After an entire year of cutting back and penny-pinching, you have finally saved enough money to take that vacation that you and your family have been longing for. Well, you might have already had a destination in mind, but with the New Year comes many new changes. And, since the New Year is already here, it is possible that there might now be a newer and more exciting destination available to you. Below, you will learn about some of the most exciting travel destinations of 2018.

Exploring New York City

New York City might be known as the big apple, but don’t let that nickname fool you. The city blends sophistication with small-town charm. With iconic landmarks that have already made statements in history and towering skyscrapers, New York City should be a go-to travel destination for any adventuring family. In addition to this, each borough has a variety of exciting cultures and shops that you can enjoy during your visit. Visit Brooklyn and East Village if you want to check out some unique indie boutiques, or head up to Fifth Avenue to enjoy some of the world’s most cutting-edge art.

Enjoy Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls is often times overlooked as an ideal destination due to its small size. However, if you are lucky enough to visit Sioux Falls during the summer, you can literally enjoy an entire weekend for the fraction of what you would spend in a much larger city. Not only are most of the major sites and attractions accessible by foot, but also the city is exceptionally clean. Along with this, Sioux Falls is just a mere thirty minutes from the exciting wilderness adventures of Palisades State Park.

Have Fun In Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is another one of those cities that is extremely underrated. However, if you are looking to really experience some of the best barbecue on earth and get a history lesson in the process, Kansas City should be your top choice. Check out Exotic Voyages to schedule your vacation and discover more information. With their one of a kind National World War I Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, your kids will truly learn some crucial things about some of the most important times in the history of the United States. Don’t forget to make some time to eat and drink you way through Westport. Here, you will be able to get your hands on everything from cocktails to amazing brisket.

Experience True Art And Culture In Providence, Rhode Island

When it comes to academics and arts, you probably won’t find another city in the United States that is as well versed as Providence. And, most of this is in part to the outstanding art school located on the campus of the University of Brown. When you combine the amazing and breathtaking architecture with the pedestrian-friendly streets, you can really wander around aimlessly just taking in the sites and meeting new people. In addition to this, the state has access to some of the freshest and tastiest seafood that you will ever find.