Things to remember while travelling


Never lie is the golden rule to lead a righteous life; but there are situations that demand to break the rules. A lie that is meant to harm no one, and is spoken to avoid a trouble is a good lie like at the time of traveling. Going to new places, exposes us to the risk many unwanted situations. Uncalled for attention, risk of harassment, theft and a host of awkward situations can arise out of nowhere, and plain innocent lie to run out of such troubles is totally appropriate.

Here are 5 most often told lies which are quite safe to be told when traveling (especially when alone) –

I am here with my friends

Solo travelers are the most susceptible targets of mischief mongers. So lying about having some company with you can help you avoid their uncalled for attention and steer them clear from your way.

No, it is not my first time here

Pretend that it is not your first visit to the place. This will give the impression you probably understand the place and the its ways. For instance, cab drivers will not run you around the long route to make you pay extra.

Yes, my boyfriend/husband is about to Join Me

For women travel alone, it is best to pretend to have male company around. It will keep the evil-minded creatures at bay and will send the ‘not interested/unavailable signal to the cheap gawkers.

I am staying at a relative’s place/ I don’t exactly remember the address of that hostel

When strangers try and make conversation, it is okay. But if they try to extract personal information, dodge them. Don’t share your personal number or the address of the place you are staying at. Saying that you are living with a local relative is the best way out.

“Hi, yes my GPS is on.” Say that Loud on Phone; to be heard around

This is one of the safest lies, while traveling in a taxi in the night hours. The driver will be cautious on knowing that someone on the other side of the phone is monitoring your movement and any untoward action can lead to bad consequences.

I English Not Well

To keep the annoying sticky touts from following you all along the way, pretend not understanding the language. Speak broken form of the language he is speaking. Do not let him know which language you understand, and have baffled expressions.

Health care is the #1 concern when people travel. Definitely, no one wants to get sick not because getting sick ruins all the plans, but can also be a hassle especially since you are in an otherwise unfamiliar place. Here are some no-nonsense tips on how you can avoid getting sick while traveling.

1) Wash your hands often

Do not underestimate the power of hand washing. Hand hygiene prevents the spread of germs and bacteria and infection in general. It also minimizes the risks of contacting gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis and even food poisoning. Hand sanitizers are okay. However, these shouldn’t replace washing your hands with soap and water.

2) Bring water with you

While on the road, we can’t be sure how safe the drinking waters are. This is more so in places where sanitation is questionable. If you have to drink tap water, make sure that it is purified. Bring bottled waters with you for that extra layer of protection. Consider buying a bottle with a filter so you need to buy several bottles of water.

3) Observe food hygiene practices

When eating out particularly on the streets, notice how the locals are preparing the food whenever possible. For instance, look for seemingly inconsequential ways such as wearing gloves when handling food, wearing hair nets when preparing the food, frequent hand washing, etc. You may expose yourself to E. Coli, salmonella, shigella, and other such contaminants that may result in an upset stomach if you are not careful with the food you are eating.

4) Check your food intolerances

True, they say, that the true pleasure of traveling is to eat what the locals are eating. However, you need to watch your food intolerances, too. If your stomach is not used to spicy food, then you can skip the curry. Otherwise, if the locals insist, try out a small amount of it. Better yet, tell the person offering you the food about your concern, so they won’t get offended by your gesture.

5) Get vaccinated

Protect yourself further by getting a vaccine. You need not go ballistic over the process since it is not necessarily a requirement. However, there are countries that require getting vaccinated before allowing entry. These countries are currently experiencing incidences of yellow fever and meningococcal disease, for instance. You need to present a certificate of vaccination. With this, check if vaccines are required before going to your desired destination.

6) Bring sunblock

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. Not only that, the sunblock lotion can also protect you from dehydration, which is actually the onset of heatstroke. Bring an SPF 30 or more sunblock with you.

7) Bring mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes are dreaded by all, not just the travelers. A mosquito bite can leave you with itchy welts and may even cause serious diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya. Even if you are traveling to low-risk areas, carry a mosquito repellent or lotion with you specifically products with between 30 to 50% DEET. Reapply frequently.

8) Get enough sleep

Aside from hydration, an adequate amount of sleep is considered as an effective weapon against getting sick. Don’t shortchange yourself by letting your body and mind rest for at least 6 hours.

9) Consult a travel health professional

Travel experts say it is best to visit a travel clinic at least six weeks before the travel date more so if vaccines are required. Vaccinations require recovery period for each vaccine before the next vaccine can be administered. The travel health practitioner can also give you tips in case you got sick while away from home.

10) Research on the health risks

Every destination has some health risks. Be proactive enough to learn as much as you can about your destination. Educating yourself is the best way to protect yourself from the health risks.

You cannot guard yourself against all the possible maladies. However, prevention is always better than cure. Don’t let yourself get sick by reducing the chance of getting sick. Take an active role in combating the risk factors. After all, it is your health and travel plans that are being ruined.

