There is always something magical about traveling. The wind in your hair, a heart full of dreams, picturesque roads you have never seen before. If all these things sound tempting, then you definitely should consider going on a road trip, especially across the beautiful USA. The thing is – wherever you go, and whichever route you choose, you will definitely find something you like given the diversity of the landscape and culture.

However, you need to pack thoroughly to be able to fully enjoy your trip. In this article, we gathered a list of things you should take with you on a road trip across America. Save this list to use it the next time you decide to go anywhere.

Ten things you should take with you on a Road trip

  1. Start with packing your maps. You might have a very detailed plan and a route that will get you to exact places you want to visit. Make sure to print out the map, or upload it to your smartphone or a navigator not to get lost. With the growing number of apps available, you won’t have any troubles when creating a route. You can find numerous tips on what places to visit and shortcuts to take. Since you might not have a stable internet connection everywhere you go, try searching for offline maps to always know where you are.
  2. Proper clothing. Remember that you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in the car, so you need to take comfortable clothing that is not too tight and is made of natural fabrics to let your skin breathe while driving. The same applies to you shoes: only quality shoes will do! You want to wear something easy to take off and put back on again when driving, as you will need to take short breaks and let your feet relax.
  3. You don’t want driving miles and miles and only keep these memories in your head. Make your friends a little jealous on Facebook. Apart from your phone, bring a better camera to capture amazing landscapes, mountains and other things you won’t normally see at home. This might be a trip you will want to remember, so videos and pictures are something you should save for the future.
  4. The next thing you should remember to take with you is a set of documents. Do not forget to take you ID card. Since traveling is not always smooth, keep in mind that you might also need to take your insurance with you.
  5. You should better take both cash and credit cards in case of emergency. You probably know this, but we will just remind you of it: make sure your money are divided, and you have them in different places. This way if you get robbed, you will still have something left. Do not have all of it in your wallet. Put some of it in your backpack, some in a wallet, and some leave in a car.
  6. Pack your toiletries carefully. You want to take everything you will need while driving as well as when staying somewhere for the night. You will of course have a chance to buy something on the road, but there is no point in spending extra cash on something you already have. Apart from shower gel and shampoo, remember to take a lip balm, hand cream, and some sunscreen.
  7. Also, we highly recommend you take your favorite pillow with you. And a blanket if you want to feel extra comfortable. You need to get enough sleep to be able to drive and avoid any accidents in a road trip.
  8. Take your favorite music. Travelling is much more fun when you have your favorite songs playing in the background. Remember all these new albums you just didn’t have enough time to listen to? Road trip is a perfect time to enjoy new music without any interruptions. Moreover, your radio might not work properly at some point, so it is better to be prepared and have music saved beforehand.
  9. Pack enough snacks and put them in a place that is easy to reach. I highly recommend you getting some healthy snacks like apple chips or peanuts. Such snacks will ensure you don’t have troubles with digestion while on your trip. If you have a route planned and there are places you can eat at on a map, then only pack light snacks. However, if you are not sure about it, it is better for you to have enough food for several meals not to starve while driving. A hungry driver is not a good driver at all.
  10. Finally take some medications you might need when traveling. This includes the first aid kit as well as a list of essential medications like Band-Aid, paracetamol, aspirin, Ibuprofen, Mosquito spray and a hand sanitizer. If you are currently taking any pills, make sure to pack them. And keep in mind that some of your passengers might need some travel sickness pills.

This list is everything you need to have when traveling by car. Don’t forget to bring friends with you: they always make trips better. Enjoy your travels!


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