, it is obvious that the city adopts the contemporary culture as it is categorized. Discotheques in Chennai have set a new trend in forming the Chennai’s nightlife. Party freaks love to explore these places and tap their feet on the modern dance numbers under the lighting crystal ball.

4. Shopping in Chennai

The shopping experience in Chennai is something that will make your South India Tours memorable and relaxing. For shopaholics, Chennai is a paradise, the perfect blend of traditional and ethnic souvenirs in here glorify the shopping experience of travellers. The evening markets in Chennai are something one must experience. The wholesale markets like George Town and Parry’s Corner are some places where one can find almost everything in here. Be it the antiques, jewellery or any contemporary items, you will going to have a wide range of amenities. The Pondy Bazar, T.Nagar is some areas when you can get a unique experience of shopping in Chennai.

5. Enjoy Midnight Food in Chennai

When it comes to Food, Chennai is an old school, the staple food rice with Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Coconut chutney are widely popular and loved food of Chennai. If you are nightwalker and love to tantalize your taste buds in the late hours of the night then you must try these options where you can enjoy Chennai’s delicacies – Buhari, Any Time, Zaitoon and Midnight Express are some of the options. If you want to take a stroll in the night while enjoying different dishes, then dear friend you are in the right place, Chennai.

Booking Hotels

Everyone looks for different ways to save money on hotels while they are travelling. Knowing that the costs can be a major part of your travel budget, I am sure you want to save. Now, on the basis of the demand and various other factors, the hotel prices keep on varying, which eventually makes it difficult to find a valuable deal.  

But, you don’t need to worry as I am going to discuss some of the best ways you can save money when booking hotels.

Take The Service Of Hotel Price Comparison Service   

If you are booking a hotel online, make sure you have used comparison services to ensure you get the best deal. Such websites have negotiated exclusive rates with the hotels and you can make use of these rates. When you compare the hotel prices, make sure you have considered more than one website to ensure you are getting the best discounts.

Be Flexible

While travelling, being flexible can be the best way you can save money. During the week, there is a heavy rush of the business travellers and the weekends are occupied by the tourists & travellers. Remember there is no set formula, so you will have to play with your dates to make out what is available. Well, if you really want to cut down your travel costs, then make sure you travel during the off-season.

The prices come down when there is less or no demand. During the off-season, both the prices of flights and hotels tend to come down making your trip much more affordable. In addition, there are fewer crowds.

Try Booking In Advance

Booking In Advance

If you are booking days, months, weeks, in advance, most of the hotels offer you attractive discounts. You will not only get attractive prices, but you also get to secure a room in one of your favourite hotels before it sells out. Yes, there are chances that the booking can be non-refundable but if you want to save then you will not have any problem with that. Moreover, it will also offer you peace of mind that you have already booked a hotel room once you arrive at your destination.

Make A Smart Decision For The Location

If your travel destination is London, then staying at a hotel in the middle of the city can be quite expensive. Instead, you can search for the hotels just a few miles away. You will be glad to know that you can easily find nearby hotels offering cheaper lodging. If you are not familiar with the surrounding areas, you can take the help of maps offered by various travel websites to know more about the hotels in the nearby areas.

Let us assume if you are choosing a hotel far away from the city’s main attractions and sites, you will have to pay more for your transportation fares and not to mention the parking fees as well. Try and get to know about the area before arriving at the destination and do find out if you can walk to the major attractions from your hotel.

Bundle Your Travel

Bundle Your Travel

If you want to book hotel and airfare, at times, you can save your money by making a booking for both from the same travel provider. When you book airfare from a travel provider, most of the times you will be prompted to book your hotel and car rental at a discounted price. The best part of such offers is that you don’t have to make a booking right away as some of the providers even provide 10-15 days to lock in your prices.

Book Directly From An Owner

Not many travellers are aware of the fact that every destination has condos, apartments, and homes rented by the owners. These can really come handy when you need extra bedrooms, want to have your own cooking facilities, or if you have plans to stay for 2-3 weeks in a destination.

Make sure you have also searched the internet for reviews of such destinations, this will help you avoid any sudden surprise. If you have finalised a house, apartment, or condo, there are certain things you need to discuss with the owner upfront such as – house rules, cancellation policies, and most importantly deposits and payment modes.

Making A Request For Discounts

If you are finding the above-mentioned ways complicated, then you can go for the old-fashioned way of booking a room at your favourite hotel chain. All you need is to call the hotel or send an email asking them to make a booking for a night or two, make sure you have inquired about any discounts they are offering.

The chances are high that you will be offered 10 % to 20% off your hotel bill. And above all, you don’t have to go through any sign-up process, no need to download any app, or don’t have to explore the comparison websites.

