“Top Secluded Beach Gems in Sydney”

Bondi beach is among the biggest beaches in Sydney. According to the Australia.com, thousands of tourists visit it each year and it is among the most filmed and photographed beaches in the world. In addition, it is only 10 km away from the city center, which means that this is probably one of the beaches that everybody goes to visit. But if you want to try something a bit different, try some of the more hidden gems of the Sydney coastline.

Milk Beach

Down the Vaucluse Road and behind the Strickland House is the hidden and lovely Milk Beach. It is a rock plateau over the remarkably clear water. It can be reached by boat and by foot from the Nielsen Park. This beach is perfect for a picnic since it has the incredible and jaw-dropping view of the Sydney. The Harbor, the Opera House and the lovely coastline are right across the sea. If you don’t want to take your own meal, there is a small fish and chips place there that is affordable and good. Also, there is a small toilet, so you have everything you need to swim and enjoy the view.

Chinaman’s Beach

This cute, little beach is only 250 m long. It is surrounded by rocks on the edges and it slopes into deep waters quite quickly. The name comes from the Chinese market that was situated on the small valley behind the beach. This is not the place for surfers, but it is perfect for the fishermen, especially anglers. The low waves are perfect for those that want to pedal or swim. Children will enjoy this great beach with little or no waves, but you need to be careful as the water turns very deep. However, bring your own food and refreshments since there are no pubs, shops or restaurants here.

Fisherman’s Beach

You will find this secluded beach hidden behind the Long Reef. The fishermen used it since the 18th century. This means that this is a nice place for fishing. You can do some line fishing, but since the beach is the Aquatic reserve, the rock organisms are protected. Besides the tranquility of the shore and the view of many lovely boats, this beach is among the best beach wedding venues in Sydney. Fisherman’s Beach is a private and secluded place perfect for you to organize your wedding there.

Lady Martin’s Beach

Point Piper has a hidden gem of a beach near the Felix Bay. It is called Lady Martin’s Beach. It is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, spent swimming and reading. During the noon and hot sun, take a walk over to the Utopia Food restaurant for a nice lunch and then head back for one last dip before going home. It is not very easy to find this beach, so it is never overcrowded. You can enjoy snorkeling while you’re there, as well.

While these secluded beaches are usually very small, they are not that commercial. This means that you will probably have to bring your own refreshments and food. However, what is lacking in comfort is gained in beauty and privacy. You will have your peace and tranquility here and you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the sea without the fuss and the crowd.


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