One of the best things about today’s diving locations is that they’re surrounded by a wide array of villas to rent, and some of these villas offer impressive diving packages that are tailored to suit each diver’s needs, while the services offered in-house leave little to be desired.

Think warm relaxing baths and lavish showers, soft towels and gourmet breakfasts and dinners. A luxurious villa offers you the chance to come home to sheer comfort and relaxation after each diving session, which only serves to enhance your overall holiday. For those who still need further convincing, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider booking yourself into a luxury villa to stay at during your next diving vacation.

  1. Exquisite Surroundings

Luxury villas are usually located right on the beach and are surrounded by lush greenery, with rooms and suites that enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and its glorious sunrises and sunsets. This gives you instant access to the shore as well and might even include your own private access pathway or stairs that lead to the sea, making your vacation that much more special.

  1. Lavish Amenities

Most luxury resorts boast out-of this-world amenities that include invigorating infinity pools, stylish restaurants and soothing spas that offer world-class treatments. Not only will this provide you with much needed relaxation and nourishment, but will also serve to entertain any of your holiday party that are not joining your diving sessions.

  1. Extended Stays

Almost all villas accommodate patrons for extended or long term stays, which is great for when you want to take a proper diving course or just enjoy an extended diving holiday. You’ll also have plenty of time to travel around all the available diving spots for a truly transformative diving vacation.

  1. Several Attempts at Diving the Same Spots

Sometimes you’ll experience poor weather conditions during a dive, where you’re not able to explore all the sites that you’d like to in a day. Staying at a luxury villa that’s in close proximity to those sites will enable you to experience them more than once, and each time will be different, with new creatures and underwater conditions that are even more favorable than before.

  1. Other Activities

Staying at a close-by villa also has the advantage of exposing you to other non-diving related activities to broaden your horizons while taking a brief break from the diving itself. Most luxury villas offer great recreational packages that include activities like sunset cruises, kayaking tours and much more.

  1. A Customized Schedule

Having your own accommodation comes with another added convenience of choosing your own diving itinerary, or to have no itinerary at all! This means that you can dive at any time that you wish and at any location that you prefer on a given day.

In addition to having the freedom to choose your own diving times, you’ll also have the option to select the locations you visit, enabling you to avoid crowded spots or popular tourist days. You can even time your dives so that you can enjoy the boat and instructors all to yourself for a truly personalized and exclusive dive.

  1. Comfort

Needless to say, luxury villas are some of the most comfortable digs that money can buy, and most have a home-like atmosphere but with all the amenities and services that you’d expect from a five-star hospitality establishment.

  1. Less Limitation

Renting your own villa means that you won’t be obliged to stick to a particular schedule based on other divers’ itineraries, so you can dives as much or as little as you like on each day.

Booking Hotels

Everyone looks for different ways to save money on hotels while they are travelling. Knowing that the costs can be a major part of your travel budget, I am sure you want to save. Now, on the basis of the demand and various other factors, the hotel prices keep on varying, which eventually makes it difficult to find a valuable deal.  

But, you don’t need to worry as I am going to discuss some of the best ways you can save money when booking hotels.

Take The Service Of Hotel Price Comparison Service   

If you are booking a hotel online, make sure you have used comparison services to ensure you get the best deal. Such websites have negotiated exclusive rates with the hotels and you can make use of these rates. When you compare the hotel prices, make sure you have considered more than one website to ensure you are getting the best discounts.

Be Flexible

While travelling, being flexible can be the best way you can save money. During the week, there is a heavy rush of the business travellers and the weekends are occupied by the tourists & travellers. Remember there is no set formula, so you will have to play with your dates to make out what is available. Well, if you really want to cut down your travel costs, then make sure you travel during the off-season.

The prices come down when there is less or no demand. During the off-season, both the prices of flights and hotels tend to come down making your trip much more affordable. In addition, there are fewer crowds.

Try Booking In Advance

Booking In Advance

If you are booking days, months, weeks, in advance, most of the hotels offer you attractive discounts. You will not only get attractive prices, but you also get to secure a room in one of your favourite hotels before it sells out. Yes, there are chances that the booking can be non-refundable but if you want to save then you will not have any problem with that. Moreover, it will also offer you peace of mind that you have already booked a hotel room once you arrive at your destination.

Make A Smart Decision For The Location

If your travel destination is London, then staying at a hotel in the middle of the city can be quite expensive. Instead, you can search for the hotels just a few miles away. You will be glad to know that you can easily find nearby hotels offering cheaper lodging. If you are not familiar with the surrounding areas, you can take the help of maps offered by various travel websites to know more about the hotels in the nearby areas.

Let us assume if you are choosing a hotel far away from the city’s main attractions and sites, you will have to pay more for your transportation fares and not to mention the parking fees as well. Try and get to know about the area before arriving at the destination and do find out if you can walk to the major attractions from your hotel.

