Riding the train as a main method of transportation has been popular in other countries for decades, but in the United States, it has taken a bit of time for the railroad industry to gain popularity. No doubt about it: train travel is a one of a kind experience that will leave a lasting impression for each rider. Those that choose to travel by train get the opportunity to sit back and unwind while enjoying the beauty of nature as they pass through both the city and countryside. But, that’s not the only benefit. Here are some other great reasons why traveling by train is a great option.

#1: It’s easy on the budget
Traveling can be a very expensive pastime, but traveling by train is a great cost effective solution to expensive airfare, especially if you’re just traveling a short distance. Rates on the train are very affordable and for passengers that don’t need to get to their destination right away, train travel can be a great way to cut costs and give you a unique opportunity to see surrounding areas that you might not other see if you travel by plane.

#2: More baggage allowed
Tired of restrictions from the airlines about baggage? Train travel generally allows passengers two carry-on items up to 50 pounds in addition to personal items. Riders can also check up to 4 bags (50 pound limit) with the first two being free. That means passengers have the option to bring nearly 200 pounds on a trip, something that airlines wouldn’t ever allow.

#3: Relaxation
Airplane seats are incredibly cramped and allow for almost no leg room. Train seats not only have more room but passengers are able to get up, move around, and sit out on viewing decks while the train is moving so people can get fresh air and see the scenery first hand.  Train travel is relaxing and a lot more comfortable than plane or even automobile travel!

#4: Convenience
Train travel offers passengers more convenience and less hassle. Train stations are generally right in the middle of downtown or in central city locations, which means most passengers will be dropped off near to where they want to be. In addition, say goodbye to long security lines and other stresses that come with airport travel. Most times, passengers can arrive at the train station only 30 minutes ahead of time and just hop onto the train.

Traveling by train is a fun and peaceful experience that has a unique sense of charm about it. Passengers can read books, play cards, or just simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that rushes by.


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