Why to go for serviced apartments over hotels?

In today’s world, more and more travellers, both leisure and business, are opting for serviced apartments. A serviced apartment offers you a number of facilities at a much lower price. First-rate in comfort, these apartments are offered on both short-term and long-term basis. These apartments ensure a home away from home. Serviced apartments provide a wide range of comforts, thereby offering a great deal.

Here are the top reasons why it is a great idea to choose apartments over hotels.

  • Space

If you compare a serviced apartment with a hotel room, the former offers 40 percent more space. In the apartment, you’ll find a living room, a dining area and a kitchen. Because of more space, the apartment offers the ease and comfort of a home for a relaxed time.

  • Money

The popularity of serviced apartments has grown a lot with the cost-conscious travellers. Serviced apartments offer you the chance to stay within your budget. It is obviously a good idea to avoid the expensive meals outside and cook at home. The apartments come with a well equipped kitchen with almost all the appliances and hence you have the options of eating out and also cooking in.

  • Quality

These serviced apartments come with modern amenities, well-equipped kitchen along with cushy interiors. Every apartment has a unique feel about it.

  • Peace and Quiet

Most of the serviced apartments are located in quiet and peaceful residential areas away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also, when you stay in an apartment, you don’t face issues like noisy hallway, constant ding of the elevator etc. There are less people staying and hence it is a quieter option. Needless to say, the apartments have a homely touch.

  • Flexibility

The serviced apartments combine the comforts of a home with the luxuries of a hotel. The apartments are warm and welcoming, and come at all prices. You can choose a utilitarian studio apartment and also a luxurious penthouse on the countryside depending on your tastes and preferences. Also, you get privacy and independence in a serviced apartment.

Staying in an apartment offers you the chance to live like a local. It offers you space, privacy, warm ambiance and an experience that’s simply unmatchable. There are numerous serviced apartments in New York, London, Paris and other cities. They offer you a lovely stay and also take care of your pocket.