So, stay safe!

Going on a trip by car is an amazing experience. There is a lot of fun and adventure in such type of trip. There while travelling by the car we should keep some things in our mind to avoid any kind of accident. But surely you will enjoy the most by travelling with the car apart from any other medium like train, aeroplane etc. You can play games, sing songs and stop wherever you want. But all these things should be planned before the journey.

Here we are trying to make a list of things that you should remember while planning to travel by a car.

  1. Gadgets

Always carry a GPS system with you and mobile phones are always necessary during a journey. And charge all your gadgets properly before moving. Your all mobile phones, GPS System, music (ipods) systems etc. should be properly charged. You should also carry a power bank with you. If in any emergency you want to charge any of your gadget then you can use this power bank. Take your camera with video facility to capture the moments. Always use the mobile apps for proper navigation and all. You can use various travel app for searching the nearby hotels, restaurants, fuel pumps and food courts etc.

  1. Water Bottles and Food Stuffs

Carry atleast 4-5 water bottles with you. And 2 extra for the car. If you are traveling for a long distance then you should carry such amount of water bottles because you don’t know when you will need how much amount of water. Sometimes during long journeys car radiator also become hot. So in this case we needs water for this. You can also take cold drinks with you according to your requirement. Always take dry food stuffs with you so that you can take them during the journey like Chips, french fries, burgers, pizzas etc.

  1. Car Sitting Capacity

The number of person in one car should be according to the number of sits in the car. If you are on a long journey then never sit more people in a car more than the capacity of the car. Because this will creates problem for you. Use multiple cars in this case.

  1. Entertainment

Always take some entertainment stuffs with you while traveling on a long distance. Because sometimes on long distance people other than the driver sleeps in the car. And this is very dangerous because sometimes driver will sleep while driving so this will leads to the cause of a big accident. So always try to awake yourself and the driver also. Play some good sound tracks in the car. You can also play some game in the car like puzzles and singing a song etc. You can also do conversation with everyone in the car so that everybody feels energetic and enjoy the ride.

  1. Luggage

Always take the luggage based on your requirement. Try to take suitcase and bugs that are having good locking facility. You should also carry one carry-on bag. Take one hand bag also in which you can put the necessary things that are required time to time.

  1. First Aid Box

Always put one first aid box with you while traveling. Some people have the problem of vomiting during travel in the car so always keep the medicines of such type also that helps them.

  1. Servicing of the Car

Before starting your journey you should check your car that it is not having any problem. You should check the engine oil, break oil etc. Take the toolkit with you while moving. Always take one extra tire with you.

  1. What to wear during a journey

Always try to wear some comfortable clothes on a journey like half paints, pajamas. If you wear jeans or paints then maybe you feel uncomfortable during a long journey so try to keep yourself in comfortable zone.

Riding the train as a main method of transportation has been popular in other countries for decades, but in the United States, it has taken a bit of time for the railroad industry to gain popularity. No doubt about it: train travel is a one of a kind experience that will leave a lasting impression for each rider. Those that choose to travel by train get the opportunity to sit back and unwind while enjoying the beauty of nature as they pass through both the city and countryside. But, that’s not the only benefit. Here are some other great reasons why traveling by train is a great option.

#1: It’s easy on the budget
Traveling can be a very expensive pastime, but traveling by train is a great cost effective solution to expensive airfare, especially if you’re just traveling a short distance. Rates on the train are very affordable and for passengers that don’t need to get to their destination right away, train travel can be a great way to cut costs and give you a unique opportunity to see surrounding areas that you might not other see if you travel by plane.

#2: More baggage allowed
Tired of restrictions from the airlines about baggage? Train travel generally allows passengers two carry-on items up to 50 pounds in addition to personal items. Riders can also check up to 4 bags (50 pound limit) with the first two being free. That means passengers have the option to bring nearly 200 pounds on a trip, something that airlines wouldn’t ever allow.

#3: Relaxation
Airplane seats are incredibly cramped and allow for almost no leg room. Train seats not only have more room but passengers are able to get up, move around, and sit out on viewing decks while the train is moving so people can get fresh air and see the scenery first hand.  Train travel is relaxing and a lot more comfortable than plane or even automobile travel!

#4: Convenience
Train travel offers passengers more convenience and less hassle. Train stations are generally right in the middle of downtown or in central city locations, which means most passengers will be dropped off near to where they want to be. In addition, say goodbye to long security lines and other stresses that come with airport travel. Most times, passengers can arrive at the train station only 30 minutes ahead of time and just hop onto the train.

Traveling by train is a fun and peaceful experience that has a unique sense of charm about it. Passengers can read books, play cards, or just simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that rushes by.

