Tanzania Tourism

Great Annual Wildlife Migration, Tanzania

South Africa is known for its world famous tourist destinations. Among the popular most ones, Kruger National Park, Robben Island, Table Mountain and it’s beautiful top beaches all across the globe. Robben Island has the one of the famous island where Nelson Mandela was kept as a prisoner. Cape Town is one of the most populated cities of South Africa after Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known as the city of gold due to its rich gold mine all across the cities.

The same city is famous for its outstanding hospitality and various tourist destinations. Another prominent tourist destination is the table mountain; known for its rare flora and fauna. The view from the top of the table mountain is considered to be one of the most epic views of the discussed sub-continent. Among the most popular wildlife events, the Great Migration of Tanzania demand for special dignity. Known as the Greatest Show on Earth, this destination attracts a huge number of zebra and gazelle. This is an event throughout the year. Rain causes huge grass plains in the mid part of Southern Serengeti, it is one of the most important reason behind the migration. In the month of May wildebeest herds are accumulated in this park. These animals are usually collected from the north part of the Serengeti. Within short duration the scenario will change as the number gradually increase to a huge. The eastern part of this park is getting popularity with the edge of years. This is a time between April to June when the animals migrated in the same destination and the movement exceeds 20 lakhs or more. Not only the wildebeest, a huge number of zebra and some other species migrated in movement throughout the year.

Beside this, we also suggest about Sasakwa, Faru Faru, Grumeti River Camp and Mbalageti Lodge for the western part of the same. A small portion of the gathering pushed towards Northern Lobo area. This is yearly movement which moves in a circular fashion throughout the months. The animals used to search their food and water, to do that they hunt for new places. The basic reason behind this movement is the seasonal rain in this part of tourism world. It brings the grasses in discussed area. From the mid time of August, the herds usually move towards Northern Serengeti and Masai Mara of Kenya, which gives new flavor to this world famous migration.

With the movement of grasses the herds will move towards Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Portions of the animals move to north while the other part moves towards south direction. Second stage of Great Migration starts in the first part of October and continued up to last November. The rain will bring the grasses once again which attracts the herds. This part of migration also deserves special dignity as the number of tourist is hiking on yearly basis. By December the scenario is initiates towards a new session of migration. From the beginning of January, the migration starts concentrating towards Lake Ndutu. This part of migration takes several tracks.

Here are are some top tourist places in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro – Mountain, climbing, volcano, hiking, safari
Serengeti National Park – Huge nature reserve & safari destination
Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Safaris, protected area, maasai, volcanoes, nature reserves
Tarangire National Park – Safaris, parks, camping, safari lodges, elephants
Ruaha National Park – Safaris, rivers, parks, camping, game reserves
Mafia Island – Whale sharks, scuba diving, beaches, fishing, safaris
Pemba Island – Lagoons, scuba diving, beaches, coral reefs, safaris
Lake Manyara National Park – Lakes, safaris, parks, flamingos, elephants
Lake Victoria – Lakes, rivers, fisheries, safaris, waterfalls
Mbudya Island
Mount Meru – Mountain, volcano, backpacking, climbing, hiking
Old Fort of Zanzibar – Amphitheatre, safari, culture, music, history
Olduvai Gorge Museum – Canyon, museum
Hamamni Persian Baths
House of Wonders – Palace, museum, history, architecture, culture
Peace Memorial Museum
Old Dispensary – Culture
Zanzibar Butterfly Centre
Bongoyo Island
National Museum of Tanzania – Culture, museum, architecture
Msasani – Beaches
Uhuru Monument – Monument