Bundle Your Travel

Bundle Your Travel

If you want to book hotel and airfare, at times, you can save your money by making a booking for both from the same travel provider. When you book airfare from a travel provider, most of the times you will be prompted to book your hotel and car rental at a discounted price. The best part of such offers is that you don’t have to make a booking right away as some of the providers even provide 10-15 days to lock in your prices.

Book Directly From An Owner

Not many travellers are aware of the fact that every destination has condos, apartments, and homes rented by the owners. These can really come handy when you need extra bedrooms, want to have your own cooking facilities, or if you have plans to stay for 2-3 weeks in a destination.

Make sure you have also searched the internet for reviews of such destinations, this will help you avoid any sudden surprise. If you have finalised a house, apartment, or condo, there are certain things you need to discuss with the owner upfront such as – house rules, cancellation policies, and most importantly deposits and payment modes.

Making A Request For Discounts

If you are finding the above-mentioned ways complicated, then you can go for the old-fashioned way of booking a room at your favourite hotel chain. All you need is to call the hotel or send an email asking them to make a booking for a night or two, make sure you have inquired about any discounts they are offering.

The chances are high that you will be offered 10 % to 20% off your hotel bill. And above all, you don’t have to go through any sign-up process, no need to download any app, or don’t have to explore the comparison websites.

Be A Part Of The Rewards Program

Some of the world’s best hotel chains offer reward programs for their loyal clients. Just don’t expect a free stay right away, but you will get to enjoy various benefits including – free Wi-Fi, early check-in & late check-out, etc. The amount of points you need to claim a free night stay will entirely depend on the program and also the hotel category, so it is important you have read varied programs before you make the final commitment.

Christopher McCandless said, “The very basic core of a man’s spirit is his passion for adventure.” The Island of Gozo gives you exactly that – the passion for adventure.

Gozo is an island part of the Maltese Archipelago right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which the Greeks related to be Calypso’s place of exile in mythology. So, if you have already booked your few days in this beautiful historical island, here are the top rated places you’d want to include in your busy itinerary.

  1. Hilltop City in Victoria

The hilltops of Gozo is a sight to behold. It is flaunted on their flag and they boast about the golden hues of their hills. The hilltops in Victoria is a spot that will take you back to the medieval times with her historical landscapes where the Cathedral of Assumption found in the city’s heart.

  1. Dwerja Bay

The Azure Window, which was a film location for The Count of Monte Cristo and The Clash of the Titans, was a pride of the island. Sadly, the landmark collapsed after being hit by a raging storm last March 8th. The entire country was devastated but many believed it was bound to happen. But aside from this famous spot, the bay also houses the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea which are both famous dive sites diving centres like the Atlantis Diving Centre in Malta would recommend. Near the bay is a 65-meter-high beauty called the Fungus Rock covered in parasitic plants that the Knights of Saint John worshipped for healing properties.

  1. Nadur

Nadur, which means “to keep guard” in Maltese, is a coastal village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, enclosed in scenic landscapes and lush greeneries. The highest point of the village is the Ta’Kenuna Tower which offers panoramic views of the whole of Gozo. Gozo’s popular beaches, Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay, are also located less than 3 kilometres away.

  1. Basilica of Ta’ Pinu

The country itself was influenced by many cultures for many years which brought about a variety of building styles. The Basilica of Ta’ Pinu was built in the 16th century in tribute to the Virgin Mary and houses 2 museums: The Ex Voto Museum and the Sanctuary Museum.

  1. Xewkija Rotunda

Known to be the world’s third largest dome, the Xewkija Rotunda is a parish built in the 20th century in honour of St. John the Baptist. The parish is currently the seat of the Knight of Malta and is the island’s biggest religious monument.

  1. Ta’ Mena Estate

Agriculture is also something the island takes pride on because of their plant-friendly climate. Ta’ Mena Estates provides one with the chance to enjoy the freshest produce, finest wines and most popular delicacies the island has to offer. Their free wine and cheese tasting is a top favourite!

  1. Xlendi

One of Gozo’s oldest fishing villages has become the islands most popular resort central. The Xlendi bay has changed due to the influx of visitors but the marine life is still kept to its prestige making it perfect for water activities.

  1. Ggantija Temples

As one of the UNESCO-listed sites, the temples of Ggantija are monuments even older the England’s Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. Located in Xaghra, this archaeological find dated in 1827 has been preserved and developed for tourists and historians alike.

  1. The Calypso Cave

Set near the Ramla Beach in the cliffs of Xaghra, this legendary cave is said to be where Calypso seduced the Greek hero, Odysseus, in Homer’s Odyssey. The cave’s panoramic view includes the vast blue Mediterranean Sea, valley farms and the Ramla Beach.

  1. Xerri’s Grotto

Also located in Xaghra, Xerri’s Grotto is a cave walled with glistening stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was discovered a century ago while digging for a water well. The tourist attraction is still managed and kept by the discoverer’s descendants.

