Top 10 places in the World for tourism

It is unfortunate that since there are so many dazzling beaches in the world, one can never hope to visit all of them. This is why, every single beach-enthusiast needs to learn how to prioritize and for this there are different criteria. Some, choose beaches that they are going to visit by the view they offer, some by temperature of the water or touristic attractions in the vicinity. On the other hand, there are those who care the most about the waves or their surfing prospects. Especially for the latter ones, here are 10 best surfing spots in the world.

Costa Rica Tourism

Speaking about dazzling beaches below the crystal clear sky, one simply must mention Costa Rica. The greatest thing about Costa Rican surfing is that it is surrounded by two oceans. This means, that just a short mainland travel can give you two completely different surfing experiences.

Fiji Tourism

Furthermore, there are many things, many sports and many cultural events with which people associate Japan with. Unfortunately, surfing is not high on this list, which is completely absurd seeing how Fiji is one of the greatest places for surfing there are. Now, we talked about two different surfing experiences in Costa Rica and pretty much the same goes in Fiji. Only this time winter and summer surfing are in question and not two different bodies of water.

Ireland Tourism

Once again, some may be surprised with the high place that Ireland takes on this list. On the other hand, everyone who surfed in Ireland will instantly reply that there is nothing strange here, since Ireland offers some of the best waves in the entire world. Donegal, Sligo and Mayo are simply ideal for this sport, so if you are a passionate surfer, do not forget to visit these magical places on your next tour through Ireland.

Lisbon Tourism

Seeing how Portugal has one of the largest Atlantic coasts (proportional to its size of course) it comes as no surprising that their waves here are up to the task. Visit the capital of Lisbon and see whether you are up to this task as well.

Surfers Paradise

Now, when it comes to the surfing capital of the world, only two names come up every time. These two names are Oahu, Hawaii and the Gold Coast in Australia. To start with the latter one, Surfers Paradise is a place that truly lives up to its name. Another convenience of surfing in Surfers Paradise is that there is a large number of surfing trainers and schools. And if you need assistance in finding proper gear you can always contact professionals from Natural Necessity.

Oahu Tourism

Seeing as we mentioned that Hawaii are one of the most renowned surfing spots in the world, it would be only fair to now back up this claim. We could go at lengths to describe the incredible Hawaiian beaches and terrifying Pacific waves. Still, the only way for one to truly pay tribute to this incredible place is to go there and see it all with his or hers own two eyes.

Cornwall Tourism

Considering its proximity to Ireland, it really comes as no surprise that Cornwall waves are as impressive. Now, while most people go to England to visit London, Oxford and other culture-related hotspots, it might be a good idea to spice up your visit a bit by surfing in Cornwall, England.

Tofino Tourism

This incredible place based on Vancouver Island in Canada is known as one of the most renowned surfers training grounds in the entire world. This being said, for any rookie surfer it would be wise to visit this place and enlist in either one of their incredible surfing schools or at least get a good trainer. After this, no beach in the world will be an impossible challenge.

Hossegor Tourism

Now, in order for mainland Europe not to feel left out, we travel to Hossegor in France, a place that is a true delight for every single surfer out there. Seeing how France is probably the greatest tourist hotspot in the world, you would have probably visited it anyway in the future. On your next travel, just take a detour to Hossegor and see what its incredible reputation is based on.

Cloud Nine, Siargao Island

We return to Asia with one more incredible yet horribly underestimated surfing location. For those wanting to know the real challenge, Cloud Nine on Philippines own Siargao Island is a place that has no match. In order to ensure that you are there at the right time you can always check Cloud 9 Surf Report and Forecast.

As you can see, while there are so many renowned surfing spots in the world, there are many jewels just waiting for you to be discovered. So many in fact, that no list would be elaborate enough to encompass them all. Still, exploring any of the aforementioned places in person would be a good start.