Top Beaches in the World

Gust of wind blew through your hair as you tasted the salt from the breeze. You can feel the cool wind that seemed like blowing in front of the captivating scenery. You walked barefoot on the sand and you don’t know the wondrous things the beach is to offer you. Beaches are the places where scenes and experiences yet to unfold. These are the gems around the globe tucked away from the people around world.

Relax free from the world’s problems take the sunlight this is all that you found near a Beach. When the waves comes you it feels amazing. Watching a beaching at the time of dawn and dusk is great; you can see the sun just at the level of water. This is the most beautiful moment to be on the beach. Some people came for fun some for rest. You can find the best beaches in India, America, Athens, Fiji, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, and Australia.

When we say summer, there will only be one place that will come in our mind where we see all umbrellas anchored in the sand, sand castles scattered on the sand bar, people in trunks and bikinis playing volleyball and the scorching heat from the sun. There are a lot of popular beaches all through out the world and on the other hand there are also tons of undiscovered ones. If you are looking for the best place to spend your summer then you came to the right place. Here are the top 10 beaches that will take your breath away:

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in the World

1. Top Beaches in the World – Seychelles

The Indian Ocean has the best in its archipelago with 115 islands. You may consider going to Anse Source d’Argent, the beach where most photographers travel just to catch the view with their lenses. The pale pink sands glitter as the towering granite boulders meet your eyes. The scene does not only depict the beauty of nature but also the time it stood in the island. The granite boulders were already worn by time which gives you a very nice historic view.

These are only 10 of all the beautiful beaches all around the globe. After the stress from work and the cold snow from winter, going to the beach is a good idea. What are you waiting for? Experience the beach adventure all through out the world with these top 10 beaches that are worth pasting on your scrapbooks. Families, coworkers, friends or partners will appreciate these God given beauties that will bring you a magical and unforgettable summer getaway.

2. Top Beaches in the World – Bora Bora, Tahiti

If you will travel with your partner, then Bora Bora in Tahiti will give you the romantic experience you are looking for. Bora Bora has a lot of isolated beaches, quiet atmosphere and the best thing is the intimate hotels. There are no other greater romantic beaches because Bora Bora holds the nickname of being the “Romantic Island”. The magical experience is the best for honeymoons and summer dates. The place is 29 kilometers or 18 miles long in Matira Point. Although there are isolated islands, you will feel great because it lies in a protected lagoon and is covered with white sands.

3. Top Beaches in the World – Palawan, Philippines

Bring a new experience in your summer beach adventure with the century old mangroves and hidden caves of Palawan. Nothing defines Palawan but the blue waters surrounding it. This summer experience will bring you more with the wildlife terrestrial and aquatic. The Bacuit archipelago is a good place for island hopping, diving and snorkeling. Explore the jungle-clad mountains for the best summer adventure you will have and witness how the locals live their lives as they travel with their Bangka to fish.

4. Top Beaches in the World – Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

The captivating scenery of Lanikai Beach is perfect for a postcard. The place is surrounded by a coral reef which made the water look deep-green and calms the surf. Give your eyes the most scenic beaches with the best sunshine, lush green palm trees and plants and the sparkling white sand bar in Hawaii.

5. Top Beaches in the World – The Hamptons, New York

Who haven’t heard of the Long Island? Dunes and grasses is the boarder from the splashes and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The long shoreline is from Southampton to the end of Montauk. If you are looking for the prettiest beaches in the area then you should look for it in Hampton, where you can find the best spot for well-heeled set and air-kissing.

6. Top Beaches in the World – Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

You don’t want to miss Children’s and Surfside in the North Atlantic. These beaches have wide sand bar perfect for a sunbath. If you want to taste a little adventure, you can go to Madaket Beach for a rougher surf and a romantic sunset view.

7. Top Beaches in the World – Fraser Island, Australia

Embrace the home of the largest sand island in the world located in Queensland’s coast, the Fraser Island. You can see thousands of different people in the island longing to see the 640 square miles of paradise with 1,000 years old trees in the rain forest. This is both the paradise of people looking for a resort to enjoy and ecologists looking for adventures to experience.

8. Top Beaches in the World – Langkawi, Malaysia

Bring the historic origins in the land of one’s wishes. The island is believed to be the pirate’s reputed refuge. If you want to hide from all the stress and experience lush green forest, better go to Langkawi, Malaysia. The place will hide you from the crowded environment and be your paradise for escape.

9. Top Beaches in the World – Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Summer is no better than Hawaii. If you are looking for the best beach in Hawaii then you just found it right here. This is located in the Aloha State’s Big Island and this is the best place both in the morning and evening. What more can you ask for if you can snorkel, swim and sunbath in the midst of palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water? When the stars in the sky start to twinkle, you can lay down the cool sand of the beach and bond under the glistening moon above. Oh, and by the way, keep your eyes open for the manta rays.

  1. Top Beaches in the World – Carbin Reef, Philippines

Take a rest from the beaches that are found in the magazines. Among the 7,107 islands of the archipelagic country, Philippines, is a small island covered with white coral rubbles which is entirely covered by water during high tide. This is just a small island where you can relax from all the noises and simply enjoy the calm ambiance offered by Carbin Reef.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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