Culinary art has become one of the most popular occupations for men and women today and some places around the Globe have literally ‘changed’ overnight with this trend. Why is that one might ask? Simple answer would be that we are a lot more aware of what is ‘good’ for us to eat and even more what it tastes, looks, feels like having a healthy meal with the best ingredients. The recipe might come from the other side of the world. The related ‘field’ is organic food, because GM food has also developed into an industry but only organically grown produce will enrich your mind and body.

Furthermore an advent of so called adventure cooking trips has become all the rage. A good example is London, up to the late 1950s British food would be very bland and everything was overcooked, some would say not edible/tasty. Then a large number of Indian people flooded the city and this changed the culinary ‘chart’ of the place forever. Today London is one of the most popular destinations for foodies internationally. And there are lots of good cooking schools to choose from for ‘cooking enthusiasts’.

What would be the most popular destinations for the enterprising traveler looking to enrich his or her taste buds?

Israel and Tel Aviv are at the forefront of this trend; beautiful and colorful surroundings with happy people who are passionate about their food being that ‘seafood platter’ or simple bread they bake, and their rich markets;

Vietnam is also a popular destination and with the Vietnamese people one thing ‘makes’ them unbeatable and that is  their expertise in creating soups with fresh herbs that will be difficult to emulate;

Morocco is an absolute gem with a whole ‘history’ of Arabic style in cooking and using kus-kus with grilled meat that will ‘melt the stone’ let alone a human being on a culinary expedition;

Thailand, for some people this place is the unique mélange of cooking and untouched natural beauties esp. beaches in the gulf; Bangkok is for many the capital of superb tastes, so Pad Thai, Green or Red Chicken Curries, Tom yum and dishes enriched with prawns, ginger, fresh herbs ahhhh ‘yum yum in my tum’ is the saying that needs to be used here;

Best Markets and Shops according to experts are in Japan and Best Culinary Destinations are in the USA (NYC and New Orleans), and Hotels and Restaurants of that ‘old time capital of food’ Paris is still dazzling millions of visitors craving for a meal to remember!

With great food superb wine goes plainly and precisely. Space here is the ‘problem’ to start elaborating on wine in depth but it is crucial to mention those ‘star’ destination. Bordeaux or Burgundy in France (with Pinots of Burgundy being my favorite); Italy and Spain need to be mentioned as well and equally important; Napa and Sonoma in the USA will delight all as well as Chile with their great reds in particular; and to finish this short list one must mention Australia and New Zealand with true ‘gems’ coming from a Shiraz Family. At the end – Enjoy and Bon Appetite!

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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