Be A Part Of The Rewards Program

Some of the world’s best hotel chains offer reward programs for their loyal clients. Just don’t expect a free stay right away, but you will get to enjoy various benefits including – free Wi-Fi, early check-in & late check-out, etc. The amount of points you need to claim a free night stay will entirely depend on the program and also the hotel category, so it is important you have read varied programs before you make the final commitment.

Many people all over the world share the same dream: moving to their idea of paradise once they retire. After a life of hard work, a lot of people decide to leave the life they used to lead and head out to sunnier (and often cheaper) shores. There is a number of destinations all over the globe that are perfect for life in retirement. Here are some of our favorite suggestions, and reasons why they are exactly the right choice to spend your mature years.

The diverse metropolis: Sydney

Sydney retirement
If your dream is to find a beachside paradise with balmy weather year-round, but are loath to leave all the comforts of modern Western culture behind, you should definitely check out Australia. The 6th biggest country in the world has some amazing locations, but perhaps the one that has everything you could possibly wish for is Sydney. Healthcare, transportation, culture and entertainment are all on a very high level. Summers are hot while winters are mild, and 5 million Sydneysiders live in all types of areas – from inner-city urban zones to quiet suburbs. With so much to recommend Australia, it’s no wonder that retirement villages in NSW are popping up like mushrooms.

The eclectic charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is popular not only as a tourist destination, but also as a retirement one, and mostly for the same reasons. It is a country of exquisite beauty, surreal beaches, lush jungles and delicious food. Obviously, you won’t be the first one to have figured this out – the country has a pretty big expat population. The cost of living is generally low, and you can lead a very comfortable life with under $ 2000 a month. What is more, Thailand is full of discounts for everyone over the age of 60. Their health care rating is excellent too. One of the most popular cities among expats is Chiang Mai – the ancient Buddhist city where mysterious temples exist side by side with modern commercial areas and international schools.

Malta – the crossroads of civilisations

If you are looking for that old world charm that only Europe can offer, the perfect option is Malta. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Italy, and it is everything you imagine to be, Narrow cobbled streets and high stone walls? Check! A healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine? Check! A fascinating history enriched by many cultures? Check! Mild weather all year round? Check! Malta is a popular expat destination due to all these factors and reasonable living expenses. Plus, it only takes proof of income to obtain a visa. It is a place where you can enjoy all the comforts that you are used to, plus beautiful beaches for swimming and sailing.

The golden sands of Portugal

Portugal retire
Another stellar European destination, Portugal is oft overlooked, perhaps because of its slightly peripheral position. The capital, Lisbon, boasts some of the most magnificent architecture on the Old Continent – it’s no wonder, as Portugal used to be one of the most powerful nations in Europe. The Algarve, on the other hand, is the most popular tourist region where millions of people flock every year in search of seaside relaxation. Living there basically means you would be prolonging your vacation indefinitely.

If you have managed to save up a little nest egg for your life after work, there’s no better way to spend it but to use it to head out somewhere where you can stretch it out a little bit longer and live life to the fullest. Retirement doesn’t mean that your life should become boring. On the contrary, this is probably the first time in your life when you have the freedom to live your life however and wherever you wish. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by. Muster your courage, pack your bags, and don’t look back.

The mere mention of caravan trips fills up our mind with excitement. It is very true that a caravan trip with family members can be one of the best experiences. Therefore, the demand of family caravans always remains high, particularly during the vacation period. You can easily get a caravan on rent these days. Rental caravans offer much more advantages, as you do not have to spend a lot of money on them, or on their maintenance.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages associated with purchasing a caravan. If you want to hit the road with your family quite often then it is better to purchase a family caravan that can easily fulfill your requirements, which means comfort and the basic necessities. After all, a road trip should be adventurous and comfortable too. So, if you are planning to get a family caravan, check out the tips mentioned below.

How to get The Best Family Caravans?

  • Berths– This is the first aspect you need to care about. The number of berths inside your caravan should depend on two factors; the first factor is the number of members in your family and the other is you should also focus on the functionality aspect. It is always better to choose a family caravan that offers at least four berths. Basically, having an extra berth can always prove to be useful in a number of ways. In some caravans, the berth can be folded or collapsed conveniently, which can be a good method to add more space.
  • Layout– The interior design of the caravan should also be taken into consideration. For a couple, the design or layout might not matter a lot; but, if you have kids then it is vital that the caravan should have a separate bedroom for them. In this way, you and your kids will be able to feel more comfortable during the trip. They can play comfortably on their bed, and you will not be disturbed by them. So, choose the right layout as per your needs.
  • Facilities– Bachelors usually do not need too many facilities inside a caravan when going on a road trip. But, for the families, it is important that the caravan should have a bathroom as well as a kitchen. Kids feel hungry quite often, and hence if the caravan is equipped with a kitchen where a small microwave oven can be placed then it can prove to be highly useful. And, if the temperature is quite hot outside and your caravan is not equipped with a powerful and efficient air conditioning system then you will not be able to enjoy your trip. In this case, a small toilet cum bathroom can also allow your kids to take a shower whenever they feel like.
  • Storage– If you want a caravan mostly for quick getaways then the aspect of storage might not matter a lot. But, if you are a family of four, and the road trip is of three or four days then it is vital to make sure the caravan you are planning to purchase or hire has ample amount of storage space. Apart from the usual luggage, the caravan should also provide storage space for a small foldable table and a couple of chairs.
  • Other factors- Price comparison is also a vital factor that should not be missed. In case you are looking to purchase a caravan, make sure the after sales service is good enough.

