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There’s something magical in those glowing lights, colorful wreaths and symbolic mistletoe that makes us want to hug someone we love and exchange gifts of kindness. Here’s a clue: you are your own someone special and you can gift yourself a trip to one of Australia’s finest cities, Sydney. You wouldn’t believe how satisfying can be to travel alone during holidays. You can choose your own adventures, without making unwanted compromises and meet new people. Still, travelling solo can be uncomfortable if you don’t have some basic idea where you will go and what you will do. Hopefully, this guide will help you with that.

Catch Some Sun

Unlike most of the world, where the weather in December is cold and wet, this is the time when summer starts in Sydney, so the temperatures will rise and there will be a lot of sun. If you are lucky enough to stay in this city during Christmas holidays, the best thing you can do is to head for the beach. After all, going to the beach at Christmas Day is a true Aussie tradition. Some of the most popular beaches to visit during this period are Bondi and Coogee. You can meet some fun people there, and if you would prefer to stay alone, bring a book, listen to some music or do something to keep yourself interested, and no one will bother you.

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Enjoy the Playful Santa Festivals

Sydney is jam-packed with events preceding and following Christmas, and most of them are extremely fun. Santa Fest that takes place in Darling Harbour (24th November to Christmas Eve) includes a bunch of Santas walking on stilts. If you want to join the largest party in Australia, you can even participate in some of these happenings. You can participate in the Big Santa Hunt in the same area and hunt down nine Santas, collect letters from them and, in the end, get a Christmas present for free.

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Find a Friend

Sydney is an enormous city, and sometimes it is even hard for Sydneysiders to find friends in their surroundings. Still, they are very pleasant to foreigners and love to share their knowledge about local happenings and hotspots. The easiest way to get to know them? Introduce yourself, start talking, and maybe you get a pen pal for life. Or find a foreigner like you and exchange experiences about the city. A simple way to get to know someone, and save a lot of money along the way is to share affordable accommodation. This way, you will have a friend who will be able to go on city tours with you and the money to afford the tours that are not free.

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Visit a Christmas-Themed Event

Christmas Eve is full of amazing festivals and fireworks, and it is something that anyone can enjoy, even alone. Christmas Fireworks at Cockle Bay has everything this holiday should have: carols, tree, smiley faces and fireworks. A wide range of entertaining activities is organized in George Street every year. If you want to attend a truly unique Christmas celebration then The Sydney Hills Christmas Sky Show should be your choice. If you’re wondering what to do during the day, you can go on a Christmas Day Lunch Cruise.

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Take a Walk

In the end, you can take a simple scenic walk on the beach trail from The Spit to Manly. The track leading from Spit to Manly beach is a combination of walking through small bays, paved pathways and lush bush. It will take you a few hours (3 – 4) to finish this coastal walk, but after it, you’ll feel terrific. Among the many amazing sites you’ll see along the way are Reef Beach, Spit Bridge and Grotto Point Lighthouse.

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So, you see, you can be alone on Christmas in Sydney, but you can never be bored in this Australian metropolis. Now get out your comfort zone and enjoy yourself!

“Top Secluded Beach Gems in Sydney”

Bondi beach is among the biggest beaches in Sydney. According to the Australia.com, thousands of tourists visit it each year and it is among the most filmed and photographed beaches in the world. In addition, it is only 10 km away from the city center, which means that this is probably one of the beaches that everybody goes to visit. But if you want to try something a bit different, try some of the more hidden gems of the Sydney coastline.

Milk Beach

Down the Vaucluse Road and behind the Strickland House is the hidden and lovely Milk Beach. It is a rock plateau over the remarkably clear water. It can be reached by boat and by foot from the Nielsen Park. This beach is perfect for a picnic since it has the incredible and jaw-dropping view of the Sydney. The Harbor, the Opera House and the lovely coastline are right across the sea. If you don’t want to take your own meal, there is a small fish and chips place there that is affordable and good. Also, there is a small toilet, so you have everything you need to swim and enjoy the view.

Chinaman’s Beach

This cute, little beach is only 250 m long. It is surrounded by rocks on the edges and it slopes into deep waters quite quickly. The name comes from the Chinese market that was situated on the small valley behind the beach. This is not the place for surfers, but it is perfect for the fishermen, especially anglers. The low waves are perfect for those that want to pedal or swim. Children will enjoy this great beach with little or no waves, but you need to be careful as the water turns very deep. However, bring your own food and refreshments since there are no pubs, shops or restaurants here.

Fisherman’s Beach

You will find this secluded beach hidden behind the Long Reef. The fishermen used it since the 18th century. This means that this is a nice place for fishing. You can do some line fishing, but since the beach is the Aquatic reserve, the rock organisms are protected. Besides the tranquility of the shore and the view of many lovely boats, this beach is among the best beach wedding venues in Sydney. Fisherman’s Beach is a private and secluded place perfect for you to organize your wedding there.

Lady Martin’s Beach

Point Piper has a hidden gem of a beach near the Felix Bay. It is called Lady Martin’s Beach. It is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, spent swimming and reading. During the noon and hot sun, take a walk over to the Utopia Food restaurant for a nice lunch and then head back for one last dip before going home. It is not very easy to find this beach, so it is never overcrowded. You can enjoy snorkeling while you’re there, as well.