Gozo isn’t known for nightlife and wild parties so it’s wise to fill your day with visiting the sites the island boasts about. One day won’t be enough to fully appreciate all of these spots. So, enjoy the night peacefully, get a well-rested sleep and get energized to visit more tourist spots. Or, you can opt for a nice long massage before bed instead!

“Travel is at its most rewarding when it ceases to be about your reaching a destination and becomes indistinguishable from living your life.” -Paul Theroux

In the heart of Luzon, flanked between Zambales to the west and Bulacan to the east lies the gastronomic capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. Long before it got its well-known moniker today, the province was once known as La Pampanga which was designated by the Spaniards. The unique appellation stemmed from the encounter the Spaniards had with natives who were living along banks or “pampang” in Spanish of the Pampanga River in 1571, marking it as the first Spanish province in the Luzon Island. Today, this quirky little province is home to the world-renowned sisig and the finest Philippine dishes. Apart from Pampanga’s obvious flair for culinary masterpieces, the province is also known for its annual Easter re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and come Christmas season; holiday revellers can enjoy seeing the giant Christmas lanterns. The province has come a long way from being known as the land of natives living by the riverbanks, but their long and colourful history remains.

Apart from the diverse tourist attractions and the bustling nightlife, Pampanga also houses world-class resorts, casinos, golf courses and duty-free shopping. With all these attractions, you are guaranteed a myriad of activities whenever you are in the city. From the heritage sites, historical churches to the array of various restaurants, your one-day itinerary to Pampanga is sure to be full of things to do. Here are some of the places you should definitely not miss during your visit.

1.)     San Guillermo Parish Church (Bacolor, Pampanga)

It is a known fact that the Philippines traces some of its roots to the Spanish colonization, and a concrete evidence of that is the remnants of Spanish culture and heritage sites. Apart from that, the country is peppered with ancient and historic churches. Pampanga has its fair share of them. The San Guillermo Parish Church, an old church originally established by Augustinian Friars in 1576 used to be a placed of worship but is now known as a local tourist spot owing to the devastation that hit it back in 1995. Half of the church is buried from the lahar flow caused Mount Pinatubo’s eruption. Aside from taking photos, one should never miss visiting the museum located in the church complex.

2.) JB Betis Woodcraft (Guagua, Pampanga)

Next, to the San Guillermo Church, your next visit should be JB Betis Woodcrafts in Betis Guagua, Pampanga where you can appreciate the finest wood creations made by wood connoisseurs. From furniture to statues, every wooden creation is an evident showcase of their expertise which is obvious from the meticulously fine details etched in their products. If you are looking to fill your home with locally made furniture that is nonetheless impressive, the town of Betis is your best bet.

3.)  Atching Lilian’s (Mexico, Pampanga)

What is a trip to Pampanga without indulging your palate and sampling some of its finest epicurean delicacies and famous dishes? And what better way to satisfy your appetite than beginning it with a hearty and savory lunch? In a grandiose ancestral Mexico, Pampanga lives Atching Lilian, one of Pampanga’s culinary virtuosos. Considering that she is a master at her craft, Atching Lilian is a known culinary historian and hosts a cooking show. A tour to her place is not only limited to eating her food but would also entail a tour in her kitchen where she would show you her antique cookware collections as well as a demonstration of how making San Nicolas cookies, Pampanga’s famous dessert. Everyone visiting is required to bring their big appetites with them as after the tour you are treated to a buffet of food she has specially prepared. Included are some of Pampanga’s famous dishes such as Tamales, Morcon and Dinuguan.

4.)  Betis Church (Guagua, Pampanga)

After lunch, a visit to another church is in order. Though relatively unknown, the town of Betis has its own local version of the Sistine Chapel which is the St. John the Apostle Church (Betis Church). Built in the 18th century by Augustinians, the Betis Church is incredibly well-maintained, and the imposing structure remains majestic until today. Considering its grand architecture and impressive wall murals, the church is rightfully protected as a National Cultural Treasure. Though a lot of pictures of the church have surfaced online, nothing beats seeing this marvellous and historic structure for yourself.

5.) Pinatubo Museum

End your trip with a visit to the Pinatubo Museum, one of Pampanga’s newest tourist attractions and is a recent addition to the Center for Kapampangan Studies. With its opening just last June 14, 2016, on the 25th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the museum features a mural timeline of the history of Mt. Pinatubo. Additionally, one can observe the many various exhibits by Joel Mallari and mural sculptures by Arnel Garcia.

The royal, the majestic, the plush and the extravagant, that’s how one can describe the grandeur of the royal state of Rajasthan. Filled with many brave stories of Rajput warriors, kings and queens Rajasthan holds a significant position in India Tourism. One of the most amazing cities that still hold the same charm and aura of Rajputi aura is Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is also called the Blue City because the houses, alleys and all the things here are coloured in the hues of blue. Popularly also known as the Sun City, the city of Jodhpur is listed as the second largest city of Rajasthan. Established in year 1459 AD, the city was named after its founder King RaoJodha. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the best places in Jodhpur that one can visit during their Rajasthan Tourism.

