International travel was easy and passport-free before the epic World War I. People simply travel around the world without any hassle of prolonged documentation and paperwork. In-fact, they didn’t even need any kind of government’s approval but as the old adage goes, both good and bad times don’t last forever.

Such benefits are all but extinct today as government utilize passports for record and exert control over citizens. This is due to the growing tensions and conflicts between nations as well as national threats. The event of 9/11 further fuelled the fire as second citizens were forced out of the country and were seized of their dual nationality.

Still, passport is an important document and international travel is only possible if you’ve one, or even two which is far better. Owning dual passports save you from absolute dependence on any one country and with it comes a certain degree of freedom from strict government regulations. Regardless of where you live, dual passports allow you to exploit the benefits of political diversification. Let’s have a look at the top reasons so that you’re convinced by end of this post!

  1. Fiscal benefits

With a second passport, you can unlock doors to the many foreign services especially financial. If you’re living in a country where economy is constantly declining, quality and safe living is out of grasp, dual passport would help you come out of the misery. However, before filing an application for a passport, better research deeply about the “other” state as you don’t need to enter a country far worse or least similar to yours!

  1. Prevent foreign policy blow

Let’s assume your government have this bad habit of poking its nose in other country’s internal matter! Eventually, it will raise a serious conflict and perhaps trouble for several natives. You may end up being a target at the wrong place at the wrong time. So before things get that much awry, dual citizenship is your safe way out and also a means to circumvent foreign policy blowback.

  1. Visa-free travel

Applying for a visa right before the trip is a real hassle, can be frustrating, time consuming and also costly. Only a good secondary passport would give a visa-free access to many more countries than you imagine. For instance, a passport from Paraguay is a key to visa-free travel to 123 countries that covers Europe and Latin America.

  1. No more living like a refugee

Two passports give you and your family a mobile insurance. Irrespective of the economic or political condition in your home country, you’ve the legal right to live and work elsewhere (as long as the place is covered by your passport). No need to live like a refugee; move, live and work freely but do learn about the regulations.


Obtaining two passports isn’t an easy path however with growing conflicts and economic turmoil, it has become a necessity for a standard life. Governments today are the biggest threat to your freedom and financial security and only having the document is a safe way out.


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