Here is the list of top tourist cities in USA. You can also say that these cities have the maximum number of tourists every year.

  1. New York City – In New York you can find out the best hotels to stay and most amazing food restaurants. The total population of this city is 8.406 million (2013).
  2. San Francisco – San Francisco is in northern California. It is a hilly city and you can find the tourists from almost every country in every month.
  3. Los Angeles – LA is one of my favourite city to visit in America. Here you can find out the best shopping points.
  4. Washington, D.C. – It is much more like a busy and professional city.
  5. Chicago – Feel relax, loose anxity and enjoy the snowfall here.
  6. Austin, Texas – Must visit city.
  7. Boston – And electronic media city.
  8. Seattle – Let’s settle down and enjoy the night life of the city.
  9. San Diego – Amazing food courts.
  10. New Orleans – Good evenings with tea mugs.

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