1. Mehrangarh Fort

The majestic fort of Mehrangarh is one of the largest forts in India. People from all over the world come to see the grandeur of this majestic palace. The fort of Mehrangarh is situated at the height of 400 feet above the city. In the year 1459 when the city was established, the foundation of the fort was also established by the king RaoJodha. The fortification took place for many centuries but when the fort was completed it has become one of the wonders of Rajasthan. One can simply see the signs of various centuries in the architectural style of the fort. In terms of tourism, the fort holds a significant position.

2. Jaswant Thada

It is a beautiful palace, one of its kinds and listed as one of the major tourist attractions of the city. Jodhpur is the house of many beautiful heritage sites and monuments which makes it a perfect tourist hub. Jaswant Thada is one such place which enhances the beauty of the city. Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur is a cenotaph which was built in the year 1899 in the honour of Mahraja Jaswant Singh. One can find many portraits of Rajputi rulers inside the port along with many other artistic marvels inside the palace. Jaswant Thada is located near the Mehrangarh Fort which makes this place a perfect tourist spot and gives the palace a bigger and better picture of majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

3. Balsamand Lake

Christened after the name of its constructor BalakRaoParihar, BalsamandSamnad Lake is featuring as a major tourist spot in the Jodhpur. The lake was founded in 1159 AD is supposed to be one of the most beautiful artificial lake of Rajasthan. The Lake is lying on the route of Jodhpur –Mandore and has served as the water reservoir for the village of Mandore earlier. Today this lake has now been transformed into an artificial lake. You will love watching lush green lawns and garden with birds and peacocks roaming their indulged in their daily activities.

4. Ummaid Bhawan Palace

A beautiful and grand palace that keeps a prominent position in Jodhpur Tourism, Ummaid Bhawan Palace is believed to be one of the newest and last constructed palaces in India. The architecture and design of the palace are great attraction which attracts the travellers from all across the globe. The palace is divided into three parts one of which is still held by the royal family of Jodhpur. The other part is now been converted into the Heritage Hotel and the last and third part is now converted into the museum that is compact with royal art pieces of the bygone Rajputi era. Constructed in the year 1929, the fort was completed in the year 1943 and is featuring as the major Jodhpur tourist attractions.

5. GhantaGhar (The Clock Tower)

Located next to the very famous Sardar Market, the Clock Tower (GhantaGhar) is one of the most amazing tourist spots in Jodhpur. It is also a prominent landmark of the Sun City. This amazing tourist spot is a tall colossal tower and was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in the year between 1880 and 1911. The close proximity of the tower with the major market of the city adds the value to this place. One can find a wide range of handicrafts, antiques, miniature elephants and many other things including silvery jewellery and much more.

All these places that we discussed above are some of the most amazing tourist attractions. Along with this, you can also going to visit the very famous Mandore Gardens, RaoJodha Desert Rock Park, Kailana Lake and many more places which will give you a fine idea about the best and regal lifestyle of Jodhpur city. A visit to Jodhpur will be a pleasant and memorable visit of your life.

Canberra, Australia

You’ve probably heard so many great things about various parts of Australia. Usually some of the first places people associate Australia with is Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef or Melbourne. However, oddly enough, Canberra, the capital, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Nevertheless, under no circumstances does this mean Canberra has nothing to offer. On the contrary, there are many great places to see and things to do. So, if you decide to spend a weekend in Canberra, here are some suggestions on what you can do during your visit.

Day One

Start off by having a breakfast on Lake Burley Griffin, there is a number of cafes you can choose from. Try Snapper on the Lake, the Boathouse or the Deck at Regatta Point. Enjoy your meal and your morning coffee, while watching the beauty of the lake, joggers, cyclists and sail boats.

The first thing you should see upon arrival is the Parliament House. You can take a guided tour and learn about the history and architecture of the building. After that, you can move on to visit the Museum of Australian Democracy. If you are visiting during the summertime in Australia, there’s a chance that you will stumble upon a cocktail party at the Old Parly.

Canberra, Australia

If there’s no cocktail, you can spend the remaining time on visiting Drill Hall Gallery. They organize temporary exhibitions, usually featuring Australian artists, so it may be refreshing and fulfilling to take a look at the exhibition at hand.

After you had a dosage of culture and history, it’s time for you to go and see Lonsdale Street in Braddon. You can do all kinds of shopping here, and afterwards quench your thirst with good coffee and home-brewed beer. Stop by BentSpoke Brewing Co. and have a taste of some excellent beer.

Day Two

You shouldn’t miss having brunch at Silo in Kingston, so you can start your second day this way. Their selection of breads and pastries is going to blow your mind. There’s plenty of food and beverage to choose from, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

One of the options for the second day of your visit is an excursion. Affordable Canberra buses can provide an unforgettable tour around the city. This way you will be able to see beautiful scenery of this city and possibly get ideas on what to do for the rest of the day.

