Looking for quick trippy vacation? Why not plan something that covers the most beautiful destinations in India? A tour package that covers the historic city of Agra, Pink City Jaipur, delightful Delhi and exotic locales of Shimla will make for an amazing choice. A meticulously created tour plan, such as a golden triangle package including the best sightseeing options of all of these cities will ensure you the best experience. Here’s a brief information on what your eclectic amalgam of kaleidoscopic cities of India will offer:

Delightful Delhi Tour – Top Places sit

A visit to this large, colourful, beautiful city will leave you mesmerised and awestruck with the reflection of the glorious past that is still visible. When in Delhi, do not miss out on a visit to these amazing cities:

Qutab Minar – Constructed in red and buff sandstone, Qutub-Minar is a beautiful poetry that relives the glorious period of Mughal rule in India. The highest tower in India measures 14.32 m in diameter at the base and about 2.75 m on the top. The magnanimous building is 72.5 m tall. The architectural wonder is a must visit for all.

India Gate – This beautiful structure is the pride of Delhi built in memory of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I. Located across Rajpath in Central Delhi at the eastern end, this gigantic archway is built in stone and synonymous victory.

The President’s House – Also known as Rashtrapati Bhavan, it is the official home of the President of India. The beautiful building is structured around a massive square with multiple courtyards. Water features are integrated smartly throughout the mansion. The Mughal Gardens are situated at the back of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is a beautiful amalgam of both Mughal and English landscaping styles. The garden is home to a huge variety of flowers. The Rashtrapati Bhavan gardens are open to the public in February every year.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial – A Memorial to Father of Nation, the Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Delhi is one of the major tourist attractions. Known for its eternal flame; symbol of patriotism, a visit to the memorial will make your Delhi tour absolutely fulfilling.

Laxmi Narayan Temple – Also known as Birla Temple, it is the most popular temple in Delhi built magnificently.

Historic Agra

If it is about describing the glory and magnanimity of Indian history, a mention of ancient city Agra is a must. Here’s where you need to be when in Amazing Agra:

Taj Mahal A visit to Agra is incomplete without a clear and close view of this magnificent structure. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and truly an architectural marvel in pure marble. Being at Taj will let you experience the most lavish expression of love ever created in the history.

Agra Fort – Situated on the right bank of the river Yamuna, Agra Fort makes for one of the most important and dynamically constructed Mughal structure. It is beautifully embellished with a number of other exquisitely carved buildings. All of these structures encompasses imposing style of ancient Mughal art and architecture. The construction of the magnificent masterpiece in red-sandstone was started by Emperor Akbar in 1566.

Diwan-I-Am – A beautifully built structure, it is hall of public audience where the Emperor heard public petitions. A must visit site when in Agra Fort.

Diwan-I-Khas (hall of private audience) – You may call it a poetic celebration in the form of marble pavilions. The exquisite floral inlays impart to an ethereal ambience to this place. This is the place where the Emperor graced the Peacock Throne studded with precious gems to meet his royal visitors and foreign ambassadors.

Fatehpur Sikri – Also known as the sandstone “ghost town”, Fatehpur Sikri is listed among the World Heritage Sites and serves as an important specimen of the Mughal dynasty. A tour to this historical site will give you a feel of the rich historical culture of medieval Mughal India.

Colourful Jaipur

The royal Pink City is home to a number of beautiful spots to visit.

Majestic Amber Fort – Ride up on elephant and take a tour of this beautiful Amber Fort amidst the panoramic backdrop of the wooded hills.

City Palace – It is an exquisite complex of courtyards, garden, and buildings.

Palace of Winds – It is a huge richly crafted palace known as ‘Hawa Mahal’. The exquisite 5-Storeyed palace constructed in the year 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh is a must visit for all.

Exotic Shimla

A tour to India should include a visit to the exotic locales of Shimla. Here’s what you focus on:

Kalbadevi Temple – This temple is one of the most popular religious places of Himachal Pradesh. A visit to this temple is a must when you are in Shimla.

Jakhu Temple – Do not leave Shimla without visiting this ancient religious site. Home to several monkeys, it also sports the world’s tallest statue.

The Christ Church – It is a beautiful church constructed in the 1850’s. An absolute architectural marvel, the structure appears magical during night. It illuminates beautifully painted stained glass from the windows.

