Have you chosen India as your upcoming vacation destination? Do you want to experience India in a unique way? Then, be a part of a volunteer organization. There are ample volunteering opportunities in India. A vacation in India has the power to bring out the philanthropist in you.

Here are Ten Best Places for Volunteering in India

# Travel to Teach Project, Rajasthan

This organization is situated around one hundred and fifteen kilometers north of Jaipur at Sikar. Here, you can impart English language education, sports coaching and computer skills.

# Bal Ashram

This place is meant only for boys. It is a rehab centre located between Jaipur and Delhi. Boys living here have a positive outlook of life. Boys from India and Nepal live in this transitional house. If you stay at this ashram and teach English to the children living here, you will realize that what you get from the place is far more than what you give. The love and affection you receive from the boys has more value than any gift. You won’t even realize how time passes by cooking, teaching, doing chores and playing outdoor games with the boys.

# Rural Organization for Social Elevation

This organization is situated in a village called, Kanda near Bageshwar in Uttarakhand. If you want to learn about life in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, you can be a part of this organization. Here, you have to help the locals lead a better life by teaching them computer, English, construction, sustainable farming etc. You have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle in the village by living with a local family.

# I-Volunteer India Fellow Professional Program

Being a part of this program helps you work with non-governmental organizations operating in rural areas. If you have experience in marketing, administration and finance, this is the ideal program for you to be involved in. You can utilize your knowhow for the development of rural India.

# Sadhana Village

Underprivileged and intellectually challenged adults are looked after in this centre. The centre stands in a village, thirty kilometers from Pune. The organization has been active for more than a decade. Even though, the prime focus of the centre is on education; cultural activities and development of women as well as children is also practiced here. You will get accommodation facilities and fooding as well.


SMILE is a non-governmental organization which offers professionals the opportunity to volunteer. You can volunteer for instructing villagers on health, cleanliness, environment, English language, music training, dance training, basic medical training, sports coaching, etc.

# Salaam Baalak Trust

The trust is located in Delhi’s backpacker region and provides the basic necessities of life to street children. These children are also trained as guides, so that they can earn some money by guiding foreigners through the busy streets of Delhi. Volunteers can teach computer, English, hygiene, marketing, etc to the homeless children. Volunteers are provided accommodation by the organization.

# I-to-I Community Work in Bangalore and Jaipur

The I-to-I Community Work in Bangalore and Jaipur provides holistic chance to volunteers. They teach children and give disable women training to work and make a living. In Bangalore, they also provide health and sanitation advice to the poor. In Jaipur, volunteers get involved in conservational activities such as reafforestation and restoration of Man Sagar Lake.

# Dakshinayan

Volunteers get a chance to work with tribals in the region of Rajmahal and nearby areas. If you are interested to work for the upliftment of the tribal population of India, this is one of the most useful organizations.

Volunteering organizations are responsible for the welfare of street children, women and villagers. You can enjoy and have a fruitful experience on your vacation by doing volunteer work in India.


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