Canberra, Australia

You can also go and visit the Australian National Botanic Garden, where you can see the diversity of Australian flora in all its glory. After that, you can climb Telstra Tower and enjoy a cup of coffee and a view. If you are all about nature, Namadgi National Park is a place that might interest you. It is full of cute grey kangaroos.

For dinner, try booking Italian and Sons or Ottoman Cuisine, both excellent places for fine dining. End your day with lovely dinner and wine and maybe go for a walk in the moonlight.

We hope you are assured that there’s plenty to do and see in Canberra. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing weekend. The people are very nice and they’ll make your stay even more pleasant. You can always ask a kind stranger for directions or recommendations and they will gladly help you. Whether you follow some of our suggestions or make your own plan for the trip, you will definitely have a great time in this lovely city. After you have an amazing weekend in Canberra, go home and tell everyone about this surprising delight!

Image 1, Sydney

There’s something magical in those glowing lights, colorful wreaths and symbolic mistletoe that makes us want to hug someone we love and exchange gifts of kindness. Here’s a clue: you are your own someone special and you can gift yourself a trip to one of Australia’s finest cities, Sydney. You wouldn’t believe how satisfying can be to travel alone during holidays. You can choose your own adventures, without making unwanted compromises and meet new people. Still, travelling solo can be uncomfortable if you don’t have some basic idea where you will go and what you will do. Hopefully, this guide will help you with that.

Catch Some Sun

Unlike most of the world, where the weather in December is cold and wet, this is the time when summer starts in Sydney, so the temperatures will rise and there will be a lot of sun. If you are lucky enough to stay in this city during Christmas holidays, the best thing you can do is to head for the beach. After all, going to the beach at Christmas Day is a true Aussie tradition. Some of the most popular beaches to visit during this period are Bondi and Coogee. You can meet some fun people there, and if you would prefer to stay alone, bring a book, listen to some music or do something to keep yourself interested, and no one will bother you.

Image 2, Sydney

Enjoy the Playful Santa Festivals

Sydney is jam-packed with events preceding and following Christmas, and most of them are extremely fun. Santa Fest that takes place in Darling Harbour (24th November to Christmas Eve) includes a bunch of Santas walking on stilts. If you want to join the largest party in Australia, you can even participate in some of these happenings. You can participate in the Big Santa Hunt in the same area and hunt down nine Santas, collect letters from them and, in the end, get a Christmas present for free.

Image 3, Sydney

Find a Friend

Sydney is an enormous city, and sometimes it is even hard for Sydneysiders to find friends in their surroundings. Still, they are very pleasant to foreigners and love to share their knowledge about local happenings and hotspots. The easiest way to get to know them? Introduce yourself, start talking, and maybe you get a pen pal for life. Or find a foreigner like you and exchange experiences about the city. A simple way to get to know someone, and save a lot of money along the way is to share affordable accommodation. This way, you will have a friend who will be able to go on city tours with you and the money to afford the tours that are not free.

Image 4, Sydney

Visit a Christmas-Themed Event

Christmas Eve is full of amazing festivals and fireworks, and it is something that anyone can enjoy, even alone. Christmas Fireworks at Cockle Bay has everything this holiday should have: carols, tree, smiley faces and fireworks. A wide range of entertaining activities is organized in George Street every year. If you want to attend a truly unique Christmas celebration then The Sydney Hills Christmas Sky Show should be your choice. If you’re wondering what to do during the day, you can go on a Christmas Day Lunch Cruise.

Image 5, Sydney

Take a Walk

In the end, you can take a simple scenic walk on the beach trail from The Spit to Manly. The track leading from Spit to Manly beach is a combination of walking through small bays, paved pathways and lush bush. It will take you a few hours (3 – 4) to finish this coastal walk, but after it, you’ll feel terrific. Among the many amazing sites you’ll see along the way are Reef Beach, Spit Bridge and Grotto Point Lighthouse.

Image 6, Sydney

So, you see, you can be alone on Christmas in Sydney, but you can never be bored in this Australian metropolis. Now get out your comfort zone and enjoy yourself!

Gurgaon is one of the chief financial cities in India, situated close to Delhi. It is an upcoming holiday destination in India and doesn’t fails to draw in masses of tourists. There is plenty of attractions and entertainment in the city making one’s holiday a fun experience. Hire a Ghaziabad to Gurgaon cab and get busy exploring the bustling Indian city.

Situated near the capital, Gurgaon is a fast developing city and one of the chief financial centres of India, full with glass and steel buildings, sprawling golf courses, and shimmering shopping malls. The National Highway 8 links the city to the capital and other states of north India, and is home to what’s touted as “India’s Times Square” – The DLF Cyber City. Occupation aspirants or seasoned professionals seeking to join good-distinguished MNCs come from distinct areas of the nation to this city, and in return it welcomes them with open arms, offering them plenty of job opportunities as well as a place they are able to call their ‘House’.

