Top Britain Surfing Spots

I know the windy weather of the UK is not always pleasant but yes it does come handy when you are a surfer. If you love surfing, then there are plenty of advantages to surfing in the UK. Even the smallest towns can give you an unforgettable surfing experience.

Moreover, surfing is not limited to one spot, instead, you can enjoy surfing all over the country. Make sure you enjoy surfing here as it is much cheaper here than travelling to some foreign land, you can also enjoy surfing here any time of the year. So, in case you are thinking about the best places to surf in the UK, then here are top 7 spots you can visit.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

If you are a beginner and want to learn surfing, then this is the perfect spot. This gorgeous beach has two miles of beach and with low tide, learning surfing here is great fun. You have the option of hiring a board or you can choose to book a lesson at the local surf school, either way, you will be soon standing on the board independently and catching the small waves.

The beach also has lifeguard support and the best part is that you will be having company of all ages, so there is no question of feeling intimidated. The atmosphere of Watergate Bay is quite soothing and above all, you can share all your achievements with others present there.

Croyde, Devon

The surfers come here from different parts of the world and irrespective of your experience, Croyde has so much to offer. You get to see lots of pro surfers towards the Down End at the southern reaches, filtering through the beginners right in the middle of the beach. If you are one of those athletic ones, then you will find a point break past the north end.

You will come across various shops from where you can also buy or rent apparels. This is the closest and best beaches for surfing near London, therefore expect lots of both novice and pro surfers here during the weekends. The coastal sand dune systems at Saunton Sands are also the best around as well.

Pease Bay, Scotland

This place offers the best break in Scotland and the best part is that it is at the heart of the increasing Scottish surf scenario. Since this beach offers more challenging reef, you will see more of professional surfers polishing their surfing skills. In the past couple of years, Pease Bay has gained immense popularity, so you will have an opportunity to learn along with the novice surfers.

Moreover, there are various other nearby places you can explore while you are here including – Myreton Motor Museum, The Scottish Archery Centre, National Museum of Flight, and more.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove is popular across the world as a mecca for the surfers. One thing that makes this place fascinating is the quality waves climbing all the way up the beach from Sennen Cove to Gwenver – it is easy to understand as for why the world’s best surfers converge here.

Irrespective of your standard – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – you are sure to find a peek to enjoy on this breathtaking beach. Without a doubt, this place is one of the best surf spots in the UK. Not only you get to enjoy high-quality waves here, but the water is also clear & clean. This place is frequently visited by kayakers, bodyboarders, longboarders, surfers, paddle boarders, and kneeboarders.

Fistral, Cornwall

Being one of the South West’s popular beaches, this place attracts holidaymakers and locals alike. If you are an intermediate surfer then this is a paradise for you, but having said the waves do pose some challenges for the experts as well.

Owing to Atlantic breakers, golden sands, and close proximity to eight other beaches, this beach is visited by increasing number of surfers. There is a provision for surfing lessons for the families, individuals, and groups. For the families, the surfing classes will be of two hours and the payment will include all the equipment you need.

No matter when or how many people (in a group) are visiting, rest assured you will be provided with all the equipment and the classes are for two hours. As for the individuals, the two-hour session will include teaching you how to stand on the board and how to take control of the board while you are sailing on the waves. When you are done surfing, you can visit various shops and cafes, signifying the vibrant nightlife that this beach enjoys.

Llangennith, Wales


Stretching to 3-mile in length, it is one of the crowded beaches in the UK. The best thing about the beach is that it is suitable for all abilities. Whether you are a novice or intermediate surfer, you can always expect assistance from the local people. In addition to being a safe beach, you will certainly love its chilled out vibe, making it an ideal place if you are visiting with your friends.

 What’s more, here you will find a number of surfing schools. Hillend campsite is a popular camping spot, if you are here for a day trip, then there is an impressive parking facility here. You will also find various pubs and restaurants; holiday cottages are the best option for accommodation.

Gower Peninsula, South Wales  

Wander from Broughton Bay to Langland, you will find a variety of beaches, reefs, and points of high quality. Gower Peninsula has everything that caters both the first-timers and expert surfers. Well, if you are an expert then you will be disappointed as the waves are best-suited for the beginners and intermediate surfers.


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