So, those were some of the points you need to remember when browsing through the options of family caravans.

Christopher McCandless said, “The very basic core of a man’s spirit is his passion for adventure.” The Island of Gozo gives you exactly that – the passion for adventure.

Gozo is an island part of the Maltese Archipelago right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which the Greeks related to be Calypso’s place of exile in mythology. So, if you have already booked your few days in this beautiful historical island, here are the top rated places you’d want to include in your busy itinerary.

  1. Hilltop City in Victoria

The hilltops of Gozo is a sight to behold. It is flaunted on their flag and they boast about the golden hues of their hills. The hilltops in Victoria is a spot that will take you back to the medieval times with her historical landscapes where the Cathedral of Assumption found in the city’s heart.

  1. Dwerja Bay

The Azure Window, which was a film location for The Count of Monte Cristo and The Clash of the Titans, was a pride of the island. Sadly, the landmark collapsed after being hit by a raging storm last March 8th. The entire country was devastated but many believed it was bound to happen. But aside from this famous spot, the bay also houses the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea which are both famous dive sites diving centres like the Atlantis Diving Centre in Malta would recommend. Near the bay is a 65-meter-high beauty called the Fungus Rock covered in parasitic plants that the Knights of Saint John worshipped for healing properties.

  1. Nadur

Nadur, which means “to keep guard” in Maltese, is a coastal village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, enclosed in scenic landscapes and lush greeneries. The highest point of the village is the Ta’Kenuna Tower which offers panoramic views of the whole of Gozo. Gozo’s popular beaches, Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay, are also located less than 3 kilometres away.

  1. Basilica of Ta’ Pinu

The country itself was influenced by many cultures for many years which brought about a variety of building styles. The Basilica of Ta’ Pinu was built in the 16th century in tribute to the Virgin Mary and houses 2 museums: The Ex Voto Museum and the Sanctuary Museum.

  1. Xewkija Rotunda

Known to be the world’s third largest dome, the Xewkija Rotunda is a parish built in the 20th century in honour of St. John the Baptist. The parish is currently the seat of the Knight of Malta and is the island’s biggest religious monument.

  1. Ta’ Mena Estate

Agriculture is also something the island takes pride on because of their plant-friendly climate. Ta’ Mena Estates provides one with the chance to enjoy the freshest produce, finest wines and most popular delicacies the island has to offer. Their free wine and cheese tasting is a top favourite!

  1. Xlendi

One of Gozo’s oldest fishing villages has become the islands most popular resort central. The Xlendi bay has changed due to the influx of visitors but the marine life is still kept to its prestige making it perfect for water activities.

  1. Ggantija Temples

As one of the UNESCO-listed sites, the temples of Ggantija are monuments even older the England’s Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. Located in Xaghra, this archaeological find dated in 1827 has been preserved and developed for tourists and historians alike.

  1. The Calypso Cave

Set near the Ramla Beach in the cliffs of Xaghra, this legendary cave is said to be where Calypso seduced the Greek hero, Odysseus, in Homer’s Odyssey. The cave’s panoramic view includes the vast blue Mediterranean Sea, valley farms and the Ramla Beach.

  1. Xerri’s Grotto

Also located in Xaghra, Xerri’s Grotto is a cave walled with glistening stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was discovered a century ago while digging for a water well. The tourist attraction is still managed and kept by the discoverer’s descendants.

Gozo isn’t known for nightlife and wild parties so it’s wise to fill your day with visiting the sites the island boasts about. One day won’t be enough to fully appreciate all of these spots. So, enjoy the night peacefully, get a well-rested sleep and get energized to visit more tourist spots. Or, you can opt for a nice long massage before bed instead!

According to a report published in the Independent last 2016, the UK welcomed 37.3 million tourists from across the globe. Although these holidaymakers visited or made their way to different parts of the country, it is safe to say that a lot (if not all) of them spent some time in England’s capital city: London.