Additionally, Gurgaon is also emerging as a destination for holidaying. If you are coming from Uttar Pradesh or other states in eastern India, Ghaziabad is the gateway to Gurgaon. Once you have reached Ghaziabad, you can hire a Ghaziabad to Gurgaon cab. Nevertheless, the glitz and glamour of modernity will simply entice you the moment you land feet in Gurgaon. Broad and clean roads, flyovers full of vehicles like Jaguar, BMW, Honda, Audi, etc. seem very amusing for one, especially to those who have never been to a metropolis. The IT hubs are amongst the leading attractions of Gurgoan. They are full of sleek office buildings with thousands of people working in these offices. These large IT parks represent the changing face of the nation and being present in one of them, makes you feel proud of being a part of the upcoming World Power – India.

Other than being a land of opportunities with international businesses and numerous national companies having headquarters in its laps, Gurgaon is definitely the demand in terms of being a property destination, and it seems like that its significance isn’t just going to die. Furthermore, the establishment of world-class and more MNCs educational institutions has further escalated the interest in a residential flat in Gurgaon.

Although Gurgaon is quite hot during summer, but due to the A/C conditioned tourists buses and cabs, you never feel the extreme heat of the sun. Plus, all shopping malls, theaters, restaurants and clubs are centrally air conditioned. Talking about A/C tourist buses and cabs, there are now different taxi providers like OLA, UBER, etc.in the market, providing cabs at very reasonable rate, when and where ever you want them. So, if you don’t want to always rely on your tour operator and prefer travelling and exploring the city on your own. These cab provides are great options to pick.

Holidaying in Gurgaon is basically dominated by the comforts and allurements of modernity. Tourists spend a great part of their time at the shopping malls that are filled with almost infinite shopping outlets of national and international brands. Plus, they are full of entertainment options like pubs, eateries, gaming section, etc. It seems like Gurgaon is the city with the largest number of shopping malls.

However, Gurgoan tour is not just about the malls and there is more. Kingdom of Dream – an amusement park, is one of the first favorites of tourists. The whole place is just amazing, housing an indoor boulevard with different eateries and shops on both sides of the pathway. These eateries and shops represent different states of India and showcase the culture and art of the particular state. There is a bridge in between and a blue artificial sky that simply steals the show.

Gurgaon certainly should be your next destination. Your vacation here is nothing short of fun and entertainment. Ghaziabad to Gurgaon distance is short and can be covered in a taxi or metro and buses.

Never lie is the golden rule to lead a righteous life; but there are situations that demand to break the rules. A lie that is meant to harm no one, and is spoken to avoid a trouble is a good lie like at the time of traveling. Going to new places, exposes us to the risk many unwanted situations. Uncalled for attention, risk of harassment, theft and a host of awkward situations can arise out of nowhere, and plain innocent lie to run out of such troubles is totally appropriate.

Here are 5 most often told lies which are quite safe to be told when traveling (especially when alone) –

I am here with my friends

Solo travelers are the most susceptible targets of mischief mongers. So lying about having some company with you can help you avoid their uncalled for attention and steer them clear from your way.

No, it is not my first time here

Pretend that it is not your first visit to the place. This will give the impression you probably understand the place and the its ways. For instance, cab drivers will not run you around the long route to make you pay extra.

Yes, my boyfriend/husband is about to Join Me

For women travel alone, it is best to pretend to have male company around. It will keep the evil-minded creatures at bay and will send the ‘not interested/unavailable signal to the cheap gawkers.

I am staying at a relative’s place/ I don’t exactly remember the address of that hostel

When strangers try and make conversation, it is okay. But if they try to extract personal information, dodge them. Don’t share your personal number or the address of the place you are staying at. Saying that you are living with a local relative is the best way out.

“Hi, yes my GPS is on.” Say that Loud on Phone; to be heard around

This is one of the safest lies, while traveling in a taxi in the night hours. The driver will be cautious on knowing that someone on the other side of the phone is monitoring your movement and any untoward action can lead to bad consequences.

I English Not Well

To keep the annoying sticky touts from following you all along the way, pretend not understanding the language. Speak broken form of the language he is speaking. Do not let him know which language you understand, and have baffled expressions.

Health care is the #1 concern when people travel. Definitely, no one wants to get sick not because getting sick ruins all the plans, but can also be a hassle especially since you are in an otherwise unfamiliar place. Here are some no-nonsense tips on how you can avoid getting sick while traveling.

1) Wash your hands often

Do not underestimate the power of hand washing. Hand hygiene prevents the spread of germs and bacteria and infection in general. It also minimizes the risks of contacting gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis and even food poisoning. Hand sanitizers are okay. However, these shouldn’t replace washing your hands with soap and water.