Mall Road – Literally, the heart of Shimla, a shopping and eating site, no one makes an exodus without following the ritual of visiting the iconic Mall Road.

Before starting to write, some of us need to be inspired so as bring the artistic beast out of us. We all have different rituals or routines on how to do this. You may watch a video, read that one book that gets your juices flowing, or remind yourself of your goals, whatever it may be to get things started. Then there are some who prefer visiting new places that have a certain aura that makes them want to be creative.

Here are the 10 best places to get inspiration for writing

  1. Edinburgh

This artistic European city can be found in Scotland and is a major source of inspiration for most writers. It is also Scotland’s capital. Robert Stevenson, one of its most famous residents, once argued that Edinburgh was what Paris ought to be. The writer’s museum can be found on the royal mile and serves as an intimate reflection of Scotland’s most intricate writers, it features, for example, Robert Burns’ desk which he used as his to go place for writing. The rediscovery of the city’s crown jewels was done with the help of Sir Walter Scott. Harry Raeburn thought of the city as a mixture of both Rome and London as it is evident in his literature work.

J. K. Rowling spent time in the city writing tales about a certain boy magician, in cafes such as Elephant house.

  1. St Petersburg

If you’re familiar with Russian literature then you’ll be surprised to find most of the streets in the novels were actually derived from the city streets themselves. The best storytellers Gogol, Dostoevsky, and Turgenev all lived along the grand thoroughfare Nevsky Prospekt and the city was their biggest source of inspiration.

The city harbors a lot of literary museums from the house of Pushkin (whose writing shone light on the superficiality of the rich) to that of Dostoevsky (whose novels focused on the city’s deprived). The city also appreciated Nabokov whose museum boasts of his works as the city was his birthplace.

  1. Buenos Aires

It’s really easy to access BA’s rising literary vibe as it’s much cheaper. Spending hours in the elegant cafes, the best writers come to find peace and craft their masterpieces and still do it up to now. These cafes are the best places to get a taste of the city’s best espresso while appreciating the artistry in the crowd. The café Tortoni was favored by many artists including the famed argentine author Jorge Luis Borges.

His home lies in Recoleta; a fictional EL Aleph, a place that encompasses all points in the universe and is allegedly located on the San Telmo’s Juan de Garay St.

  1. Valparaiso

The famed poet Pablo Neruda did more than any other poet to preserve his country’s beauty using words. His city, Valparaiso, inspired him in a lot of his works. He even wrote a poem about his house, now a museum, La Sebastiana. Valparaiso is stunning and has inspired many others to make works of art in relation to it. Isabel, a novelist, has set fiction in the city and the famed cartoonist Renzo, aka Lukas, has adored the city so much that he has recommended that who wants to study architecture should do it in this city.

  1. Mumbai

Apart from being Bollywood’s capital, Mumbai is also a dazzling cultural scene and has a legacy of cutting edge art. The city has an extensive love for art that dates back to 1804, when James Mackintosh, a Scottish historian, founded the literary society of Bombay located in the neoclassical town hall. Rushdie, a renowned writer who grew up here, wrote ‘Midnight’s Children’ which has a storyline set in Mumbai. Ever since being liberated from colonial reigns, the city has nurtured the country’s most important works of art such as Savour Fort and Colaba districts galleries.

  1. Havana

Cuba’s capital has one of the strongest artistic draws in addition to all the jazz. Ernest Hemingway, an American author, spent most of his time in Havana and his former home is now a museum in the coveted city. He was fully embraced by the city that even his gin bottles are on display in the museum. His drinking trail can be followed to La Bodeguita del Medio where the famed writer had his custom mojitos. Graham Renee is also a fan of the city as she visited it before and after Castro’s rise to power.

  1. London

This city is immortalized by many writers such as Charles Dickens and John Betjeman. The Charles Dickens museum can be found in Bloomsbury and it was his home. The Bloomsbury group often frequented the area and included Virginia Wolf. Marylebone could be equated to the Mecca for detective Foray, the fictional character, and house 221b Baker Street was the shelter to Sherlock Holmes. In case you want to drink what the artists drink, be sure to visit the riverside pubs.

  1. San Francisco

Any writer that visits this magical city should start with the lights books owned by Beatnik Ferlinghetti and published by Allan Ginsberg such as the ‘Howl’ poem in 1956. The famous six gallery reading helped to bring about public consciousness. Ken Kesey was too young to be part of the group but still managed to get to Menlo Park during night shifts which resulted in the inspiration to pen down ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. The city also boasts of colorful street art and murals.

