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1 in 11 jobs is now supported by the travel & tourism industry. Long gone are the days when only the rich were able to afford a holiday. In 2015, there is a broad spectrum of people who are travelling regularly.

Firstly, more people have more money, and travel has become far more affordable. For example, in China there is an emerging middle class who are keen to see the world beyond their own country, and another 2 billion people are expected to join the middle class in the next 15 years.

Another important development is the growth of bleisure trips, with 72% of business travellers now adding a leisure component to their business trips. Businessmen have money to spend on these trips and an increasing amount of them are keen to turn their business trips in to a holiday.

It would be easy for the hospitality industry to get lazy and simply assume that, because of the amount of people travelling, they are guaranteed a piece of the pie. However, it is the ones who focus on constantly improving their service who will benefit the most. You can find out more in this info-graphic from Nerval.


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