It is a well-known fact that London has a lot to offer to tourists. Whether you’re interested in history, arts and culture, nature, entertainment, food, shopping, or a combination of any of these, you’ll find all of these in this well-known global city.

Touring Tips

Although it may be your first time to explore London, it doesn’t mean you have to go through the usual costly and stressful mistakes most tourists make during their initial visit. You will have a more enjoyable, comfortable, and even safer time going around London by following these 6 helpful insider tips:

1. Rent a car.

London has one of the best, safest, and most reliable public transport systems in the world. You won’t have a lot to complain about when you try riding the bus or train. However, you have to strictly follow the train and bus schedules or else, you’ll have to wait for another one to arrive. Also, not all tourists can easily follow or understand the tube maps and even the bus routes. You can avoid all these hassles by opting for a luxury executive car. Although you may feel nervous about driving on the other side of the road, give yourself some time to adjust. Within moments, you will feel more confident and comfortable driving around and you’ll certainly savor this experience.

2. Go on guided tours.

Many of London’s world-famous attractions are grouped together or near each other. For instance, Big Ben and the Parliament are literally just sitting beside each other, with the London Eye within walking distance from these two. On the South Bank, you can follow the Thames from the London Eye to the Tower Bridge and you’ll soon pass by some of London’s most famous buildings, such as the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Tate Modern. Unless you did some extensive research or have a local accompanying you, you may miss out or forget to visit some of these spots and waste time and money going back to them. For this, you can consider a London city tour.

Also, take advantage of guided tours offered in most local attractions. By doing so, you will learn interesting things you didn’t know about and in a much shorter time.

3. Enjoy everything that London offers for free or for really low prices.

You’re on a holiday; this means you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending money. But there are many attractions in London that you can visit for free or for a cheap price.

You can start by visiting the British Museum and National Gallery – these establishments don’t charge entrance fees. You can also visit other smaller museums such as Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms, which are also free for tourists.

If you’re looking to commune with nature, London has plenty of public parks and gardens. You can check out Hyde Park, St. James Park, Kensington Gardens, and Hampstead Heath.

4. Go on a food adventure.

While in London, take your palate on a culinary journey. Savor authentic Yorkshire pudding, bangers and mash, Cornish pasty, spotted dick, full English breakfast, and of course, fish and chips. You can find a list of the most recommended restaurants in London that serve traditional English fares.

If you’re looking for a more formal and royal-like dining experience, you won’t go wrong with an afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason or the Orangery at Kensington Palace.

Aside from traditional British cuisine, you’ll can also find and sample dishes from other parts of the world in London. A lot of restaurants and eateries serve Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, and even American fares. If you want to try some local street food, check out the Portobello Road Market and the Real Food Market on South Bank.

5. Enjoy a pint or two.

You can’t leave London without trying out the city’s nightlife. There are various pubs, bars, and clubs where you can enjoy both local and international brews and alcohol brands. They serve cocktails and other beverages, too, if you’re not up to drinking hard liquor. Some spots you shouldn’t miss include The Eagle, The Bell & Crown, Duke’s Head Highgate, and The Golden Heart.

6. Shop like a local.

Finally, when you mention the word shopping, your immediate thought might be to go to Harrods. However, there are other ways you can satisfy your need for some retail therapy.

If you’re looking for some vintage clothing and antiques, check out the Portobello Road Market, Camden Market, and the Columbia Road Flower Market. If you’re partial to chain and big department stores, drop by Oxford Street. Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, and the King’s Road also have a variety of interesting independent shops worth checking out.

Although you are a tourist in London, you don’t have to be literally one. Start by following the tips shared above by locals so that you’ll have a more enjoyable and memorable holiday in this amazing city.

Are you planning to go for a vacation this spring? Yes? That’s great! I believe every human being needs a break from the daily, mundane life. So, if you have finally decided to pack your bags and go for a vacation, I would say thumbs up!  But, have you decided on the destination? If no, then there’s one tiny suggestion that I would like to give you; avoid crowded spots. Spring is an absolutely pleasant season. Hence, it will be better if you fly to a place that is not just popular for its scenic beauty or greenery, but also for its tranquillity. Don’t know any such places? Then I would suggest, visit China. And trust me on this, you won’t regret.

Most of the people think that China is just well-known for its cuisines, vibrant festivals, art and culture and etc. But, this is their misconception. In China, there are several other places where you will find peace and will also get to see the beauty of nature. One such place is the Qinghai province. If you pay a visit to this beautiful province, you will not just be able to come across lush green fields and few other tourist spots such as the Ta’er monastery, but will also be able to go on a birding expedition. Many people might tell you that birding is really boring. But, I would say, go for it instead of listening to the critics. For smoother travelling experience, try to visit only those agencies that are a pro at arranging China Birding Tours in the Qinghai region.

