Top 10 tourist destinations in Rajasthan – India Tourism

Rajasthan belong to one of the most popular Indian regions full of amazing places, gorgeous buildings and charming people. This is proven by numerous visitors coming every year to India and not skipping the visit of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a fascinating region in the northern part of India, bordering with Pakistan and covered by exciting Thar Desert. This is a land of Maharajas, countless palaces, spiritual lakes and camels walking on the streets. There are many cities, natural reserves or small villages to visit, so to choose the best is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, here is our choice of the destinations in Rajasthan you surely shouldn’t miss if you have enough time to roam around.

  1. Jaipur

The first and usual place to visit is certainly so called “pink city” of Jaipur. Its Amber Fort, located bit outside of the city, is listed among the most visited places probably in whole India. Shiny fort placed over blue river waters with background of clear blue sky offers amazing view already from the bottom, even better from the top. A bit of an adventure can be experienced if you decide to get up the hill on the back of an elephant. Amber Fort is not the only fort of Jaipur, furthermore the city is full of temples, museums and interesting buildings such as magnificent Hawa Mahal, Birla Temple or Jantar Mantar to learn about ancient Indian knowledge.

  1. Pushkar

To rest from the noisy cities you can stop by at Pushkar, popular spiritual place with calming holy lake. Pushkar is just small but provides a possibility to discover the area on foot. Walking around the lake and see the ghats is very relaxing. Other charming places such as temples can be found, lovely small market is good place to do some shopping especially of traditional Rajasthani clothes or shoes. But if you don’t like crowds try to avoid camel fair taking place at the beginning of November as Pushkar changes into a melting pot although it gives striking experience.

  1. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is another magnificent city of Rajasthan, with its dominant and stunning Mehrangarh Fort housing dazzling museum and of course well known blue city visible from the fort. To enjoy the view of the fort walk into Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park full of beautiful desert plants and flowers; and visit nearby garden of Jaswant Thada where you can also watch wonderful sunset. On the way up to Mehrangarh Fort notice clock tower in the Old City.

  1. Bikaner

Welcome to the city of Maharajas – Bikaner. This is romantic place of royal family where you can see many interesting architectural masterpieces. Junagarh Fort is splendid museum with many gorgeous pieces from the past. Nearby check local painters and buy brilliant artistic souvenir. Lalgarh Palace is pink magnificent building with great garden around, nowadays heritage hotel. Don’t miss Gajner Palace standing by the lake and wait for the sunset here.

  1. Karni Mata in Deshnok

If you search for something extraordinary then pay a visit to Deshnok, not far from the city of Bikaner. This will be just few hours trip but surely rewarding. Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok is very famous as it is the home of thousands of rats. Hindu Temple attracts crowds of devotees as well as interested tourists to see this unusual mystery.

  1. Bundi

Another ancient city of rich history is Bundi. Because of lack of time not too many people manage to come to Bundi but they miss the magical atmosphere of the city. It has specific looks with traditional architecture and nearby Anarkali Moiuntains create natural protection for this wonderful spot. Visitors love to visit Bundi Palace, Taragarh Fort or Nawal Sagar Lake or be present during Teej Festival.

  1. Udaipur

Famous city of lakes on the banks of Pichola Lake annually draws an attention of many visitors. The reflection of City Palace from 16th century is a dominant of Udaipur scenery. Architecture mixes various styles and the collection of museum inside is very interesting. Around the lake many other attractive buildings can be found – just roam around and enjoy. Also Udaipur has its own fort – Kumbhalgarh Fort. The panorama is just highlighted by Aravali Mountain Range.

  1. Jaisalmer

Most of the people visiting Rajasthan plan to visit splendid and vast Thar Desert. Jaisalmer in the east of Rajasthan is the main desert city with the best possibilities. Also here you find superb fort but more special. The whole city of Jaisalmer was originally built as one big fort with walls around the city. Beautiful sandstone architectural pieces, watching the life of Thar Desert people, traditions and golden sand with camels will take your breath away.

  1. Mount Abu

Mount Abu doesn’t belong to the mainstream Rajasthani destinations but it is a magical place, the only hilly station in Rajasthan where lots of greenery, rivers and also Guru Shikhar Mountain with the altitude of more than 1,700 meters is located as well as Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Mount Abu is a significant ancient spiritual place of Hinduism therefore many temples and shrines can be visited here.

  1. Rathnambore National Park

To step off the palaces and forts let’s mention also the nature of Rajasthan. The most famous National Park is Rathnambore National Park even there are other parks, reserves and sanctuaries. Aravali Mountain Range creates natural boundary and various kinds of biodiversity allows visitor observing lushes, rivers, meadows and forests. This is a place where kings of India, charming tigers are found along with crocodiles, monkeys or countless birds kinds.