Qinghai Bird Watching Tour


Are you planning to go for a vacation this spring? Yes? That’s great! I believe every human being needs a break from the daily, mundane life. So, if you have finally decided to pack your bags and go for a vacation, I would say thumbs up!  But, have you decided on the destination? If no, then there’s one tiny suggestion that I would like to give you; avoid crowded spots. Spring is an absolutely pleasant season. Hence, it will be better if you fly to a place that is not just popular for its scenic beauty or greenery, but also for its tranquillity. Don’t know any such places? Then I would suggest, visit China. And trust me on this, you won’t regret.

Most of the people think that China is just well-known for its cuisines, vibrant festivals, art and culture and etc. But, this is their misconception. In China, there are several other places where you will find peace and will also get to see the beauty of nature. One such place is the Qinghai province. If you pay a visit to this beautiful province, you will not just be able to come across lush green fields and few other tourist spots such as the Ta’er monastery, but will also be able to go on a birding expedition. Many people might tell you that birding is really boring. But, I would say, go for it instead of listening to the critics. For smoother travelling experience, try to visit only those agencies that are a pro at arranging China Birding Tours in the Qinghai region.

However, before you visit this area, it will be great if you do a bit of research about this beautiful province. Wondering what you need to research? Here’s a list of things.

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