However, before you visit this area, it will be great if you do a bit of research about this beautiful province. Wondering what you need to research? Here’s a list of things.

Take A Look

Australia is a country of infinite attractions, each of which deserves at least a moment of your attention. Also, Australia is huge. It is obvious that conquering all these beauties in one bold swoop simply can’t be accomplished within the usual two-week vacation time-frame. But, it’s also hard to deny that spending three or four weeks on foreign soil can easily become a logistical and financial nightmare. Here are a couple of useful tips that should help you solve these problems and make the most of your long Australian vacation.

Travelling around the country

Famous attractions are scattered all around Australia’s long coastline or hidden deep within the continent. In order to check them all out, you will have to make long coast-to-coast trips. The easiest way to do that is by plane. The two biggest Australian airliners Qantas and Virgin offer the widest selection of famous tourist destinations, while budget carriers, like Tiger Airways, offer the best deals. However, if saving money is your priority and you’re not in a hurry, you should probably rent a car and share the costs with fellow travellers.

Checking the attractions

Visiting the famous tourist destinations in Australia can be a rather pricey experience. For instance, a three-day trip to Uluru from nearby Alice Springs will cost you approximately 480 AUD. The good news is that the entrance to dozens of cultural and historical attractions like Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and the Art Gallery of New South Wales is completely free, so you will be able to make some room for such expenses. Also, the rich offer of Australian travel apps will help you to handle sightseeing without the need to hire a guide.

Finding the best accommodation

Since you are planning to spend three to four weeks in Australia, you should look for the affordable lodging solutions like private accommodation facilities and family guesthouses. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to simply rent an affordable apartment and make yourself a long-term base of operations. Of course, you are going to spend a lot of time on the road, so if you are wondering “is there any way to pay my rent online”, you’ll be glad to know that you will be able to make all the necessary arrangements on-the-go, and you won’t be held up by your temporary landlords.

Finding the affordable food

Eating in Australia is not that cheap, so stay away from expensive restaurants where decent meals never go below 20 AUD. But, even if you decide to resort to your own culinary skills, you will have to spend at least 100 AUD for the bare bones weekly supplies. There are a couple of ways to address this issue – the most common are to supply yourself with a lot of canned food, check some of the local Asian and Indian restaurants where you can get filling meals for no more than 10 AUD, and eat in a local hostel.

Phone and internet

Oz is a continent that isn’t exactly famous for great mobile coverage (a huge part of the landmass is covered with deserts) so even though local Vodafone offers some pretty amazing deals, you should resort to this option only if you’re spending most of the time in urban areas. Otherwise, you should stick with Telstra that will provide you admittedly better reception. As for the internet, the situation is much worse. If you want to stay up to date with everything going on around the world be prepared to spend a lot of time in local McDonald’s stores.

Trying to chew an entire continent in one bite, even if you have four weeks on your disposal, can be overwhelming and cause you a lot of unpleasant hiccups. We hope that these couple of tips will help you avoid this unfortunate outcome and make your Australian adventure a smooth sailing.

The royal, the majestic, the plush and the extravagant, that’s how one can describe the grandeur of the royal state of Rajasthan. Filled with many brave stories of Rajput warriors, kings and queens Rajasthan holds a significant position in India Tourism. One of the most amazing cities that still hold the same charm and aura of Rajputi aura is Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is also called the Blue City because the houses, alleys and all the things here are coloured in the hues of blue. Popularly also known as the Sun City, the city of Jodhpur is listed as the second largest city of Rajasthan. Established in year 1459 AD, the city was named after its founder King RaoJodha. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the best places in Jodhpur that one can visit during their Rajasthan Tourism.

1. Mehrangarh Fort

The majestic fort of Mehrangarh is one of the largest forts in India. People from all over the world come to see the grandeur of this majestic palace. The fort of Mehrangarh is situated at the height of 400 feet above the city. In the year 1459 when the city was established, the foundation of the fort was also established by the king RaoJodha. The fortification took place for many centuries but when the fort was completed it has become one of the wonders of Rajasthan. One can simply see the signs of various centuries in the architectural style of the fort. In terms of tourism, the fort holds a significant position.

2. Jaswant Thada

It is a beautiful palace, one of its kinds and listed as one of the major tourist attractions of the city. Jodhpur is the house of many beautiful heritage sites and monuments which makes it a perfect tourist hub. Jaswant Thada is one such place which enhances the beauty of the city. Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur is a cenotaph which was built in the year 1899 in the honour of Mahraja Jaswant Singh. One can find many portraits of Rajputi rulers inside the port along with many other artistic marvels inside the palace. Jaswant Thada is located near the Mehrangarh Fort which makes this place a perfect tourist spot and gives the palace a bigger and better picture of majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

3. Balsamand Lake

Christened after the name of its constructor BalakRaoParihar, BalsamandSamnad Lake is featuring as a major tourist spot in the Jodhpur. The lake was founded in 1159 AD is supposed to be one of the most beautiful artificial lake of Rajasthan. The Lake is lying on the route of Jodhpur –Mandore and has served as the water reservoir for the village of Mandore earlier. Today this lake has now been transformed into an artificial lake. You will love watching lush green lawns and garden with birds and peacocks roaming their indulged in their daily activities.

