You will have to take shopping seriously when you visit Dubai. With an amazing variety and global brands flocking the malls and other shopping destinations available in the retail capital of the Middle East, Dubai has become a popular destination for shopping addicts due to its grandeur and beauty. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has further enhanced the quotient of glamour, grandiosity, and glitz of shopping in Dubai. Every mall in Dubai carries its own charm, charisma and oozing with capitalistic and tropical energy which makes stepping into these glamorous malls in Dubai an experience in itself. We have listed the top 5 shopping malls in Dubai which will sweep you off your feet with its charm and opulence.

  1. Dubai Mall

A gigantic retail hub placed in the heart of downtown Dubai which is loaded with the right amount of leisure and entertainment space. This is the largest and the most frequently visited mall in the world. Spread over an internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet and an annual visitor traffic of over 80 million visitors, this mall houses more than 1200 retail stores with almost every brand under the sun. You have flagship international brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and much more.

Shopping in Dubai Mall is an international shopper’s dream come true and it makes up for a complete family holiday destination as there is something to indulge in across all age groups. The Dubai Mall houses the largest aquarium and aquatic zoo in the world. Indulge in this wonderful immersive experience of the deep sea and the amazing sea-life as you stroll through the 270° walk through the underwater tunnel of the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo.

It also houses the exquisite Armani Café that is surrounded by paper butterflies. No matter how many days you visit this place, you will still not be able to cover up everything on offer. Other are several other attractions like the Ice Rink, numerous restaurants and cafes, Dubai Fountains, an indoor theme park, Kidzania, Reel Cinemas, and a tiny souk. The Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Candylicious is a true delight for all the chocolate and candy lovers.

The Mall is easily accessible via a direct cab or a metro to the Burj Khalifa Metro Station. There are shuttles bus or cab available which take to the entrance of the Dubai Mall from the Burj Khalifa Metro Station.

  1. Mall of the Emirates

The first shopping resort in the world, the Mall of the Emirates is spread lavishly over an area of 2.4 million square feet. With more than 630 high-end brands housing the mall’s Fashion Dome and Luxury Wing. Some of the top brands include DKNY, Apple store, Forever 21, CenterPoint, Kate Spade New York, and much more. You can shop till you drop with the endless variety on display. You have numerous activities to indulge here, be it enjoying games and entertaining yourself at the family theme park, the Magic Planet, or checking out the world-class indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai, where you can try your hand at tobogganing, snowboarding, skiing, or playing with the in-house penguins. You can also rent the required clothing and gear to experience the best of the indoor ski resort.

You can grab a quick bite at the various cafes and restaurants or just laze around at the Avalanche Café or the St. Moritz Café. Take a metro to the Mall of Emirates Metro station and then try a skywalk to enter the mall. You can alternatively also take a direct cab to reach the mall.

  1. Ibn Battuta Mall

This is the largest theme mall in the world which is inspired by a Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest explorers of all time. The mall celebrates the travel exploits in Africa, Middle East, Central & Southeast Asia, China, and Europe of this famous Arabic explorer. It houses six unique retail courts dying to be explored. Each retail court represents the area where Ibn has visited namely China, Tunisia, Egypt, India, Persia, and Andalusia. Some of the popular stores it houses are Marks & Spencer, Decathlon, Sharaf DG, Geant, and Debenhams. The mall houses individual shops which have been designed recreating the architecture found in respective countries and also the exhibits from these countries.

You can indulge in much cheaper shopping here as compared to other extravagant malls of Dubai. The mall is placed at the far end of the city, hence it is advisable to catch a metro to the Ibn Battuta Metro station. Once you step out of the Metro station, you can see the Ibn Battuta Mall on the opposite side of the road.

  1. Deira City Centre

One of the oldest malls in Dubai and at one time it was considered to be the largest mall here before the recent additions. Located on the waterfront, the Deira City Centre houses several classic local shops including jewelry, silk, cashmere, and oriental rugs, designer brand stores with good discounts, and electronic stores with fabulous deals. Don’t be surprised if you are greeted with a complimentary bottle and a warm smile by the staff. In total, there are 350+ stores to wander with diverse brands. There are 33 unique dedicated jewelry stores which are surely meet the design you are looking for.

Visited by 20 million visitors on an average each year, you can grab a meal from the 40 restaurants in the mall once you are done with shopping. You can also catch up a movie and keep your kids engaged at the Magic Planet. You also have an exclusive Toyota car showroom where you can check the latest designs and models. Hop on to a metro to the Deira City Centre Metro station and then take a cab till the Mall. You can alternatively take a direct cab till the Mall. You would also get shuttle buses from 11 major hotels in Dubai.

  1. BurJuman Centre

Launched in the year 1992 to the public by the Al Ghurair Group, this is one of the finest community malls in Dubai. Placed in the heart of the business and heritage districts of Dubai, you will be spoilt for choices considering the numerous brands and endless variety available at your disposal. There are more than 200+ stores including major international brands like Splash, H&M, and Forever 21. You can also enjoy a lavish meal with the wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and a food court.

This mall has redefined the retail space and status in Dubai and is supported by modern amenities like the Family Entertainment Centre, numerous fine dining options, leading retail outlets, and a state of the art cinema theater. The mall is easily accessible via the Dubai Metro and via major highways in Dubai which ensure easy and quick connectivity to the city.

Strolling on the streets of Dubai for 10 minutes and you are sure to come across a mall. These malls are so full of tropical and capitalistic energy that shopping is just one of the offerings of these malls. Each mall is overflowing with shopping cum entertainment cum sightseeing opportunities and a visit to one of these malls will surely give you memorable memories to cherish lifelong.


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