Prevention is better than Cure

People love to travel and why wouldn’t they?  Holidays rejuvenate the mind, body and heart. Most of the people work day to night for five days a week, and ensure that they save a good amount to spend on the holidays. With the many weekend holidays coming up, this is one of the favorite relaxing, leisure pursuits which are followed. Hence the long weekends witness cars, travelers, bikers, travelling by road or air for a change from the monotonous routine. There are people, who travel as a family, then there are colleagues who like to travel, there are also the women groups who go out for fun. Then there are many who travel alone and travelling alone is not biased with gender. It might be a beach holiday, adventurous trip or a romantic getaway the innumerable memories stay afresh forever.


However it happens sometimes that the memories are not the very good ones. And this happens with regard to the safety issue. The travelers forget that the place they are travelling to be new and hence they cannot do and act as they do at their home town.

Herein enlisted are some specific dos and don’ts to help the travelers be safe and enjoy their trip

  • No need to sing a song of every road one takes- the social networking site and the accessibility of wifi at almost all the places has made it really easy for the thieves and goons to pick point the travelers. The travelers when post about their latest expedition on the site, is heard clearly by the thieves as well. Hence it is advisable to keep the holiday plan away from the general public and stay safe!
  • Avoid night travel- It is always better to avoid travelling at night, either when alone or family or on group tour.
  • Scan the important documents before going out- Just in case any theft occurs it is always better to scan the documents like the passport, visa, and identity card and keep a copy of it.
  • Money is Money- At all costs never ever use the credit card at a cyber cafe, it only invites the cyber crime. Then it is also important to not keep all the ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards at one place. Try to place them in different pockets and bags.
  • Never leave any purse or bag unattended- One cannot understand the gravity of problem which can lead to leaving the personal belongings unattended.
  • Avoid undue attention- This is especially applicable for the women who like to flaunt their jewelry and for the men who do the same for travel gadgets. It’s good that one can afford it all, but too much show off at a foreign place is like the invitation for crime and thefts.
  • Don’t talk or eat out with strangers- There are good looking, well mannered really smart thieves out their waiting for easy bate. Try not to be one. For this it is advisable to not discuss or have dinner or drink out with strangers. This is a flat no for each and every traveler.
  • Beware of scams- there have been instances when the people dressed as police officer or tourists guide have cheated and robbed the money so try to be aware of them.
  • Transport vehicle- If the traveler are traveling to a new place by their own vehicle, it is recommended to get a thorough check up done for the same. It is likewise advisable to keep some safety gadgets in the vehicle at all times.

It is always better to take care of oneself from the start rather than crying later. So be safe and happy travelling!

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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Before going on holiday we all search lots of tourist destinations that are affordable for us and near to us. So that we can go there and enjoy our holidays. While searching for a location we all should keep in mind certain things.

1. Things to remember while travelling – Where we are going?

The first thing is to select a destination. Where we are going for our holidays. Selection of a location is the most toughest task. Because we all want to enjoy our holidays fully. So always keep in mind to select that location which better suits you. And that is also affordable to you. Always surfs on net about the locations like what are the tourist spots there where you can visit. Always try to find the nearby hotels and restaurants. Google maps helps you a lot in this case.

2. Things to remember while travelling – What we have to carry?

Before going on a holiday everybody becomes confuse that what they have to carry while travelling. Always remeber your wallet, ATM/DEBIT Cards your travel cards, tickets, booking receipts, Shoulder Bags, Waist Bags, lights (torches), Laptop and Tablet Bags etc. Always remember to carry a digicam (Camera) while going on a holiday so that you can capture these moments. Water bottles are also required so that you can carry water with you. Travel Pillows and Blankets are also suggested while travelling. Money Belts and Neck Wallets, Luggage ID and Security, Toothbrush, Hand sanitizer, Wallaby Toiletry Kit, Eye-shades, headphones for music and power banks. These are all the essentials things that are required during a trip.

3. Things to remember while travelling – What we never carry during a journey?

Never take your jewellery items with you while going on a trip. Because they are of no use. These type of things always increase insecurity in your mind so please avoid these type of things.

4. Things to remember while travelling – Luggage

If you are travelling with heavy luggage bags then always remember to put locks on them. Use a long chain to connect them all. So that none of them miss out.


5. Things to remember while travelling – Travel Packs

Try to get a travel pack while going on an unknown destination. So it will be good because you do not have much information about that place. You can find good packages from here also.

Things that we always forgot on a holiday trip

1. Toothbrush/toothpaste
2. Socks
3. Sunglasses
4. Sunscreen
5. Hat
6. Pajamas
7. Razor and
8. Deodorant

Always plan your outfits before moving, so that you can take more and more free space in your bags. What we usually do we put lots of our clothes with us and only some of them we use rest remains as it is. So it is better to plan your outfits before moving. And always remember that you are going on a travel trip for fun so enjoy more and more, and release all your stress and pressure.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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