4. Ummaid Bhawan Palace

A beautiful and grand palace that keeps a prominent position in Jodhpur Tourism, Ummaid Bhawan Palace is believed to be one of the newest and last constructed palaces in India. The architecture and design of the palace are great attraction which attracts the travellers from all across the globe. The palace is divided into three parts one of which is still held by the royal family of Jodhpur. The other part is now been converted into the Heritage Hotel and the last and third part is now converted into the museum that is compact with royal art pieces of the bygone Rajputi era. Constructed in the year 1929, the fort was completed in the year 1943 and is featuring as the major Jodhpur tourist attractions.

5. GhantaGhar (The Clock Tower)

Located next to the very famous Sardar Market, the Clock Tower (GhantaGhar) is one of the most amazing tourist spots in Jodhpur. It is also a prominent landmark of the Sun City. This amazing tourist spot is a tall colossal tower and was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in the year between 1880 and 1911. The close proximity of the tower with the major market of the city adds the value to this place. One can find a wide range of handicrafts, antiques, miniature elephants and many other things including silvery jewellery and much more.

All these places that we discussed above are some of the most amazing tourist attractions. Along with this, you can also going to visit the very famous Mandore Gardens, RaoJodha Desert Rock Park, Kailana Lake and many more places which will give you a fine idea about the best and regal lifestyle of Jodhpur city. A visit to Jodhpur will be a pleasant and memorable visit of your life.

There aren’t too many things in life as luxurious as going on a cruise. Equipped with anything that comes to mind, a modern cruise ship is a true mobile five-star hotel. However, you’d be wrong to think that every cruise is alike; the ship, the ocean, the route, the onboard experience all create a unique experience. With this in mind, we’ve picked ten gorgeous cruises for your convenience.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This choice may well be the most inclusive one. As much as 98% of suites come with balconies, pre- and post-cruise tours and hotel stays, as well as shore excursions, gratuities and all kinds of food and beverages. The ships carry between 500 and 750 passengers each and cabins are quite spacious.

Disney Cruise Line

Certainly a bit wacky-sounding, this cruise is fantastic for families with small children. Everything is included, from entertainment and dining to childcare (nurseries for toddlers with water-play areas). The best part about this cruise line is the fact that it features signature Disney characters, from Mickey, Goofy and Cinderella, to Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. Naturally, the play areas feature themes from popular Pixar, Disney, Star Wars and Marvel movies.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks “cruise” is probably the Pacific, or more specifically the Caribbean. This might be the most likely destination in general, but it’s the Norwegian cruise ships that offer the biggest amounts of entertainment on their ships – from musical events, to comedy and improv shows.

Lindblad Expeditions

Now this type of a cruise is likely to be favored by adventurers. Exotic itineraries such as the Arctic, Galapagos, Amazon and Antarctica might not be the most popular tourist choice, but definitely offer otherworldly experiences. These polar voyages are embarked on aboard ice-class vessels that are made for seamlessly slipping through frozen passageways full of polar wildlife.

Cunard Line

If a classy experience is what you’re looking for, the Cunard line will make you feel like a true Oxford don! On this type of a cruise, you can listen to speeches made by experts on everything from climate change and journalism to national security and politics. If you want to be treated like a true celebrity, cruise ship transfers will be perfect for you – you will start your trip feeling relaxed and calm, with a chauffeur there to pick you up from the door, provide luggage assistance and drive you to the terminal.

Oceania Cruises

Fine dining rooms and famous chefs, such as Jacques Pepin are the names of the game when it comes to Oceania Cruises. This cruise line can brag about its main dining rooms that offer high-quality fare in an open-seating plan, but also about relaxing buffets and poolside grill fares.

Carnival Cruise Line

If you want a fun experience that features popular destinations, such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Mexico, that won’t put a huge dent in your pocket, the Carnival cruise line will deliver. The price ranges start at about $80 per person, per night, which is more than reasonable.

Royal Caribbean International

Perfect for families with teens or tweens, this cruise features energetic experiences, such as climbing walls, ziplines, ice and inline skating and even surf and skydiving simulators. Everything is split into appropriate age groups and you can rest assured that even you, as a parent, will find relaxation around every corner.

Holland America Line

As a single senior your search ends here; cocktail parties and games will give you plenty of time to connect with other singles on the cruise!

