It’s now official; Kenya is the best safari destination in the world. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise especially for those who’ve had a chance to visit magical Kenya. A well planned trip to Kenya is something that one can always cherish. There are some basic things that one can do to get the most out of a Kenyan safari. These are some of the things I encourage people to do.

Know where you are Going

The fact that Kenya is blessed with the best travel attractions in the world also means that you need to know where you are going. Doing otherwise may mean that you end up confused.

With only a few days in the country, you need to decide if you are going for adventure holidays, beach holidays or simply want to do some backpacking in Kenya. Most safari packages in Kenya are between 3-7 days. It would be asking a lot of you to go climb the top of Mt. Kenya then go the beaches of the South Coast. Sure there are those who have done it, but it took longer than a 3 days holiday package.

Find the Right Tour Agent in Kenya

The tourism industry is a booming business in Kenya. Nearly everyone wants to be a travel agent. This however means that Tour agents in Kenya are not built equal. There have been cases where a well-meaning tour agent just can’t handle the work.

Try and choose tour agents who are registered by the Kenya Association of Tour Operators. Most of them will have websites and answer your phone call when you dial. Do not be tempted by the cheap tours agents you will find crawling in your hotel lobby. Some of the reasons to use a tour company.

  • Lower pricing – Travel agencies are more likely to give you a cheaper option when travelling in Kenya than calling the hotels to make a booking. This is because travel agencies in Kenya get lower rates than an individual.
  • Make Traveling Easier – Instead of getting into your car and tiring yourself when on holiday, a good Kenya Safari Tours agent will make you feel more relaxed in your holiday. Let someone else do the driving as you enjoy your holiday.
  • You Learn More – Good travel agents in Kenya always give you a tour guide. His work is to guide you and educate you on the wonderful flora and fauna in Kenya. You don’t need a laptop when you are watching a pack of hyenas going for a kill. But a good travel guide should keep you well informed.
  • You have more fun holidaying – Instead of chasing the next flight out of Mombasa, or trying to hike a ride from Masai Mara, your tour agent is able to create an easy and enjoyable fun package for you and your family. Forget having to try to consolidate your own packages, a tour agent can easily come up with one that is great for you. All you do is carry your camera and enjoy your holiday.

Pick the Right to for a Magical Kenya Experience

The best tour seasons to experience Kenya are in the hot months of January to March and August to October. The October season is perfect for those who want to experience the wild animals and great migration in the Mara. The January season is excellent for beach holidays. Of course backpackers and student tourists can visit at any time as the country is always open for business. If you know what you want to do in Kenya, then it’s easy to come at the right time. Always ask your tour agent for the best advice

Carry the Proper Gear

 If you are going to the cold regions, it makes no sense to go with shorts. Sure the shorts would work extremely well in a game drive. Small things like a quality camera, binoculars and even sun screen can mean the difference between you having a great experience or you missing a cheetah chasing down his prey.

Plan for the Unexpected in Kenya Safaris

Nothing is perfect in life and especially a safari in Kenya. Things have been known to go wrong at any time. Don’t be one of the tourists who forgets to lock up their rooms and find all their gear gone. Or simply forgetting to carry local currency when taking a walk to the market. Always keep in touch with your tour agent. If you are consistent traveler to Kenya, it doesn’t hurt to know a local who’s not in the tourism business. They may come in handy at very unexpected times.

All in all magical Kenya safaris are experience each day. There is a reason why Kenya has the largest number of repeat tourists in the world. You just can’t get enough of the place and there’s so much that one can do. See you there.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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