  1. Prague

For a country’s whose first president was a renowned playwright, you ought to expect a lot of art and literature and it’s evident when you visit the country’s capital. The city most prized export has to be Franza Kafka and all his works can be found in the Kafka museum. The city also has a bookstore that showcases the city’s authors including the very competent Milan Kundera whose major themes revolved around Prague’s politics and love, set in the 1960s through to the 1970s. If you’re in search for the city’s best offerings, such as brilliant writers in the city, try the Tynska Literary café.

  1. Mexico City

The city boasts of producing Jack Kerouac who came up with ‘On the road’, and other beatniks. Mexico’s metropolis was the main source of inspiration for them. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, artists, lived in the city creating an attraction for the city such as Rivera’s mural at the Museo de San Ildefonso and Kahlo’s Coyoacan house.


There comes a time when a writer needs an external boost or stimuli for inspiration. This is especially when starting a new book, writing a creative piece, or just looking for inspiration to write an excellent dissertation. The places mentioned in this article are just but few mentions, there are many other areas that you as a writer can draw inspiration from. All the best in your writing!

If you’re thinking about visiting the Sunshine Coast instead of the Gold Coast, here’s why you should stick to Gold!

You might have heard about the beautiful beaches at Surfers Paradise, but the Gold Coast of Australia is about so much more than just surf and high-rise buildings.

From the laid-back neighborhoods to the culinary scene that seems to be all but exploding, the hugely popular theme parks to the tranquility that can be found in the subtropical hinterland, the Gold Coast might just be where you’ll stop to say “Paradise, found!”

Here are our top reasons for taking a trip to the land down under and visiting the Gold Coast.

  1. The Locals Are Awesome

The locals of Queensland are warm and friendly, and they want to tell (and show) you all about their hometown. You’ll probably be swept up by the almost contagious enthusiasm, and the relaxed pace of life here is simply unexplainable.

  1. Adventure Can Be Found Around Every Corner

Whether you’re 16 or 61, you’re bound to have a rocking time in the Gold Coast if you like adventure activities. Not only one but ALL of Aussie theme parks can be found here, and they include the likes of Sea World, Movie World, Wet and Wild, and Dream World. Other great adventure trails can be found in spots such as the Hinterlands and the Broadwater. As long as you’ve got the stamina, the Gold Coast has something to keep the adrenalin pumping!

  1. The Sun Is Shining, The Weather Is Sweet

On average, Australia’s Gold Coast has a good 300 days of sunshine per year, which means that it’s one of the only places on earth where you’re guaranteed to get into the summer vibes at the drop of a hat.

  1. You’ll Have a Rainforest To Explore

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is where you’ll have the opportunity to see the lush rainforests of the Gold Coast, and the chances are pretty good that you’ll encounter a few kangaroos along the way. However, it would be highly suggested to bring a solid pair of hikers with you so your feet don’t get sore.  If you’re done being amazed by the sights and sounds of Currumbin, there’s always the Rainforest National Parks to be seen, which can be found in the hinterlands.

  1. The Beaches Are Banging!

Surfers Paradise has to be one of the Gold Coast’s most famous beaches, but there’s a lot more to be discovered in the roughly 70km strip of fine sand around the area. If you’re into the crowded vibe you’ll appreciate Surfers Paradise, but for true paradise, you can head down to more secluded spots such as Coolangatta or Kirra.

  1. The World Comes Alive When the Sun Goes Down

The Gold Coast knows how to shake things up when it comes to proper nightlife entertainment. The likes of casinos and restaurants, cafes and amazing local pubs, wine bars and even the beer gardens will ensure that you’ll definitely have something to do while you’re not exploring the area during the daylight hours.

  1. The Food Is Fabulous

The Gold Coast’s food scene is booming to say the least. Travelers to this part of Australia can look forward to visits at boutique breweries and on indulging in delicate treats at the coffee shops. Sophisticated restaurants are in plentiful supply, but there’s also a feast to be had while you’re snacking on street food on the go!

Final Thoughts

We’ve given you 7 amazing reasons why you need to add the Gold Coast of Australia to your travel bucket list. We hope that this post has inspired you to create an itinerary that will go down in the history books, and if you haven’t started planning yet, move your butt because an adventure of a lifetime awaits!