2) Bring water with you

While on the road, we can’t be sure how safe the drinking waters are. This is more so in places where sanitation is questionable. If you have to drink tap water, make sure that it is purified. Bring bottled waters with you for that extra layer of protection. Consider buying a bottle with a filter so you need to buy several bottles of water.

3) Observe food hygiene practices

When eating out particularly on the streets, notice how the locals are preparing the food whenever possible. For instance, look for seemingly inconsequential ways such as wearing gloves when handling food, wearing hair nets when preparing the food, frequent hand washing, etc. You may expose yourself to E. Coli, salmonella, shigella, and other such contaminants that may result in an upset stomach if you are not careful with the food you are eating.

4) Check your food intolerances

True, they say, that the true pleasure of traveling is to eat what the locals are eating. However, you need to watch your food intolerances, too. If your stomach is not used to spicy food, then you can skip the curry. Otherwise, if the locals insist, try out a small amount of it. Better yet, tell the person offering you the food about your concern, so they won’t get offended by your gesture.

5) Get vaccinated

Protect yourself further by getting a vaccine. You need not go ballistic over the process since it is not necessarily a requirement. However, there are countries that require getting vaccinated before allowing entry. These countries are currently experiencing incidences of yellow fever and meningococcal disease, for instance. You need to present a certificate of vaccination. With this, check if vaccines are required before going to your desired destination.

6) Bring sunblock

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. Not only that, the sunblock lotion can also protect you from dehydration, which is actually the onset of heatstroke. Bring an SPF 30 or more sunblock with you.

7) Bring mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes are dreaded by all, not just the travelers. A mosquito bite can leave you with itchy welts and may even cause serious diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya. Even if you are traveling to low-risk areas, carry a mosquito repellent or lotion with you specifically products with between 30 to 50% DEET. Reapply frequently.

8) Get enough sleep

Aside from hydration, an adequate amount of sleep is considered as an effective weapon against getting sick. Don’t shortchange yourself by letting your body and mind rest for at least 6 hours.

9) Consult a travel health professional

Travel experts say it is best to visit a travel clinic at least six weeks before the travel date more so if vaccines are required. Vaccinations require recovery period for each vaccine before the next vaccine can be administered. The travel health practitioner can also give you tips in case you got sick while away from home.

10) Research on the health risks

Every destination has some health risks. Be proactive enough to learn as much as you can about your destination. Educating yourself is the best way to protect yourself from the health risks.

You cannot guard yourself against all the possible maladies. However, prevention is always better than cure. Don’t let yourself get sick by reducing the chance of getting sick. Take an active role in combating the risk factors. After all, it is your health and travel plans that are being ruined.

So, stay safe!

Technology has completely changed the way business are dealing with their accounting and financial aspect of their business organization. However expense management is one such function that has not seen much innovation from a longer period of time. And what more particularly unfortunate is that most of consider this to be an insignificant part of the business organizations where as it is the most significant part of the organization. Studies have shown that 8 out 10 business organizations even today are using spreadsheets while managing the business expenses of their organization. Given below are the six major tactics that make travel expense management easy for you and your business organization.

Making use of the smart phones while traveling

Though there are different and specific expense management apps being made available to you, they would just serve as the double if you have to use specific business app. Through the smart phones you could take the photographs of all the receipts for the expenses made, and in turn gain legally binding copy. If your employer here insists on paper, print out picture when you return to office and for a maximum efficiency you could here use a note taking app to store the data and keeping it tagged for easy retrieval.

Start with simple and trying it before you buy

The next step while dealing with travel expense management is to use a simple version of automated expense management software that would not just capture but would even track down the expenses related to your organization. And while using it you might want to be sure of the following things: Has an easy to use mobile app for frequent travelers, is hosted in the cloud, and the last but not the least has a free trial version so you can see if it works out for you.

Having your policy put in action

Have a thought on this if your team could manage their business activities on their smart phones then why not expenses. So try and empower your team with the mobile expense reporting and the management tools so that they could report and manage the expenses on the go from anywhere saving their time and making them more productive enough.

Get your employees use the software

Have your employees prepared to make use of the software before it expires, and get opinions from people around the business. Do not forget that the employees, the finance team and the travel managers, and the others are responsible enough for travel and all the other expense budgets using the software getting their input before you buy whatever is helpful.

Putting a clear, simple and fair expense policy in place

Expense policy is nothing but having your organizations company rules and guidelines towards business related business. It would give your business and employees an overview of what has to be expected and what can, cannot claimed before in advance. Having a simple and a fair policy to understand, the employees here would know is been expected from them and you would not have to deal with unnecessary questions and the finance team processing your expenses without any hurdles.

Designated location for lost receipts

Especially on the roads you could accumulate a lot of receipts quickly and easily. And even though it might seem to be tempting enough because of your credit card and cash are in there your wallet is never considered to be ideal unless and until you have got sufficient space in order to keep the required receipts related to the expenses of your organization. So the most important thing you need to do here is have a location set no matter what. And once you get all the receipts place them there and do not store them as you cannot claim them through location wise.