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Finally, Paul Gaugin Cruises are perfect for romantic vacations, from honeymoons to anniversaries. You can expect queen-sized beds, private balconies and top-of-the-line room service onboard!

You’ll find a cruise that fits your exact needs on this list, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an adventurous experience, relaxed vacation with your kids, or a budget way to relax while travelling the seven seas. Everyone should go through a cruise ship experience, so book your perfect holiday as soon as possible!


Are you a foreign individual who is keen on visiting India this summer? In that case, you can enroll in a volunteer program. As a volunteer myself, I have felt that the country has a huge unprivileged population, especially in the rural areas. India is one of the most popular volunteer destinations for backpackers, tourists and gap year students and professionals. Every year, millions of individuals come down to Southeast Asia, to participate in various programs. Most of these focus on improving the living standards of the poor and needy masses.

You can help women and children get access to basic amenities like food, water and shelter. Some projects involve spreading basic education for rural children, building or renovating shelters and schools and helping out in extracurricular activities. Other volunteer projects deal with purposes such as women empowerment, computer education, basic healthcare training, skills development and more. If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer in India, there are ample options for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind before your proceed on your Indian volunteering journey.

1. India is culturally more diverse than a lot of other countries and it might take you a little while to get used to the norms there.

2. Apart from volunteering during the weekdays, you can go on sightseeing tours on your weekends there. You should always inform your program coordinator before your trip, due to security reasons.

3. You can also choose add-on tour packages that are offered by the volunteer organizations themselves.

4. Dharamsala in Northern India is one of the most popular volunteer destinations for volunteers. You can look online and find volunteering opportunities in other parts of the country too.

5. Volunteer program coordinators can suggest the best food and accommodation options according to your budget. However, you can choose your own, provided that it is not too far from  your volunteer center.

6.Remember that the fees you have paid to an organization include the costs of food, accommodation and transportation. Be wary of any significant extra costs in these aspects as you shouldn’t have to pay more for these amenities.

7. It is crucial to choose only reputed volunteer organizations for a smooth, honest and hassle-free volunteer experience. See what other volunteers are saying online about a particular volunteer program or organization.

8.Program itineraries are pre-planned and most volunteer coordinators provide information beforehand. It is advised that you book your travel and accommodation options beforehand.

9. There are options for you to extend your stay, beyond the specified duration of your chosen volunteer programs. For this, you need to pay on a daily or weekly basis.

10. Stay friendly with the local people and do not dress or behave in a manner that gets you too much attention. Locals can help you prevent getting duped by local transport providers or shop owners.

11. Remember that India is a tropical country and that temperatures might soar well above 30 degrees Celsius at times. Things to carry include water bottles, sun protection, mosquito repellents and basic medication.

12. Take the appropriate vaccinations required for first-time travellers to India. This will help to protect you from the most common diseases and ailments faced by most volunteers. Do ensure that you have taken vaccines for Hepatitis A & B, Yellow fever, Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Malaria and Rabies.

13. Health-care is available and emergency situations can be handled by volunteer program coordinators. If you are suffering from any chronic illnesses or get sudden attacks or bouts, do inform them beforehand.

14. Some of the key projects that you can participate include –

* Childcare
* Women empowerment
* English lessons
* Basic computer lessons
* Street children welfare
* Renovation projects
* Summer camp activities
* Health-care

15. Learning some basic Hindi words can help you communicate better during your stay, as it is the most widely spoken language in major volunteering locations.

If you are considering coming down to India for volunteering, getting in touch with reputed volunteer India organizations is your best option. You can find all necessary information about program details, schedules and more. Most of these organizations ask volunteers to deposit fees prior to visits. This is done in order the ensure that the travel and transport options are ready when a volunteer touches down in India.

Volunteer While Also Enjoying Indian Culture & History
There are quite a few add-on tour options for volunteers during their stay in India. By participating in these, you can explore the important landmarks and natural beauty of India. You can take trips to locations like the Taj Mahal, go trekking in the picturesque Himalayan mountains, go on an adventure in Manali, visit the historical city of Jaipur, and do more. It can be the experience of a lifetime. So, you can make a marked difference in the lives of Indians, while having an amazing time. Are you interested in volunteering in India? Well, this guest post will be quite helping hand for you.

Canberra, Australia

You’ve probably heard so many great things about various parts of Australia. Usually some of the first places people associate Australia with is Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef or Melbourne. However, oddly enough, Canberra, the capital, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Nevertheless, under no circumstances does this mean Canberra has nothing to offer. On the contrary, there are many great places to see and things to do. So, if you decide to spend a weekend in Canberra, here are some suggestions on what you can do during your visit.

