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Last week I got a chance to visit Mussoorie with my family. In my post, you can find out the best tourist destinations in Mussoorie, top places where you can visit in Mussoorie. Here I have listed all the required information about the best places to visit in Mussoorie. Hope this information will help you.

Mussoorie Tourism - Get Tourism Info

Mussoorie is a hill station and is around 35 kilometres from Dehradun. My experience was really awesome. I and my family really enjoyed this place. Surely your will love the Mussoorie. There are so many tourist spots available in Mussoorie where you can visit. But my favourite tourist destination was Company Garden and Gun Hill after that Kempty Falls. Initially, we reached Company Garden and have started our journey in Mussoorie from there and it was a very good place here you can find out different types of flowers. The main flower with different categories was Rose. We have never seen such types of rose before. In Company Garden you can also do boating and you can also enjoy the big rides. Food and refreshment facilities are also really good in Company Garden. I really enjoyed this place. Mussoorie tourism is one of the tourism holiday destination in India.

After that, we moved to the Gun Hill. It was also a good experience there. You have to take the Cable Car if you want to go to Gun Hill because it is at some height from the normal. So you can go there with the help of cable car. I have really enjoyed the beauty of nature there. We have taken so many photographs also. But now people have made this place more like as a picnic spot. I think it is the second highest point of the Mussoorie. You can also see the Himalayas range from there. Mussoorie tourism is world famous. Mussoorie tourism provides different types of destinations to the tourists and people came there from different countries and cities.

Mall Road Mussoorie

Then we moved to the Kempty Falls by taking the way from the Mall Road. Mall Road is a famous shopping market there. You can find different types of shops there for apparels and different types of jewellery. If you are staying there for one night then you should take a walk on the Mall road. I bet it will be an amazing experience. The Mall Road of Mussoorie is better than Shimla. It’s like a fair you are roaming in. My experience was really amazing at Mall road, I really enjoyed there with my family. There you can find out the best affordable gifts for your loved one. Most amazing artworks, wooden gifts and amazing sculptures. The Mall road of Mussoorie is really awesome, you should stay in Mussoorie for a night and enjoy the Mall road shopping.

After that, we moved fastly to Kempty Falls. And after reaching Kempty Falls I take the next step in my journey. Kempty Falls is really a nice place to visit. But there is a huge hustle and bustle there. When I had a conversation with some people there then I get to know that people from different people came here not only from India but from foreign countries also. It was a nice experience there seeing water falling down from a height and people are enjoying there by taking bath in that water. There is also a temple there. So many people also used to go there. Mussoorie tourism is having a large number of tourist visitors every year.

I have also visited the Mussoorie Christ Church. It was a very peaceful area. There are so many other tourist destinations also like Bhatta Falls Dehradun, Lake Mist, Jharipani Fall and Mussoorie Lake so I have spent some of my time at these spots also. But as I have limited time. So I am not able to enjoy these locations more. Mussoorie tourism is one of the most visited places in India.

We also went to the George Everest Point in Mussoorie. But truly speaking it was not a good experience there because we don’t find anything interesting there. I believe this is also one of the highest point/peaks of Mussoorie, there they have arranged some adventure sports, but when we visited there, nothing was functional so we had not enjoyed there.

But overall it was a nice trip to Mussoorie. I really enjoyed all the places. And I highly recommend you people also to visit Mussoorie at least one time. But I recommend you to take at least 3 days trip to Mussoorie, because if you are going for only 1-2 days then you can’t cover all the tourist spots. So take at least 3 days trip. Mussoorie tourism is very famous in India also in the world. Every year thousands of movies shot in Mussoorie.

Places to visit in Mussoorie in one day

  1. Kempty Falls
  2. Bhatta Falls
  3. Mossy Fall
  4. Lake Mist
  5. Lal Tibba
  6. Dhanolti
  7. Mall Road

Main Mussoorie points of interest

The main point of interest in Mussoorie are Kempty Falls, Dhanolti, Mall Road, Lal Tibba, Company Garden and Mossy Falls. These destinations in Mussoorie increase the number of visitors in Mussoorie tourism. People came to Mussoorie from every part of the world to enjoy their summer holidays. Kempty falls are situated on the hilly road of Uttarakhand, and it is 13 km away from Mussoorie on the Chakrata Road.


Story By: Sanaul Haq