So do you have expense management software strategies that would help you saving your time and money? If yes how have they worked out for you? Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

Most of the people today travel to take a break from their hectic routines and to not let life escape from them.When this happens once or twice in a year, you definitely do not want your travel trips to be bombarded with stress and unpleasant situations. Doing research on your own part for knowing more about the place which you would be travelling to, coupled with taking help only from reliable sources is what which can help you plan an almost successful trip. Here are some of the best resources for you to have a safe and comfortable journey:

1) RedBus

– Do not let bus transportation ticketing problem become a strenuous task for you. RedBus is among India’s top online destination for booking bus and hotels. With more than 1500+ bus operators and 80,000+ routes in India; you can have a bus ride of your lifetime! The top bus routes offered by RedBus are Bangalore-Chennai, Pune-Bangalore, Mumbai-Bangalore, Chennai-Coimbatore, Bangalore-Goa, Chennai-Madurai, Pune-Hyderabad, Coimbatore-Bangalore, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Hyderabad-Chennai, Hyderabad-Bangalore and Pune-Goa. Be it travelling to any part of the city here, just ensure to use RedBus coupons via CashKaro.com to get discounts and cashback to lower your travelling expenses!

2) Makemytrip

– If you haven’t heard of the name, you must be living under rocks! Makemytripis India’s number one travel website where you can book your flights for domestic as well as International locations. You can browse through an array of holiday packages here which are a real money saver recherche cialis. The hotels options provided for your stay are endless and there’s something for everyone depending upon one’s budget. There are also exclusive deals posted here on which you can keep a constant tab to make the most out of your travelling trip. Their blog is one rich source where you can update your knowledge and find out a lot even about the not so popular cities in India which are extremely picturesque!

3) Uber

– Travelling to a new city and relying on your hotel staff every time to book a cab for you can be tiring. By availing Uber cab, travel around in the city comfortably and without experiencing any kind of hassles. Top it with the money you will save on your first ride if you use Uber coupons. Be it reaching your hotel safely after landing on airport or roaming around in the cities freely without taking a different transport and bargaining with driver; Uber will be your perfect companion to make sure that you travel in a stress free manner.

4)Trip Advisor

– There are many websites which post all together post different pictures of places than what they look like. Those pictures may depict a different story than how they originally are. It’s why it is always recommended to do a bit of homework from your side and know real opinions of real people to find out about the truth. This is when trip advisor comes into picture. If you want authentic information on almost any part of the world, this is where you should come to. Avid travellers post about their experiences here coupled with pictures of their travel diaries. And their experiences are not sugar coated.

5) India Mike

– If you are frequent traveller and like to bond with people who have the same travelling taste as you, India Mike is one website which should top your list. India Mike is one big travel community of India where travellers share their experiences and derive learning from another experiences. They get together, chat and discuss! You can browse through tons of beautiful images of places which travellers post here. Who knows you might just end up deciding your next vacation here?!

Sometimes, even though you made a perfect planning still you may face few glitches here and there. One small wrong step can ruin the entire vacation plan, and you may end up spending more money than the actual budget. That is why proper planning is required when you traveling with children and elderly people. Here you can find few simple yet very efficient tips for a smooth vacation.

Plan Smart Vacation with Family

As you are all set for a pleasant vacation, make sure to involve your kids in the vacation plan and prepare them to get ready and fun with family. Check the passports and other necessary documents that all the dates are valid before travelling internationally. Now, choose the destination along with other family members, you can browse the internet to see which destination is good for your entire family, you can find toddler-friendly destination, exciting and entertaining destinations, the destination that excites the children, etc. You can also find several saving tips, which can make the Dad happy as they can help him save money on their trip.

People get scared to fly with a baby, but, there is nothing to worry, everything is possible. So if you want to visit international vacation spot then go ahead, the airline special deals can make it possible to fly happily with a baby.

Even pregnant lady can travel with little extra preparation, but new moms can freely explore the world with less worry. Pregnancy is not an excuse for you to not have fun, take you better half along with you and do hiking and small adventures, but, choose the adventures that are safe for you and for the baby.

Check the Reviews for Best Family Vacations

Going on a vacation without knowing exactly where or without proper planning can be terrifying especially when you are going with kids. But, if you check the reviews before planning a vacation can help you choose the right destination. Check Pure Wander for genuine reviews that can help you find the perfect vacation spot.

Finding the best and affordable place to stay is also one of the important factors to be considered when you are staying with kids. We can help you find the best place so that you can choose the right accommodation for your stay. There are several exciting places including Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Hotel Diva at San Francisco, Coral Hills Best Western etc. You can also check the reviews on best restaurants, the best eatery places such as Wynkoop Brewery at Colorado and fun activities for families include Segway tours at San Francisco or Summer Camp for kids.

These tips can help you plan your vacation with a little frustration. However, with lot of patience and full preparation you can make a memorable and fun vacation possible with kids.