Day One

Start off by having a breakfast on Lake Burley Griffin, there is a number of cafes you can choose from. Try Snapper on the Lake, the Boathouse or the Deck at Regatta Point. Enjoy your meal and your morning coffee, while watching the beauty of the lake, joggers, cyclists and sail boats.

The first thing you should see upon arrival is the Parliament House. You can take a guided tour and learn about the history and architecture of the building. After that, you can move on to visit the Museum of Australian Democracy. If you are visiting during the summertime in Australia, there’s a chance that you will stumble upon a cocktail party at the Old Parly.

Canberra, Australia

If there’s no cocktail, you can spend the remaining time on visiting Drill Hall Gallery. They organize temporary exhibitions, usually featuring Australian artists, so it may be refreshing and fulfilling to take a look at the exhibition at hand.

After you had a dosage of culture and history, it’s time for you to go and see Lonsdale Street in Braddon. You can do all kinds of shopping here, and afterwards quench your thirst with good coffee and home-brewed beer. Stop by BentSpoke Brewing Co. and have a taste of some excellent beer.

Day Two

You shouldn’t miss having brunch at Silo in Kingston, so you can start your second day this way. Their selection of breads and pastries is going to blow your mind. There’s plenty of food and beverage to choose from, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

One of the options for the second day of your visit is an excursion. Affordable Canberra buses can provide an unforgettable tour around the city. This way you will be able to see beautiful scenery of this city and possibly get ideas on what to do for the rest of the day.

Canberra, Australia

You can also go and visit the Australian National Botanic Garden, where you can see the diversity of Australian flora in all its glory. After that, you can climb Telstra Tower and enjoy a cup of coffee and a view. If you are all about nature, Namadgi National Park is a place that might interest you. It is full of cute grey kangaroos.

For dinner, try booking Italian and Sons or Ottoman Cuisine, both excellent places for fine dining. End your day with lovely dinner and wine and maybe go for a walk in the moonlight.

We hope you are assured that there’s plenty to do and see in Canberra. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing weekend. The people are very nice and they’ll make your stay even more pleasant. You can always ask a kind stranger for directions or recommendations and they will gladly help you. Whether you follow some of our suggestions or make your own plan for the trip, you will definitely have a great time in this lovely city. After you have an amazing weekend in Canberra, go home and tell everyone about this surprising delight!

Life is an adventure. Live it! Enjoy it!

And, what happens if you celebrate it while travelling around the world?

An umbrella of a sky, along an endless road, diverse attractions on the path, multilingual persons, different regions…and you. Isn’t a great experience? No doubt, it is.

With the same flow, if the country is Tibet, and a person is planning to land on this land, then he/she will be going to receive the life’s finest experience here.

Although, thinking of a tour will be an effortless task, but executing it properly is something troublesome. Yes, it essentially needs a second thought. A trip to Tibet means that you will be going to acquire the life’s unforgettable moments. Well, for your convenience, there are three options. These three modes will assist you to reach Tibet safely and reliably.

So, step up a level and start travelling!   

3 Approaches to Plan to Reach Tibet

  1. Individual “Tour”:

If you are a solo traveller, then you can take an option of renting a car. Land on the land of Tibet, and then procure the car-hiring alternative to take a hassle-free exploration around the city. You can precede your steps towards various enticing charms in Tibet. They may be like- distinct Tibet monasteries, Snow Mountains, like Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash, Tibetan palace, etc. You can even join the Everest base camp and add an imperative element to your Tibet tour. So, are you ready to do hiking on the mountains and feel the snow? Even, you can view the snowfall sitting in your car also along the roads if you utilize car rental options

  1. Group “Tour”:

On the flip side, if you have decided to visit Tibet in a group, then it won’t be a bad idea. Having different persons in a group will allow you to enjoy all together. Whether it is a Kailash Tour or Mansarovar Lake or Jokhang Temple or any other place, leave the shadow of your existence. No matter it is your family members or the friends’ group, a trip to Tibet will surely change your life. As a matter of the fact, this tour embraces both spiritual and adventurous aspects. So, whatever your group member’s choice, be stick to it and relish each moment of the trip.

  1. “Tour” with Travel Agency:

It is the third, but not to be overlooked concept. Yet, the upper two are the trustworthy approaches to go on a Tibet tour. But, this is the best option that you can acquire. Simply, you have to choose the right Tibet tour package with an honest travel agency and set off to Tibet tour. These agencies have different packages for distinct places in Tibet. And, yes, this option will be going to be cost-effective for you rather than the upper two. So, pick one true-blue firm and get an enthusiastic Tibet tour.   

So… now, you have gained a lot! In a similar way, if you are intending to move towards other cities, like Dubai, Mauritius, USA, and the UK, then you can rent a car in Dubai and other cities to make your trip worth remembering.