While these secluded beaches are usually very small, they are not that commercial. This means that you will probably have to bring your own refreshments and food. However, what is lacking in comfort is gained in beauty and privacy. You will have your peace and tranquility here and you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the sea without the fuss and the crowd.

Australians all know the famous TV host Sarah Harris. She and her partner Tom Ward got married in 2014. They chose Sydney as the place for their wedding ceremony. If you take a moment to stop looking at Sydney as a big and busy city, you will find many spots there that are perfect for perfect romantic dates. It doesn’t have to be a straightforward wedding, but lovely diners, picnics and even movie nights are available at some very interesting spots. Sydney can be a lovely place and here are the spots around it that reveal its wonderful and romantic side.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

For all those active couples that want some of the adrenaline rush in their romance, there are some of the amazing climbing tours on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This remarkable chain bridge is perfectly romantic in the later hours of the afternoon when the sun begins to drop. There are some already made packages for the Harbor Bridge climbing experience and they are available throughout the day, from the dawn to the night. The adrenaline rush and the magnificent view will make the two of you hold that hug a bit longer and tighter.

Royal Botanic Garden


The location is one of a kind. This is the best place to have a whole day picnic. There are businesses that set up the entire picnic area and clean up after you. You can have some of the best views of the Sydney Opera House from the botanical garden. It is full of different sections with absolutely stunningly cultured plants. They make you feel like you are in the world of natural wonders. The nature in all its splendor adds to your romantic moment.

Blacktown Skyline Drive In


This place has the romantic touch of the drive in Movie Theater of the ‘50s. Since all the vintage trends have taken over the planet, this is just the place to have a trendy and vintage themed date, at the same time. The movie theater has tickets and the schedule online and you should try and get them on time because they sell out very quickly during the open air season. The two of you, in your car, watching a nice movie. It sounds like the best date ever.

Sydney Tower


Having a wedding in the skies is a dream come true for many brides and grooms. The next best thing to actually flying over the city is having a wedding at the Sydney Tower. The top of the tower is 350m above the ground level. The venue is round and the walls are mostly glass, so the view is absolutely amazing. No wonder this place is constantly booked for weddings, since it provides amazing view and lots of photo opportunities as suggested by the PerfectMoment photographers.This is the perfect place to organize a romantic dinner for two with the view of the entire city.

Sea Plane and Balloon Aloft


If being 350m from the ground is not close to the skies for you, you can really fly in a balloon from the Hunter Valley to the Camden Valley. It is a nice and quiet joyride. However, for a more adventurous and dynamic experience, choose one of the sea plane rides to add some adrenaline to your special day.

Romantic places are all over Sydney. You just need to think about the type of activity that you like. Figure out if you are an adventurous type or a nature lover. Do you want a quiet dinner or an adrenaline rush? Once you have the answers to these questions, the choice of location will come naturally. Sydney has it all.

Take an Exciting Trip to Sydney – Reasons to Visit This Business City

For majority of the visitors to Australia, Sydney is perhaps the primary destination, irrespective of whether they want to spend their holiday in the harbour city or move towards the numerous vacation spots from the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re wondering about the valid reasons to visit Sydney, here are some that you may find enough to motivate you. Check them out.

  • Sydney is a city for the beach lovers

All the Brits who are about to visit Sydney should apply sun-screen like never before because you will simply fall in love with the beaches and enjoy spending a lot of time under the sun. The Palm Beach is an hour’s drive along the Northern Suburbs and the A8 coast road. If you had to choose a beach which is perfect to visit with your family, the Clovelly Beach would be the best intimate strip of sand. The Shark beach located in the Nielsen Park is also armed with the awesome view of the Harbour Bridge.

  • Sydney hosts some splendid places to hang out

There has been a lot said about the lifestyle of Australia and there’s good reason too. Although there are many beautiful places to watch out for, one that will definitely steal your heart is the leafy Paddington. If you’re someone who wants to get away from Sydney and yet remain a part of the city, you can move on to this lovely suburb and enjoy a meal at Royal Hotel acheter cialis ligne france. From the terrace you will get a splendid view of the city skyline.

  • Sydney hosts finger licking food

There are many differences and similarities in Australian and British cuisine. If you take fish and chips for instance, the people in Sydney love it as much as we do but they just can’t take the vinegar thing. Squeezed lemon and mayonnaise in Sydney is a strict No. One of the best meals that can be found at a fish restaurant is known as the Fish Face in Double Bay.

  • Sydney is a treat to your eyes

Like most people, you too should be hunting for some good surroundings. Well, then you can be sure that Sydney is an attractive city with some of the best residential properties built one after the other on every street. The Harbour Bridge and Opera House offers you awesome scenic beauty. This is why Sydney is said to be full of blue skies, skyscrapers and bright sunshine all your way.

  • Sydney has some gems

Noone would advise you to visit Sydney without visiting Bondi. It is not only the best beach-suburb but one of the best places that everyone should watch out for while visiting Sydney. This is a 1 km stretch of golden sand with the Bondi icebergs at the south and the Ben Buckler towards the northern end. This is Sydney’s best playground, which is replete with surfers and swimmers and watchers too.

So, if you’re planning to book your tickets to Sydney, you may fly business class for less. There are various business class flight deals that you can avail in order to save your dollars on this memorable trip to the business city, Sydney.