Modern phones sure are quite handy devices – from basic features such as allowing you to stay in contact with your friends, family and loved ones 24/7 and keep track of upcoming dates on smart calendars to some advanced options and applications like weather forecast, itinerary plans, city maps, landmark tourist sites and online travel guides, smartphones have pretty much everything you need information- and entertainment-wise. So, just why should you sit at home killing time watching travel documentaries when you can explore the world for yourself with your phone as the best guide you can hope to find? Here’s a short list of some convenient travel phone apps that can help you minimize your trip expenses and still have a great time during your on-the-road adventure.

  1. Localeur – From locals to visitors with love

Designed to serve as a handy guide for tourists, Localeur is a website and application that features tips and suggestions on sites to see and places to visit as recommended by locals. With a lengthy list of interesting destinations, Localeur is created by city-dwelling authors eager to help tourists get the most out of their trips in the area based on different interests and preferences, so it can serve as a perfect guide for first-time visitors with specific destination tastes and interests.

  1. Trover – Your personal insight into traveling

A unique crossbreed of Instagram and Trip Advisor, Trover is a smarphone application which allows users to create personalized destination reviews and recommendations and share them with the rest of the tourist world. Trover users can take pics of their tours and upload them with short descriptions of their impressions and experiences from each visited spot. Still, people’s views of tourist destinations and their upsides and downsides can differ considerably, so perhaps it would be a good idea to double-check the info you find on this crowdfunded app on another travel-oriented website or app.

  1. Trippeo – All your trip budget info in one place

A practical application for any avid traveler or plane-hopping businessman, Trippeo is an easy-to-use mobile and web-based expense management software that lets you keep track of all your travel expenses. Fast, smart and reliable, Trippeo automates the costs of tickets, accommodation, food, transport and other relevant costs during your trip, making it easier to reimburse travel expenses and monitor your trip spending extremely fast and completely hassle-free.

  1. Uber – Finding your way around town

Another cool smarphone application for fans of travel and exploration, Uber helps its users find their way around town and explore new areas with detailed maps of transportation, access routes and shortest and most trustworthy itineraries. All you need to get a quick glimpse of the city plan and transportation networks is a Wi-Fi connection – this is extremely convenient for people looking for rides to and from airports who don’t want to risk any accidents or mishaps with their transport in a place they’re visiting for the first time.

Are you ready to drop your couch-potato state of mind and go and explore the world in all its beauty, variety and complexity? With a few smart travel apps and your phone onboard, you’ll be in for a great time regardless of trip duration and your destination of choice – so go ahead and find your place under the sun ASAP.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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